Friday, February 15, 2008


Pamela Clare has an upcoming release, UNLAWFUL CONTACT, and it is an excellent continuation of her romantic suspense series. I've read and absolutely loved the first two books in this series. Good friend Lori Foster had this to say about UNLAWFUL CONTACT: “Powerful, sexy and unforgettable, Unlawful Contact is the kind of story I love to read. Pamela Clare is a dazzling talent.” Cool, huh? I couldn't agree more. It will be a real struggle to be patient until the next one releases. I literally begged the powers that be at Romance Junkies for this one - I think I may have offered both legs and an arm. Luckily, I was given the book and all extremeties remain intact. Here's my Romance Junkies review (I gave this one FIVE Blue Ribbons!):

The characters in UNLAWFUL CONTACT, the latest in Pamela Clare’s romantic suspense series, have backgrounds that couldn’t be more diverse. The intensity of their love brings them back together after a decade apart. Now they must stay one step ahead of the good guys, because in reality some of them aren’t so good, in order to stay alive. Romantic suspense lovers shouldn’t miss this book.

Newspaper journalist Sophie Alton’s investigative reporting on women in prison introduced her to Megan Rawlings, a young woman convicted on drug charges who hasn’t seen her baby since giving birth to her in prison seven months prior. Sophie has followed Megan’s story closely and intends to be present when mother and child are reunited. She is shocked to learn that Megan has fled with her baby and that drugs were found in her room. Soon after, Sophie receives a request from Megan’s brother, also in prison for murder, to visit him for information about Megan. It isn’t until after she is taken hostage by the brother that she learns he is Marc “Hunt” Hunter, the same guy that she fell hard for in high school. The bad boy that Sophie loved back then pales in comparison to the man Hunt has become, except for the underlying tenderness and genuine caring that unmistakably remain a part of his personality.
Hunt has resigned himself to the fact that he will be in prison for the rest of his life, using inside connections to provide extras for his sister’s comfort and care, until he learns that his sister and her baby have disappeared. He’s determined to find Megan, feeling certain that there are details about her incarceration and disappearance that the authorities are hiding. Sheer desperation is the driving force behind his abduction of Sophie and escape from prison. And while he is full of guilt over taking her, Sophie’s sweet softness is something Hunt has thought about every single night in prison; the attraction between them is undeniable. It isn’t long before Sophie and Hunt are on the run, fighting to stay alive while they search for Megan and her baby, and rediscovering a burning passion that never died.
This book literally took my breath away. Pamela Clare has done a brilliant job of interweaving characters, emotions, and has written spine-tingling twists and turns in the plot while maintaining rich intrigue and clarity, making the many layers of this book that much more incredible. Sophie and Hunt are intelligent, extremely likable characters who never forgot each other despite having lost touch. Not only does this book have intriguing suspense, but it smolders with intense sensuality and passion. The romance between Sophie and Hunt is deeply touching.
And for Ms. Clare’s readers who fell in love with Julian in HARD EVIDENCE? You only thought you loved him before – I guarantee that you will be head over heels by the end of UNLAWFUL CONTACT! Characters from EXTREME EXPOSURE and HARD EVIDENCE return to play an integral part in this story and catching up with them is a sweet bonus. I cannot give this series a high enough recommendation, and while you can read and enjoy each book on its own, my suggestion would be to read them in order.

I know you're going to want to get your own copy - here's a quick link to Amazon so you can pre-order a copy.
Thanks for stopping by - I'm going to go find something to help bide my time while I wait on the next release! Pamela Clare has several historicals that have received a considerable amount of acclaim - I intend to check them out while I'm waiting!
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Laurie said...

I love her historicals (as I've mentioned before). I'll definitely look for these!!

I enjoy reading all of your reviews.
My internet only lets me post about once every two weeks. We get a bad dial up connection.

Judy F said...

Great Review. I have one of her books Hard Evidence in the pile.

flchen1 said...

Wow, thanks, Laurie! Haven't read anything by Clare before--definitely sounds good!

Laurie D. said...

Trust me, you won't be disappointed with these, especially if you love romantic suspense! I have to admit that the title and cover of HARD EVIDENCE made me read the blurb and buy the book - thank heavens I did!