Friday, February 15, 2008

My current/future reads

These are some books that I've read recently, but really don't have time to fully review.
REAL GOOD MAN by Kimberly Raye - definitely the "fluff" of this anthology. Former lovers rediscovering each other. Lighthearted and sweet.
UNBROKEN by Alison Kent - without a doubt the meatiest of the three stories. Edgy and intensely heated, this cowboy story is especially good, but you all know how much I adore Alison Kent.
I CAN STILL FFEEL YOU by Cara Summers - perhaps a little more erotic than the other two and a touch of suspense.
HOT IN HERE by Susan Lyons - one in a series which, typical of me, I've started out of order. I'm itching to get my hands on Champagne Rules and Touch Me, previously released, and the upcoming She's On Top, all guaranteed to be excellent. These are in-your-face erotic with characters who know what they want and aren't shy about getting it. I've also read Hot Down Under by Ms. Lyons in The Firefighter anthology - another steamy read that's worth checking out if you haven't read it. I'm especially glad that I listened to a friend's recommendation to check out Susan Lyons - I've discovered another autobuy author!
A LITTLE HARMLESS PLEASURE and LESSONS IN SEDUCTION by Melissa Schroeder - ALHP follows A LITTLE HARMLESS SEX (which was great fun) - it's the interracial story about an unlikely couple with a D/s theme (no, not typically my fav), but it's a little on the gentle side and I enjoyed it. LIS is a historical that is especially good. I don't know Melissa Schroeder's favorite genre, but she is extremely talented with historicals.
THE MERCENARY by Cherry Adair - this is a rerelease and while I think it had some updates, it still has a 90's flavor and I was a little disappointed. I love everything Cherry Adair, but would be hesitant in recommending this one. It's just not the Cherry Adair we're used to reading these days.
DANGEROUS GROUNDS by Shelli Stevens - Ok, I have to admit that the cover on this one caught my eye on the advertising column at Romancing the Blog. It's a romantic suspense and enjoyable, although I found the heroine, who grew up pampered and spoiled, to be a touch inconsiderate and irritating. It wasn't so bad that I won't give Ms. Stevens another try.
TAKING CHASE AND MAKING CHASE by Lauren Dane - TC was my favorite of the two of these - great storyline and suspense. MC has a heroine who's on the short side and a little overweight, which I (obviously!) don't have a problem with, but felt that it, and the attitudes of townspeople about her no account parents were a little overdone and unrealistic. On the other hand, the matter of an abusive situation at home is very well written. I'll definitely read more by Lauren Dane.

Upcoming reads include HOT AND BOTHERED by Dianne Castell, which I'll be chatting about and reviewing next, DON'T TEMPT ME by Sylvia Day (for Romance Junkies review), COSMIC SEX by Karen Kelley, which is a win from HelenKay Dimon's blog - thanks HelenKay!, and Jacki Bentley's The Horseman's Heritage - Jacki, you're such a doll to send me this - thank you! I also have in the top portion of the TBR pile, NEVER ON A SUNDAE, ananthology by Wendy Markham, Lynn Messina and Daniella Brodsky, DEMON'S FIRE by Emma Holly, and PLEASURES OF THE NIGHT by Sylvia Day.
Now I'm off to post my review of Pamela Clare's April 1 release, UNLAWFUL CONTACT. I can't find enough good things to say about this book! I hope you'll stop back to read my Romance Junkies review.
Don't forget the drawing tomorrow for the Go Red notecards. Anyone who wants a Go Red lapel pin, all you have to do is tell me! I'll be asking for names and addresses tomorrow.
Thanks, everyone - have a terrific weekend!


Laurie said...

Wonderful reviews! I wish I had more time to read each day! My TBR pile is HUGE!!

Melissa said...

Thanks for you kind words, sweetie:) I have to say that I believe that historical is my favorite to read, but I am not sure about the writing part. I seem to be having success in the one genre I would love to gain acceptance but thought was my weakest, lol.
We are our worst critics, lol
Thanks and have a great weekend:)

flchen1 said...

Thanks for the list of more books to add to the gotta-get list, Laurie! As if it weren't long enough! ;)