Sunday, December 09, 2007


We've finally decorated our house for Christmas - a downsized version of what we usually do. I usually take all of our year-round knick knacks and what-nots off all shelves and flat surfaces and put out holiday decorations - mostly snowmen, which I have collected for years. This year I decided to just put up our big tree and two smaller trees that I put in our entryway. We're putting lights on our trees and bushes in the front of the house too, but that's it. It's been a bit of a relief to not spend days and days getting ready. We still spent several hours on the trees, but we had fun doing it.

I have to go get ready - we're going to the annual Holiday Concert by the Columbus Symphony Orchestra with my mom, my best bud Carly and her mom - always festive and fun. We're going to dinner after at a local Irish pub called The Old Bag of Nails - great times, great friends and great food!!



Susan said...

Your tree looks beautiful!

Have a terrific Holiday,

Anonymous said...

What a great tree! I like that it's fat. Last year my mom bought a skinny one so that it would fit in the corner and it doesn't hold enough ornaments. I don't think she decorated near as much as she usually does, but this is my first Christmas home in five years.

Christmas is coming soon, whether we want it to or not. My mom, sister and I went shopping for the last few odds and ends, so we are done and only have a few things left to wrap.

Enjoy your concert and the fun time after it.

Missed you at Dianne's.

hugs, Chris S.

Stacy~ said...

Lovely tree Laurie! I love to decorate, but hate taking it all down. Wish I had an extra room I could leave the tree in and just pull it out and put it away every year - no fuss, no muss.

Laurie D. said...

Thanks guys for the compliments on my tree! I love ornaments and bunches of them! I only have about 2/3 of my ornaments on the tree. I would love to have a taller tree that would hold more, but it would be hard to get them to the top. This tree is about 7 feet tall and it's plenty difficult!

Stacy, one of my cousins has a huge old farm house with a closet right off of the living room that is the size of a small room - she has her artificial tree fastened on this platform with casters and a pull rope. She keeps it decorated, putting a sheet over it and it goes into this huge closet when she's not using it. Pretty amazing to see.

I like to put the ornaments on, but hate to take them all off and put them away. Linny is the opposite, so Kelsey and I usually decorate it and Linny takes it down and packs it up.

Thanks, everyone for stopping by - I hope you'll stop back for LuAnn's contest in the next week or so.

Laurie D. said...


I missed seeing you too - especially after you came so very far! I have to get your stuff boxed up to mail to you since I couldn't bring it down to you! I need to find a box big enough first!

Have a good holiday with your family - I hope things fall into place for you in the coming year.


flchen1 said...

Laurie, your tree is gorgeous! And that's amazing that this is only a fraction of your decorations! And you do more than one tree! (We have just one, and it's all we can do to get it up in December ;)) The kids are enjoying the decorating (although most of it is still cluster in the lower half of the tree), and I don't mind putting it away when the time comes. One year we took so long getting it down that we turned it into a Valentine's tree, with hot pink hearts all over :)

Hope you enjoyed the Concert and fun with your friend and moms! Sounds like a great evening!

Laurie said...

I really miss having a real tree...that wonderful smell!!
Your tree looks beautiful! I tried shopping yesterday... Oh the headache!! I finally pick something out and of course it's out of stock!!
My two sons will be home from college on friday so HOPEFULLY the tree will go up on saturday.
Enjoy the concert sounds GREAT!

Judy F said...

Hi Babe. love your tree. Mine is a sad little thing. I don't put near the stuff up like I used too. Just don't have the time anymore. Was hoping to finish shopping today but its snowing and icing like crazy... Hugs

Karin Tabke said...

beeuuteeful tree, Laurie.