Tuesday, October 16, 2007


The holidays are rapidly approaching and while it's heartwarming and fun to buy for our family and friends, let's not forget the brave men and women who are protecting our country and our many freedoms, as well as the rights of others less fortunate around the world. As a show of support for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are proud to announce our third annual Holidays for the Troops project!

Please read below for details about the project, and email me at ljodamron@gmail.com for mailing info. or with any questions you may have.

Donations of either items to be sent to the troops or checks, money orders or gift cards to be used to shop for and ship items to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are being collected. This link - http://lorifoster.com/author/militarytribute.htm - will take you to a detailed listing of suggested items in the event you would like to do your own shopping for the troops. In addition to the items on this list, holiday items such as lights, decorations, ornaments, cards, etc. are much appreciated. In return for your donation, your name will be entered in a raffle for some exciting prizes. While the prize bundles haven't been put together yet, they will be generous and will include books and other goodies donated by authors and various others in the romance community. A detailed listing will be provided here as quickly as possible, but definitely by the first week of November.

Pretty fun, huh? The deadline for troop donations will be Thanksgiving Day, and the prize drawings will take place on Saturday, November 24. Winners will have four days to claim their prize; if contact is not made within that time, a different winner will be chosen for that prize. Cards and letters from those who donate are also welcome and greatly appreciated. If you have a blog it would be appreciated if you could give a shout about this project and provide my email addy, ljodamron@gmail.com as a contact for more information or for answers to any questions.

Please tell your author friends about this project; prize donations are being accepted through the first of November. Please note that there is absolutely nothing political about this project. It is simply a show of support for the men and women who serve our country.


Jodi said...

Like I have said a million times, THANK YOU very much for being such a strong supporter of our military, especially while they are deployed.

Judy F said...

will get it together and send you something soon. You ROCK

Laurie said...

What a wonderful idea!

Stacy~ said...

You're awesome Laurie! I'm going to email you about donating a prize like I did last year. As always, thanx for doing this - I'm going to spread the word :)

Dev said...

I heard about this from Stacy's blog. Wonderful idea!