Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Let's talk books - what have you been reading? Which releases are you especially looking forward to? I have been reading a lot lately, and I'm loving every minute of it! I'm taking some time off from reviewing for Romance Junkies, not an official hiatus, but a month or two just for a little break.

Here's my list of recent reads:
CURVEBALL by Kate Angell - this one is great fun with three stories wrapped up in one.
PERFECT KISSES by S. Johnson, S. Day and N. Mack - a historical anthology of steamy tales - I enjoyed them all, but Sylvia Day's Mischief and the Marquess was my fav.
MY IMMORTAL by Erin McCarthy - a totally different taste from Erin, brilliantly written - scroll down for an earlier review.
OVEREXPOSED by Leslie Kelley - Leslie's latest Blaze sizzles.
KIDNAPPED by Jo Leigh - Enjoyable, but not my favorite from Jo Leigh. I love Jo's Blazes, but I'm dying for her to write a big, fat, full-length romantic suspense.
BORN TO BE WILDE by Janelle Denison - continued "Wilde" fun - scroll down for earlier review.
THE TROUBLE WITH PARADISE by Jill Shalvis - Another fun romance from Jill, with passion and suspense, it's especially good - scroll down once again for an earlier review.
TROUBLE by Sasha White - Needs only one word: Excellent - scroll down for an earlier review.
A TASTE OF HONEY by Jami Alden - a steamy anthology with realistically written characters - my first by Ms. Alden, but not my last.
IMPROPER ETIQUETTE by Janice Maynard - a mix of steamy sweetness - again, scroll down for earlier review.
TANGLED UP IN YOU by Rachel Gibson - Very, very good - heck, I would recommend reading Rachel's grocery list, she never fails to entertain.
COMING UNDONE by Susan Andersen - the fourth in her "Marine" series was long-awaited and very good, but still not my favorite of the series. It took me a little while to warm up to the heroine in this one, but it did eventually happen.
AT THE EDGE by Cait London - This one was sheer excellence until somewhere past the halfway point, where I felt that it started to drag - by the last couple of chapters I was almost anxious for it to be over - I was disappointed. That said, I would note that this is the first of a three-book series, and I'm still curious about the next two and will most likely give at least the next one a try.
WHITE HEAT by Cherry Adair - Another author who could write Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and I'd be glued to the page - no disappointments here.
There might have been other books in there somewhere, but these are the ones that come to mind.
I'm about to start a paranormal by the very talented Denyse Bridger titled A WHISPER OF HUMANITY, and that will be followed by PASSIONATE KISSES, also by Denyse. If you haven't read anything by Denyse, I would highly recommend that you do - she has a wonderful voice, and a vast assortment of books, definitely something for everyone. I'll be writing reviews of these very soon.
Other books that I'm looking forward to - some I have and the rest have been ordered:
SERVANT: THE AWAKENING by L.L. Foster (aka good pal, Lori)
SUCKER BET by Erin McCarthy
MOVING TARGET by Cheyenne McCray
EXCLUSIVE by Lisa Renee Jones, Jaci Burton and Eden Bradley
THE BEAST WITHIN by Lisa Renee Jones
I'M YOUR SANTA by Lori Foster, Dianne Castell and Karen Kelley
THE MORGUE THE MERRIER by Dianne Castell, Rosemary Laurey and Karen Kelley

Please chime in and tell us what books we should be checking out - or your thoughts on any of those named above.


ChristyJan said...

Thanks for all the recommendations Laurie.

I just started reading THE MORGUE THE MERRIER by Dianne Castell, Rosemary Laurey and Karen Kelley ~ it's a cute book.

Laurie D. said...

This one is in my stack, Christy - I felt certain it would be fun! Thanks for stopping!

Laurie said...

Hi Laurie,
For some unknown reason I couldn't reply...Oh well it's working today...
I have to say I don't have any of the books that you mentioned. I will buy Jill's & Danielle's.
I've read several of Rachel Gibson's the last being "I'm in No Mood for Love" which was cute & funny.
I'll also check into a few of the others.
Right now I'm reading several of Jillian Hunter's historical romances featuring members of the Boscastle family; The Sinful Nights of Nobleman, The Wicked Games of Gentlemen, The Love Affair of an English Lord & The Seduction of an English Scoundrel.
I just purchased Linda Howard's "Cover of the Night", Catherine Coulture's "Point Blank".
Just finished; Catherine Mann's "On Target"(liked it a lot).
Merline Lovelace's "Eye of the Beholder" & "The Last Bullet".
Susan Mallery's "Tempting" Sizzling","Irresistable" & will read "Delicious" soon.
LOVE her books!.
Read 3 of Pamela Britton's NASCAR books; In the Grove, On the Edge & Dangerous Curves (liked DC the best of the 3).
Kathryn Caskie's "How to Seduce a Duke" enjoyable!
Liked Lorraine Heath's "Smooth Talkin Stranger".
I'm going to read Adele Ashworth's The Duke's Indiscretion next, then Desperate Duchesses by Eloisa James ,then two by Victoria Alexandra;A Little bit Wicked & What a Lady Wants.
Followed by Linda Lael Miller's McKettrick series and last but not least Christina Sky's "Code Name Princess".
I seem to be on a bit of a historical romance bent lately.
I will look for some of the others that you mentioned too!

Laurie D. said...

Wow, Laurie, you've been mighty busy reading, haven't you?! I occasionally take a spell where I read a (historical) authors that you've named I'm only familiar with Eloisa james and Victoria Alexander - I'll be checking out the others. I love Rachel Gibson - SEE JANE SCORE is my absolute favorite of hers. I'm definitely going to look at the Linda Howard and Catherine Coulter books too - I've read lots by both of them, but not the last couple from each of them. I read Susan Mallery's THE MARCELLI PRINCESS this weekend and enjoyed it overall (I've only read one of the others in this series) - my only problem w/it was that I intensely disliked the hero for a big chunk of the book, and while I realize he was written to be a jerk so he could be redeemed at the end, I didn't like feeling so negatively about him for so much of the book.

One book that I'm especially anxious for is Pamela Clare's upcoming contemp, the title escapes me, but it's part of a three book series - the first two in the series were (IMO) excellent and I can't wait for the third.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for the great recommendations! I do love to talk books!!

Barb V. said...

Wow Laurie, you have been busy! I have a lot of the same books in my TBR stack. I just finished DOUBLE DATING WITH THE DEAD and loved it. Also, I recently read a cute ebook, THE BRIDE WORE BOOTS, by JT Schultz. I'm going to start THE MORGUE THE MERRIER tonight. I'm anxious to get to I'M YOUR SANTA and BORNE TO BE WILDE too. I have to fess up that with the new TV season starting this week, I will be reading less. Have to have my Dancing With the Stars and Grey's Anatomy fix.