Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Ok, reading was the topic last week - this week I'm interested in what everyone's watching on television this fall. Kelsey and I watched Dancing With the Stars last night - we saw the tail-end of last year's season, cheering loudly for Apollo, but we weren't sure we wanted to watch it this year. We enjoyed it bunches and will probably end up watching every week. I'm cheering for Marie Osmond and Jane Seymour, who are probably underdogs - behind the supermodel, that is (her name escapes me) - she was a little weak.
You know, I've always prided myself on not being much of a television fanatic, but this week alone there's something on every single night that I want to watch. Last night CSI: Miami was new - never miss it. Tonight brings the two we've waited for the most anxiously - Bones and House - woohoo!! I think tomorrow night is CSI: NY and then Thursday is Earl followed by the original CSI, which ended with a serious cliffhanger last season so we absolutely have to watch it. Friday starts Moonlight, a new vampire show that I think looks very good. My fingers are crossed that I won't be called to do halftime snacks for the marching band at this week's football game so I can watch! Shame on me.
Please give a shout and tell us what you're watching, or on the flip side, what you refuse to watch. The show whose success stumps me the most is The Office. Everyone, including my best friend and several relatives, absolutely love it and think it's hilarious. I like to think that I have a good sense of humor, but I think it's just stupid and I don't see the appeal. Oh well, to each his/her own.
Hope you're having a great week!


catslady said...

What upsets me the most are the shows that are across from each other. If I'm lucky I'll get one taped and watched before the next week but if you have to leave the house I can't tape both.

Dancing with the Stars (got hooked two years ago); Survivor; CSI, Greys, Boston Legal, NICS and Shark. New shows I'd like to try: Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money, Moonlight and Cane.

Way too much lol.

Barb V. said...

I got hooked on Dancing With the Stars last year, and couldn't wait for the new season. I also watch all three CSIs, Boston Legal, Grey's, Housewives, NCIS, ER, Earl, Without a Trace, and Dr. Phil during the day. For new shows I'm planning to check out Cane, Private Practice, and Moonlight. The dh likes the looks of Bionic Woman, but I'm not so sure on that one. It does seem like the best shows are on opposite each other. Clearly, there is a lot of taping going on at my house.

Barbara said...

Hi Laurie_

I'm with you on The Office...I just don't get it and don't think it's funny as all but stupid like you said. I know many people who like it as well though....go figure.

I like Earl and ER and will probably keep up with them this season. I keep saying I am going to stop watching ER but I guess I plan to hang on until the end....although most of the characters that I really liked are gone now. Still am interested in Lucca's story line I guess.
I also watch CSI: Miami but usually in reruns....Just started watching it a few months ago. I am curious as to why you watch that one?

Would like to watch CANE but with my night time job will probably miss it. The new show I do plan to check out is Women's Murder Club...the series based on the James Pattersn books....because I read that series and am interested to see how they will convert it to tv.

There are a few other new shows I would like to see but don't want to have bunches of stuff taped and end up spending my weekends in front of the tv.

Stacy~ said...

I'm not a big t.v. watcher, so really I'd rather curl up with a book, but I know what you mean about shows you don't get. I had a hard time understanding the appeal of Seinfeld. I never watched a lot of episodes, but the ones I did see just didn't grab my attention and have me worshipping at the altar of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer. Oh well, I guess I have simpler tastes.

Judy F said...

I have watched Dancing since the beginning. Love that show. So far I have only watched one new show this year. Just watched Moonlight. That Mick St. John is a cutie...

I watch all the Csi shows, NCIS and Law and order. I tape a lot or my mom tapes for me.