Thursday, August 23, 2007

TROUBLE by Sasha White

Sasha White has done it again. In her latest release, TROUBLE, she has taken her talents as a novelist and added several shakes of the most intense spice, a dash of edge, a handful of characters with an abundance of charm and wit, and then mixed in a healthy amount of romance. The result is the smoothest, sweetest, most tantalizing blend of erotic romance – a book worthy of the highest praise.
Take a couple of minutes to look around Sasha’s website and check out her blog – she has lots of info there about upcoming books that sound especially good. You say you like hot covers? In that case, you need to run, don’t walk, to check them out!

My Romance Junkies review of TROUBLE:
TROUBLE is the story of a woman in search of herself and the man she doesn’t know she needs with her in the search. Intense emotions and rich sensuality seem to flow effortlessly in yet another excellent book from Sasha White.
When Samair Jones loses her boutique job, her boyfriend and her home all in the same day, she hits the ground running with a dogged determination to begin living for herself, damn everyone else and what they might think. When she goes to Risqué, a club where her best friend is a dancer, and she meets the club’s owner, Valentine Ward, passions immediately flair. The two begin a heated relationship that’s based at first on great sex, but soon they share a mutual understanding of, and respect for, one another. Samair is determined to get her line of clothing off the ground, but at the same time her feelings for Val and concerns over his ex-wife’s continued malicious presence in their lives, have her emotions tumbling.
Valentine Ward is used to having any woman he wants and he wants Samair the moment he sees her in his club. He’s the owner of a hugely successful club, having built it up himself from nothing; he is extremely proud and determined to make it work. Samair is equally hard working and determined to make her intimate apparel line a success, something Val admires and appreciates. It isn’t long before Valentine envisions more with Samair than just a quick fling, but his ex-wife’s scheming has put his ownership of the club in a precarious situation. He needs to take care of the business of the club, his very livelihood, before he can think of a future with Samair.
Ms. White has once again given readers a highly erotic story that goes much deeper than just sex. Samair and Val are wonderfully written characters whose story would be just as contagious if it didn’t contain sex; isn’t that the true measure of a truly excellent romance? Secondary characters are equally intriguing, and Val’s friend Karl (whom readers first met in BOUND) will have his story told in WICKED, coming from Sasha White in January ‘08, which promises to be just as delicious as TROUBLE!

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Judy F said...

Oh I have read a few of her books loved them... Will have to look for this one.

Sasha White said...

Thanks for the great review, Laurie!!

ANd Judy! It's wonderful to hear that! I hope you enjoy Trouble!

Laurie D. said...

You're most welcome, Sasha, this is an excellent book and I just want to encourage readers to snag a copy!

Thanks Judy, as always, for stopping by!!