Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New vamp show - Moonlight

I'll be the first to admit that while I enjoy vampire novels, some more than others provided they're not too graphic or gory, and if they have the requisite happy ending, I don't watch vampire movies or television shows. I think that may be changing in the near future! I saw a brief clip last night between CSI and the evening news for a new show in September called Moonlight. I've thought about it a lot since then and found myself intrigued enough to go searching for more info, something I seldom do, as I'm not just a huge television watcher.

Here's a little additional info from CBS:

I'm interested to see what anyone else thinks about this new show!


Judy F said...

OH I like this too but I so can't add another show to watch. But who knows.

Barbara said...

Looked interesting. Might give it a try.