Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I'll be chatting up Janice Maynard's IMPROPER ETIQUETTE and Sasha White's TROUBLE in the very near future. I hope you'll stop back for those!

What is everyone up to this summer? Any trips? New clothes? Fun reads? Anything illegal or immoral? LOL Our vacation has come and gone, but I've planned the rest of my vacation time to make some extra long weekends, and hate to admit it, but I'm already looking forward to them!

My birthday came and went last week without much fanfare, which at my age is preferred! I just realized that I failed to get a new driver's license, which I need to do. Remembered it on the actual day, then went to lunch and had stuff doing the next couple of days that prevented me from doing it. Thought about going today, but my hair isn't looking it's best, so I decided not to. I'm not sure Tim would understand if I were to get picked up and given a big, fat ticket for an unexpired license - just because my hair didn't look as good as I'd like for the picture!

Give me a shout - let me know what's going on, and whether I should be jealous of you and your summer doings!!


flchen1 said...

Thank you for your great reviews, Laurie! There are quite a few books I added to my gotta-get pile--thanks a lot ;p. No exciting summer doings for us, but my daughter and I (she's four, btw) did chop off our hair today for Wigs for Kids so we're both sporting mighty short 'dos at the moment... Good luck with the new license and may your photo reflect the very best of you :)

Laurie said...

Let's see summer is flying by!! I'm in Wisconsin visiting Madison, where I went to college, Milwaukee, where we lived for over 5 years...reconnecting with friends and family. My daughter also got married on June 30th which was the BIG EVENT for my summer. Luckily, everything went smoothly and it was a PERFECT day!! I will return to Florida in about 3 weeks as my son will start his senoir year of HS on August 20th. I'm not looking forward to all that heat and humidity. But I will stop in Gainesville to see my two other boys!!

Laurie D. said...

Heavens, I'm hoping to take a good picture this time! My current photo makes me look like I've lost someone very close to me - downright pitiful! Sending the biggest of the big hugs to you and your daughter - how wonderful of you both to donate your hair! Please tell her how proud I am of her, bless her little heart!

Laurie, my youngest daughter starts her Sr. year on the 22nd! Exciting for her, but sad for me - I'm still wondering where the years have gone :( You have had a very busy summer - glad to hear that the wedding went well, that is indeed a big event! Have a safe trip back home, and enjoy visiting with your sons!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I truly appreciate it!

Judy F said...

your boring friend Judy here.

No plans for the summer. Just taking it easy. LOL