Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Updating the troop raffle prize list - AGAIN!!

The prize list is growing by leaps and bounds! Check out my original post (a couple of posts ago) if you'd like to see how you can be in the drawing for these great prizes!
LORI FOSTER: A t-shirt and tote bag from Cafepress, one arc of Causing Havoc, one copy each of A Very Merry Christmas, Jude's Law, Murphy's Law, Wildly Winston, When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys and Bad Boys of Summer
DIANNE CASTELL: Three copies of Texas Bad Boys and other goodies
ERIN MCCARTHY: One copy of You Don't Know Jack, one copy of High Stakes, two copies of The Night Before Christmas, and one copy of The Naked Truth
JILL SHALVIS: A box of Aussie Rules for the raffle and to send to the troops
SHILOH WALKER: Two copies of Hunting the Hunter, one for the raffle and one for the troops
TONI BLAKE: One copy of In Your Wildest Dreams and one copy of Taking Care of Business
LUANN MCLANE: One copy of Dark Roots and Cowboy Boots, one copy of Hot Summer Nights and one copy (if she has her copies by then) of Love, Lust and Pixie Dust
JANICE MAYNARD: One copy of Wildest Dreams and one copy of Suite Fantasy
LUCY MONROE: Two copies each of Ready, Willing, and Able, Star Quality, The Real Deal, 3 Brides for 3 Brothers, and one copy of Beach Blanket Bad Boys (half will be used for the raffle and half will be sent to the troops)
KARIN TABKE: One copy each of The Hard Stuff and Good Girl Gone Bad
TONYA RAMAGOS: One download of her ebook, Heavy Metal Seduction 2: Picking Art
KELLEY VITOLLO: One download of her ebook, Dream Man
CARA NORTH: Two copies of her new book, Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off
RITA RAYMOND: Three bath & body gift baskets
STACY AHLGREN: $25. gift certificate to Barnes & Noble
ALYSON HACKETT OF MUCKY'S MORSELS online bakery is donating the following raffle prize: 1 dozen Seven Sinful Layers, 1 Dozen Chocolate Chip and 1 dozen Mint Brownies. Check Mucky's Morsels out here - (be prepared to drool): http://www.muckysmorsels.com/
GENESIS PROMOTIONS: A Genesis Promotions Pillow from CafePress
LAURIE: $25. gift certificate to Gooseberry Patch online country store - go have a look: http://www.gooseberrypatch.com/



Jennifer Y. said...

WOW! How generous! Are you making prize packages or will there be one winner for each donation?

I will be sending stuff to you soon for the troops.

Laurie D. said...

Thanks bunches, Jennifer, for wanting to be a part of our project! I plan to mix things up for prize packages for the most part, but haven't decided just how. I'll probably wait for a little more time to pass to see if there is any more author interest in participating.

Judy F said...

Awesome prizes Laurie JO... You are doing a wonderful thing.

If you need help let me know

Laurie D. said...

Thanks, Judy!! The interest in this project has been astounding! I hope these great prizes will be temptation enough to get the donations rolling in - I know I wouldn't be able to resist them!

You'll be the first to know if I need a hand - thanks bunches!

Jennifer Y. said...

I'd send donations even if there weren't prizes...but others might be more enticed by prizes.