Monday, September 11, 2006

Denyse Bridger's SIMPLY THE BEST

I had anticipated the release of SIMPLY THE BEST by author friend Denyse Bridger for weeks and weeks; when she requested me to do the Romance Junkies review, I was very flattered and pleased to do it. I've blogged about Denyse before and I still can't begin to tell you how much she appreciates each and every one of her readers and she is quick to tell you so.
This book is an erotically sweet (yes, they go well together!) book and I highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates a larger than life, daring, risk-taker of a man who is totally insatiable when it comes to the smart, sweet woman he has set his sights on.
Denyse also has another new release, The DeVane Files Book 1: Out of Hell. I haven't had the opportunity to read this book yet, but will be doing so very soon and you'll be the first to hear about it. Check out Denyse's website to read about all of her wonderful books, and don't forget to read her continuing online story, Rebel Knight, which continues where her book, Rebel Heart, ended. You won't be disappointed, I guarantee!
Below is my Romance Junkies review of SIMPLY THE BEST:
Architect Kaylee Masterson is spending her spare time writing an erotic novel, using local bar owner Max Richmonte as the model for her hero. She spends hours sitting in the shadows in Max’s bar, simply watching, and wanting, him. After accidentally leaving her notebook at the bar, she goes to pick it up and ends up spending part of the afternoon with Max, helping him with an accounting program on his computer. Unfortunately, she panics when he asks to take her to dinner and leaves, not to see him again until the night he shows up at her home. Kaylee, thinking that she is not the type of woman that would appeal to someone as gorgeous and charming as Max, can’t believe it when he tells her how much he wants her. She has wanted him for so long that she is helpless against his tender seduction. But Max has a secret life outside of the bar that Kaylee is not aware of; when that secret puts Kaylee in danger, they both have life-altering decisions to make.
Max Richmonte has thought of little else but Kaylee since the afternoon she spent in his office. After the two become intimate, he finds it increasingly difficult to be away from her. Kaylee is unaware of who he truly is; all she wants is to be with him and loved by him. When she is unexpectedly drawn into the depths of his dangerous life and witnesses first hand the violence that he regularly faces, Max realizes that he now must face his most difficult fight in convincing Kaylee that she is everything to him, and that he doesn’t know how he can live without her.
Kaylee and Max are two of the most sensual characters I’ve ever read. Their initial meeting is just the beginning of an intense chemistry between them; the sexual sparks fly whenever they are together. Kaylee is wonderfully written as an intelligent, professional young woman. Max is simply too charming for his own good; a romantic and thorough lover, eager to please Kaylee anytime, every time. Denyse Bridger is a natural at writing human emotion; never failing to give readers bold characters that, despite their strengths, possess weaknesses and vulnerabilities that keep them realistic. I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys an extremely sensual romantic suspense.


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Denyse said...

Thank you SO much, Laurie. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the enthusiasm and interest you've shown in my work. And, just so you know, Branscombe is delighted that you're enjoying the Rebel Knight serial so much, too.

I have to confess, Michael Devane is a rare and special character to me, too, so I really hope you enjoy his story, as well.

Thank you again, so much!!