Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Little Brown Jug

Our county fair is going on this week; our subdivision wraps around one side of the fairgrounds, which sits at the edge of the city limits, so we hear all of the fair noise - the whoosh and hiss of the hydraulics that make the (throw-up) rides twist and spin, people screaming on the rides, the announcements for lost parents and illegally parked cars. One bonus to being so close has been getting to listen to lots of great concerts over the years from the comfort of our home - we can open the front door and it's just like being at the show.
There is a racetrack at the fairgrounds and harness racing runs every day of the fair, building up to a huge race on Thursday known as The Little Brown Jug. Racing fans come from all around the world to watch this race. I've lived here my entire life and have only been to the "Jug" twice. It's not that I didn't enjoy it, I really did, but what I don't enjoy is the crowd. I don't like to be elbow to elbow with that many people, a good deal of whom are intoxicated and obnoxious.
Unbelievable to outsiders is the fact that almost every business in our city and county close for Jug Day. City schools are closed and all city and county offices close at noon. The bars in town stay open of course, as Jug Day is a day to party, and party they do, into the wee hours of the morning.
Thankfully, our office is closed. I think that Tim, Kelsey and I are going to take a car ride to the Velvet Ice Cream factory for a double dip. They have beautiful grounds with shelters and benches surrounding a pond complete with ducks, and they have a very nice gift shop. We'll probably also stop at a nearby apple orchard in search of the perfect bag of apples for a big batch of applesauce.
It is downright chilly in Ohio right now - we're under a frost warning tonight. Tomorrow looks as though it should be a beautiful day with cool temps and lots of sun!
I hope everyone is having a good week!

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Judy F said...

how will I survive without you tomorrow.

Have fun.