Sunday, September 17, 2006

Be our Guest!!

Alison Kent graciously invited me to be guest blogger today at Romancing the Blog, the beginning of my being a new columnist there - sharing space with some very, very interesting romance bloggers - I'm crossing my fingers that I'll measure up! I hope you'll stop by and give a shout!



Stacy~ said...

Fab job Laurie! I loved your topic. I'm sure you'll be asked to return :)

Judy F said...

Great Job Laurie. Lots of interesting responses.


Cryna said...

Great job Laurie, and I even commented.......LOL


Karin Tabke said...

congrats, will stop by.

Laurie D. said...

Thanks so much everyone for stopping by! I was flattered and excited with the invitation to be a regular columnist at RTB - hope I can come up with something interesting before my next time up!