Friday, August 04, 2006

Weekend plans anyone?

Anybody have fun plans for the weekend? Our heatwave has finally hit the road, and while it will still be warm, in the mid-high 80's, the humidity is supposedly taking a brief respite, so it should be pleasant.
We will most likely hit a farm market or two on Saturday and I'm hoping to do some baking. I'm thinking a rhubarb custard pie and a berry cobbler will hit the old tastebuds just about right!
On Sunday we are going to the Irish Festival in Dublin, Ohio - Dublin is between Delaware and Columbus and the festival is always guaranteed fun! There is traditional Irish food, dancing and games, contests and prizes for the kids with the reddest hair, the greenest eyes, etc. - lots of beer flowing, and fun musical entertainment. Last year we saw Seven Nations, Bad Haggis and Flogging Molly. I loved Seven Nations, and while I can't say the same about Bad Haggis or Flogging Molly, they and their followers were very interesting! This year we plan to see The Prodigals and Gaelic Storm. Gaelic Storm is my absolute favorite Irish band; I have all of their CDs, my favorite being one titled "Special Reserve."
No, we have not red hair or green eyes but yes, we have Irish blood in our veins! My mother's maiden name was Bailey, and she has traced her genealogy back to Ireland. Somewhere along the way a great-something Irish grandfather and his Swiss bride came to America w/very few possessions. One of those possessions was a spinning wheel that came with that grandmother from her home in Switzerland - my mother gave it to me when she sold her home and moved into a retirement community - it is very, very special.
Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend - What are your plans?


Barb V. said...

Sounds like you have a great W/E planned Laurie. I would love the Irish Festival.

We have something similar, but smaller, near Utica, NY the end of September. It is the Remsen Barn FOTA (Festival of the Arts), and dh and I go every year. This one celebrates a Welsh heritage. There is lots of traditional food, music, and strolling performers. We go mainly for the craft items. There are hundreds of topnotch crafter from throughout the northeast, and the stuff is to die for. It is the start of my Christmas shopping. We look forward to it every year.

As for this W/E, I think we will check out the roadside produce stands to see if the sweet corn is out yet. I'm dying to try your fried corn recipe.

Cryna said...

Have fun this weekend Laurie, it sounds like you have it well planned.

I have Irish in my background as my grandmother (Dad's Mom) was Irish and Scottish.....but then I am a really melted pot........LOL

As for weekend plans, I am hoping to get a computer desk with matching bookcase that I picked up yesterday together and fitted into the room. Means rearranging the whole thing.......not sure why I do this to myself, but it could be that I want that other computer off of the sewing machine cabinet so I can at least use the sewing machine.....shaking head at self. Oh and I want to read..........LOL So nothing exciting.......


Judy F said...

sounds like a great weekend. Me... Working tonight, tomorrow maybe cleaning, my niece is singing or something tomorrow night. I really rather just stay home and veg....

Happy weekend all

Barbara-PF said...

Hey Laurie--

Your weekend plans sound really fun.

I went to the farmers market this morning. Got some really nice tomatoes and some lettuce. Will make a great salad. Now I am working. It is a lovely day though so i hope to get back outside this afternoon for a while.

Tomorrow will probably just veg out. Don't think ther is anything going on around town .....well the race in Indy but there is no way I will be going down to that madness.

Laurie D. said...

Barb, your arts festival sounds like something we would love! Hope you're able to get some corn - you will love the fried corn, I guarantee it!

Cryna, good luck w/the desk and bookcase - are they put together yet? Those things take me forever, but I'm better at assembling than my hubby, he has no patience whatsoever.

Judy, hope you've had a nice, relaxing weekend and that you're feeling better soon, you poor thing.

Barb, I wouldn't go anywhere near Indy this weekend either. Some of those NASCAR fans are lunatics - I know because I've been to a few of the races myself! Enjoy your veggies!

Tim went to the farm market this a.m. and got some cooking apples, white corn on the cob, and some blackberries. I made some applesauce and a rhubarb custard pie. The berries went into the fridge for cobbler another day!