Friday, August 11, 2006

Lost days??

I don't know where this week has gone. It seems like just yesterday that I said I would be posting a review or two - and here it is Friday already and I've not even started them. I know, I suck. I had a review to wrap up for Romance Junkies and I had a difficult time getting into a review mindset to complete it. I just couldn't get my teeth into it and kept putting it off.
Let's see how many ways I can direct the blame away from myself - I'll go with working out three times this week, Kelsey, Jill Shalvis, Ciar Cullen and Kate Davies - everyone but myself -for not getting the reviews done that I had mentioned earlier in the week - Kelsey had (marching) band camp this week 8 am-9 pm everyday, with a "parent" band camp meeting Tuesday night that lasted two and a half hours, a banquet and competition program presentation tonight beginning at 6 pm, meaning I had to prepare a main dish and a dessert last night. Last night I went to WalMart w/Tim; the only reason I went along was to pick up JUST TRY ME, Jill Shalvis's latest Blaze, only to find that my WalMart doesn't carry the Blaze line anymore - what's up with that? No one there could tell me. Thankfully, the Kroger store in the same strip mall had it - curiosity made me open it to read just the first couple of pages before going to bed - I found myself on Chapter 7 at 12:40 this a.m.
I tried to download new books from Ciar Cullen and Kate Davies, Lords of Chi and Taking the Cake, respectively, without luck for three days. I was back and forth with customer service and finally tonight received them as pdf attachments since I'm unable to download from the bookstore for some reason. I spent at least two hours trying to figure out how to download before determining that it just wasn't possible. I admit to being a total computer idiot though and can't rule out said idiocy as being the problem. Amanda at My Bookstore and More is a real treasure and was quick to respond and assist.
We have a family party at Tim's cousin's house tomorrow and on Sunday we plan to take some things to Lindsay's house at school. Hard to believe she'll be taking off again in just a couple of weeks. Sniff. I have every intention of getting the reviews done for Jill's Out of this World and Toni Blake's Swept Away - both are excellent and should be in everyone's cart!!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Judy F said...

you poor thing. I know what you mean its like I had plans to work on some review and I just can't get into it. So tired anymore. Hope everyone has a super weekend

Barb V. said...

You are so busy I don't know how you keep your sanity! All this and a full-time job too.

I can relate to your book buying troubles. I got so sick of running around looking for the Harlequin/Silhouette books and not finding them that I started buying them online from eHarlequin. Another plus is that they are available a month earlier than in the stores.

I so want that Kate Davies book, but am not willing to deal with ebooks -- no ebook reader, a computer that is low on memory, and Paypal issues. Kate mentioned on Stacy's blog that she will be having Take the Cake and two other novellas released in print sometime next year in late spring/early summer. I plan to buy then.

Jill said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed both Just Try Me and Out Of This World (I was nervous about that one!!)

Ciar Cullen said...

Always someone else to blame. Now who do I blame? I know... hehehe Dang, I haven't written for days on end. Well, you know I've had an excuse. And I haven't read anything in ages. I'm going to get my ass kicked.

And I don't know who wrote it here, but all Samhain's books will go to print three months after erelease, although the shorter ones might have to wait a bit longer to be part of an anthology.
Sorry Laurie you had trouble with your purchases--they are fixing the site now. Sigh.

Kate Davies said...

Wow! You are one dedicated reader, Laurie! And can I tell you how stunned and honored that my book was one of the ones you were trying to buy? I hope you enjoy it!

And Ciar is right -- most Samhain books go to print three months after e-release, but since mine are novellas, I have to wait until I 1) write the third book, 2) Get it placed on the schedule, and then 3) Wait three months. :) So Barb V, I really hope the books are worth the wait! And I'm so glad you're looking forward to reading them!

Laurie D. said...

Barb, you'll enjoy Taking the Cake, it's very sweet!

Jill, I did love both books, no surprise there!

Ciar, you don't need to blame anyone for anything, lots on your plate right now - big, huge hugs to you for that. No apologies needed on the problems, I'm not so sure they weren't of my own making, but I did get my books and LOVED them both. Hope to talk about them soon, as soon as I have a little break!

Kate, thanks for stopping by! I read about Taking the Cake on Stacy's blog and couldn't resist! I enjoyed it very much and will chat about it soon. I'm just sorry that I can't do it now. I hope you'll stop back.

Kate Davies said...

Hey Laurie! Here's me, stopping back...LOL

I'm so glad you liked Taking the Cake. Thanks for letting me know!