Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The window man cometh

A window repair man is removing all of our bedroom windows today - I guess they are double-paned glass and some of them have gotten moisture in between the glass - sometimes they look really bad and I've complained about them for months. Tim finally succumbed to my bitching and called to have them repaired. Of course the guy couldn't come in the spring when it was pleasant - he's coming this afternoon, when it's going to be in the 90's. At least it's less humid, right? Yeah, I keep telling myself that will make a big difference. Tim has cut out heavy duty cardboard to cover the windows - I imagine it will be held in place with some pretty, shiny duct tape - that will do wonders in detracting from the ugliness of the cardboard. All we will need is a car on blocks in the front yard to look like our neighbors, the Beverly Hillbillies. No, the neighbors don't really have a car on blocks, but oh, how their garden does grow. The organic one next to their driveway? I've mentioned it here before. They currently have something growing in their garden that rivals Jack's beanstalk - I think they're trying to grow the stairway to heaven or something. Call the people at Guinness - I'm sure we've got a world record growing over there.
I'm thinking we will have to carry out something for dinner tonight - I don't relish the thought of turning the stove or oven on when it's so hot, and knowing Tim, he won't want to leave the house unattended when our only means of security is silver tape. I wonder if that Easy Bake oven is still in the basement . . . .
Stay cool!!


Barbara-PF said...

Good luck having the windows repaired Laurie. Yes I think I would go out for dinner too. Actually it's almost too hot to eat.

I think they are predicting a cool down on the weekend. It can't come soon enough for me.

Judy F said...

I bet your neighbors will be so jealous. LOL I hope he gets them fixed soon. Stay cool.

Laurie D. said...

We were very lucky in that the window guy replaced all of the glass and fixed the windows right here at the house - Score!! I did have to fix dinner, but I won't complain since I was saved from having cardboard windows!
Love your new blog, Barb!