Sunday, July 30, 2006

TEXAS BAD BOYS - Great authors, great fun!!

Another great cover and a wonderfully fun book! I have had the pleasure of spending time with Rosemary Laurey and Dianne Castell at several booksignings, at the Lori Foster/Dianne Castell Reader/Author get together in Cincinnati and at the home of Lori Foster on two occasions and they are both great fun. Rosemary has the sweetest story about the night she met her husband and how she knew from the moment she first heard his southern accent that he was the man she would marry - it makes me smile everytime I think about it! Dianne is never still - I swear that she has more energy than a power plant! I have yet to meet Karen Kelley, but have heard nothing but wonderful things about her and her powerful sense of humor. I'm hopeful that I will have the pleasure of meeting her someday!
I have done a review of Texas Bad Boys on behalf of Romance Junkies and am posting it below. I hope you will take a look at this latest bad boys anthology!

When a grandfather disappears, leaving everything he owns to three beautiful granddaughters that he has never met, he could not have imagined the impact his bequest would have on their lives or the lives of the three young men who are thrown into the mix.
IN BAD WITH SOMEONE by Rosemary Laurey
When Juliet ffrench inherits The Ragged Rooster, a rowdy bar in Silver Gulch, Texas, she travels from London, determined to make the most of the requirement that she remain in Silver Gulch for three years. The one distraction that Juliet didn’t anticipate was Rod Carter, manager of the Rooster. Rod had been told that he would be inheriting the bar; needless to say he is not pleased with Juliet’s arrival or her determination to stay and run the bar. Once the two put their heads together to investigate repeated strange happenings around the bar, could a joining of their hearts be far behind?
RUN OF BAD LUCK by Karen Kelley
Nina Harris arrives at Maddock’s Dream, the ranch she recently inherited from her grandfather, just in time to witness a real cowboy breaking a wild horse. Nina is used to seeing beautiful male bodies as a male centerfold photographer, but those men don’t hold a candle to Lance Colby, the ranch foreman. Lance doesn’t understand why any red-blooded male would take off his clothes to pose in a women’s nudie magazine, but taking his clothes off to be with Nina was an assignment he was more than just a little interested in, despite the fact that she has inherited the ranch that her grandfather had promised to him. Nina and Lance get to know each other very well, very quickly, and while their relationship heats up, they are faced with some odd occurrences around the ranch. Can these young lovers work together in spite of the deceit that brought them together?
COME TO A BAD END by Dianne Castell
Lillie June’s new spa is the talk of the town in Silver Gulch. The women love it because they’re pampered, eating healthier and getting themselves in shape. The men hate it – for the same reasons. They don’t want smelly, relaxing candles in their homes or to be forced to eat healthy, gravy-free meals. Sheriff John Snow has been chosen to talk to Lillie and convince her to stop the nonsense of pampering the women of Silver Gulch. John has intentionally been avoiding Lillie in order to fight an attraction; Lillie would like nothing more than to get her hands on John, knowing she could help him relax those painfully tight muscles. After meeting her sisters, Juliet and Nina, for the first time, Lillie is more determined than ever to make her business a successful addition to Silver Gulch. Once Lillie does get her hands on John, and he gets his hands on her, he realizes that he’s not in such a hurry to see Lillie leave town after all.
TEXAS BAD BOYS is a compilation of the works of three of the hottest names in women’s fiction. All three stories tie in together, and it is fun re-visiting characters in each of the stories. All three heroines are spunky, independent, and self-confident. Each was hurt and deeply affected by what they mistakenly thought was a neglectful grandfather. The heroes that these authors have created to perfect order for their heroines are gentlemanly, in spite of the deceit of their old friend, and attentive to each and every need of their respective women. TEXAS BAD BOYS is yet another fun dose of bad boys and is highly recommended.

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Barb V. said...

Very nice review, Laurie. I ordered the book back in June, knowing nothing about it except who the authors were. Your review makes me even more anxious to read it. Nice job, as always.

Judy F said...

I have this to read best get to it. Great review girlie.

Barbara-PF said...

Nice review Laurie.

I still have this book on my TBB list...too many books and not enough money.

It sounds great though and what a great line up of authors.