Monday, June 19, 2006

Have you read Sydney Somers?

I recently read WATCHTOWERS: EARTH by Sydney Somers and am very pleased have found a new (to me) author to anticipate releases from! This book is a breathtaking futuristic/paranormal, with heartfelt emotion, steamy eroticism and sweet romance, all experienced by a hero and heroine that you will gladly embrace.
Sydney Somers is incredibly talented and while this is my first read of her published books (so far, that is), she has earned a place amongst the several authors who are autobuys for me. I hope that you will check out Sydney's website, all of her available books, and read what others are saying about her writing.
Below is my Romance Junkies review for WATCHTOWERS: EARTH:

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5
Thane Denton has spent centuries in search of his true identity; little does he know that Shania Blackfoot, a woman with special powers gifted to her from the Earth itself, will help him discover who he is and much more.
Shania Blackfoot accepts that she is different, and has always used that difference to positively help others. The busy clinic she runs with the assistance of her mother keeps her going at a hectic pace, a far cry from the quiet sanctuary of her home. Shania has sought the calming effect of the Earth's energy and warmth from the time she was a child. Her ability to heal others forces her to share their pain and suffering, often inducing debilitating fatigue. A gorgeous stranger comes to visit her and tries to explain that she is the final of four Watchtowers, women who have been given various natural powers to fight an evil sorcerer, Amidurah, who is trying to take over the world. Shania isn't convinced that she's strong enough to succeed in such a fierce battle.
Thane Denton has lived for several centuries, struggling to find his true purpose, desperate to remember his past. He successfully found the previous three Watchtowers and witnessed their powers surface fully once they found their soul mates. Thane has been dreaming of Shania and fighting his deep attraction to her. He feels an inexplicable pull towards her, but he doesn't share her power to control the Earth. Or does he? Could he be the final link, her soul mate, the one who will bring all of the Watchtowers together for the final showdown with Amidurah? When Thane suddenly begins to remember unthinkable tragedy and pain from his past, it appears that the crushing memories will be more than he can bear.
Sydney Somers has put forth incredible imagination and immense creativity in this final WATCHTOWERS installment. Shania and Thane are intelligent, driven characters, written with intense emotion and determination. The secondary characters are equally well written and a pleasure to have in the story; at no time do they monopolize the story, despite their irreplaceable presence in it. I have to admit that I have come into this series at the tail end, and WATCHTOWERS: EARTH is my first read in the series. I intend to get the previous books in this series very soon as I'm anxious to read the stories of the other characters and discover just how their relationships began. This is an excellent book and I highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys futuristic paranormals with heightened passion and tender romance.

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Sydney said...

Thanks so much for the fantastic, review, Laurie. I'm so glad you enjoyed the final book in the series.

Stacy~ said...

Sounds good Laurie - I'll have to check it out.

Laurie D. said...

Sydney, you are very welcome - I did enjoy the book very much.

Stacy, I hope you will check it out, you won't be disappointed!