Monday, August 05, 2013

(Making a correction here as Ciar has advised that this is not Steampunk, but Historical - in that case, I'll be getting a copy!)  I haven't read this book, and with all due respect, likely won't, simply because Steampunk just isn't my cup of tea. However, Ciar Cullen is an exceptional author who pours her heart and soul into each and every one of her books. I simply adore her and her unique writing style.
Check this out!!

From Ciar Cullen:
I have four more copies of my book to give away, an Amazon gift card, and a Kindle Fire! But I need more entries (mean publicist). So won't you simply share this post or say something about it on your blog? Or tell your cat ;o)

About the book:
At the cusp of the twentieth century, an heiress turned detective enters a world of deception and danger and must learn to trust her nemesis with both her life and her love.
Tormented by a tragic past, Miss Lillian Holmes nonetheless found the strength to go on, to become the greatest female detective of her time. To make her uncle proud. Except...he was not truly her uncle. Sherlock was a fictional character, and Lil was less a true detective than a sheltered twenty-six year old heiress with taste for mystery...and morphine. But then she saw him. Leaping from her neighbor’s second-story window, a beautiful stranger. With the recent murders plaguing Baltimore, here was a chance to
reveal the truth.
Except, the Leaping Man was far more than he seemed. A wanton creature of darkness, an entry point to a realm of deception and evil, and to a Truth she had waited countless years to uncover, he would threaten far more than Lillian’s life. He would take both her heart and soul. And she would rejoice in it.

This book is available now, so pop over to Amazon to grab a copy for yourself!


Laurie G said...

What exactly is Steampunk?

I guess I would give it a try. I will check out Ciar Cullen's website.

Quilt Lady said...

I will have to check out this author, sounds different.

Dominica said...

I like Steampunk. I have not read anything Ciar Cullen, buy this book looks promising.