Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A real love story

Have you read Shiloh Walker? I'll reluctantly admit that I'm hit and miss with her books, mostly because I'm just not into the kinkier stuff. I've known Shiloh for years and while she may act all tough and bad ass, truth be told she's a real softy, a sweetheart who is a dedicated wife and mother whose family is her life.
Shiloh has a new release (out today) titled BEAUTIFUL SCARS. I'd read excerpts from this book over the past couple of weeks and pre-ordered it.  It arrived on my Kindle early this morning and while I was home on a sick day today, I indulged and read it immediately. I'll admit that it's a little more kinky that what I typically prefer, but the love story that is the glue of the story is heart wrenching and made it easy to overlook those scenes that made me squirm.
If you like a romance with straightforward grit and edginess, you should give BEAUTIFUL SCARS a shot. Here's a link to Amazon to help you out!
If you read it, I hope you'll share your thoughts with us.


Quilt Lady said...

I am not much into kinky books.

flchen1 said...

I've heard good things--thanks for the recommendation, Laurie! I've read a bunch of her older titles, but nothing super recently... will check this out!