Thursday, October 25, 2012

THE GIRL NOBODY WANTED, the latest from Lynn Raye Harris

Author Lynn Raye Harris has a new Harlequin Presents available and I would like to encourage you all to check it out. You know that the Presents and Desire lines are two of my favorite guilty pleasures, right? If you're a fan of the Presents line, you've undoubtedly read Ms. Harris's work before. One of the many books she has penned is THE MAN WITH THE MONEY, in my opinion one of the best books ever in the Presents line. Seriously, I think it's exceptional. That said, THE GIRL NOBODY WANTED is an exciting, entertaining read as well and will undoubtedly leave readers satisfied and checking out Ms. Harris's back list and upcoming books.

Stop the Press: Jilted Bride Stranded with a Notorious Playboy!

Anna Constantinides, publicly humiliated when her long-time fiancé announced his engagement to someone else, might have thought things couldn’t get any worse…. Until her private jet crash-landed on an uninhabited island, leaving her stranded with billionaire hotel magnate Leo Jackson.

Renowned playboy Leo’s reputation is legendary, and if the smoldering looks they were fighting to contain when rescued are anything to go by, there can only be one question on everybody’s lips: just how long did it take wickedly sexy Leo to undress buttoned-up heiress Anna?

You can check out an excerpt HERE

THE GIRL NOBODY WANTED opens with Anna Constantinides making a brave appearance at the engagement party of her former fiance. My heart ached for her, yes, but Leo Jackson makes a timely appearance and her pain is soon forgotten. Unfortunately, Leo is the brother of Anna's former fiance's *new* fiancee, but Leo is interested in building one of his fabulous Leonidas Group resorts in Amanti and Anna, being the tourist ambassador, realizes that she can hardly refuse his request of a personal tour. They set off the next day for Amanti with Leo at the controls of a small plane. Despite his being a capable pilot, they are forced to make an emergency landing into the sea next to an uninhabited island. Spending time marooned on the island with ladies' man Leo will cause tongues to wag, but they have no choice.  One surprise after another keeps Anna on her toes and wondering what her future might hold when their island ordeal is over.

Leo is intrigued by the sweet innocence of Anna and is interested in getting to know her better. He admires her strength in the face of public humiliation but wonders, given the paparazzi's pleasure in her hidden torment and searching her every action for the slightest fissure, if she could be close to the breaking point. When their forced closeness causes sparks to fly, Leo is humbled by Anna's incredibly sweet generosity as a lover.

Anna and Leo can't escape the endless speculation and accusations of the press.  But they each have secrets that are about to be exposed, leaving both to question whether their relationship is strong enough to weather the storm that is closing in on them.

Again, this is a wonderfully written book and I highly recommend it to all who love a good romance!  I'll give a copy of THE GIRL NOBODY WANTED to one lucky reader here.  Just leave a comment - I'm curious as to how many of you regularly read the Presents line from Harlequin. If so, what has been your favorite to date? This will be a quick one and I'll draw the winning name on Sunday, October 28th.  Include your email with your comment or be sure to remember to stop back!

Thanks for checking out THE GIRL NOBODY WANTED and special thanks to Lynn Raye Harris for allowing me to read and review this wonderful book for you, it was a real pleasure.

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Laurie G said...

This is a tough Question. I love the PRESENTS line although the titles leave something to be desired. Exotic foreign countries, sheiks, Greeks, royalty....

Carol Mortimer, Sandra Marton, Annie West,Penny Jordan, Helen Biachin, Helen Brooks, Cathy Williams, Kim Lawrence, Michelle Reid...

My favorite is usually the one I'm currently reading!

Heidi Rice- Public Affair, Secretly Expecting

Abby Green- Bought For the Frenchman's Pleasure

lorimeehan said...

This sounds like a wonderful book I can't wait to read it. Thanks for the giveaway.

Laurie G said...

OOPS I forgot to include my e-mail address. Sorry!

johns lake at usa dot com