Monday, September 24, 2012

The latest in fall footwear

I've been battling stress fractures in my right foot  (second and third metatarsals) since the end of July and have been in an air cast/boot of one type or another since. I've now been passed on to an orthopedic foot/ankle guy who now has me wearing this stylish, knee-high, five strapped version in black, together with a lovely set of crutches to haul it (and my fat self) around with. This latest stint on crutches (I've only had one prior, thank heavens) has confirmed my belief that crutches come straight to us from the devil himself.
I've polished up all of my sterling earrings so as to not clash gold jewelry with my silver crutches.  I'm mostly teasing here, I'm really not (quite) that anal.
Working on a review for Alison Kent's upcoming UNDENIABLE.  What a wonderfully told story!  Notice I didn't say "written" - this is not a book that has simply been written, it is storytelling at it's best. There's actually more than one story and it tells them deeply and beautifully. And that's all I have to say for now - except that I can't wait for the next one!
Share your cast/crutch/cane story (or how you're thankful not to have one) and I'll choose one winner for a $20. Amazon gift card. Winning name will be announced on Saturday, September 29th. Be sure to check back to see if you're the winner! Good luck!


Quilt Lady said...

Years ago I was trying to hang a skeleton on the front porch standing on the top of a two foot step ladder and some how ending in the front yard. Yep through my knee out and ended in the ER and leaving with crutches, the devils spawn shell we say. It is awful trying to walk on those thing, so I feel your pain. I have been having back problems this year and had surgery in July. During this time I have been using a walking stick, but I can get by without it but use it when taking walks every day. Not near as bad as the Devils spawn crutches. I will you luck with them.

Jane said...

I hope you're not in too much pain. Luckily I've never broken or fractured anything, so I haven't had to deal with a cast or crutch.

Joyce M. said...

About a month ago I was at work, walked into the lunch room and felt a twinge in my foot. Didn't think to much of it (I have had RA for over 35 years). last night I noticed a bump on the top of my foot where I would tie my shoe laces. Now I'm wondering if that twinge was me breaking a bone in my foot?

Hope you are feeling better.

Cheryl said...

No broken bones for me but my graceful daughter had two consecutive breaks in the same ankle when she was six. She fell from the monkey bars. They took x-rays but diagnosed it as a sprain. When she was still having pain a couple of weeks later, I took her back and they x-rayed again and found a hairline fracture. Too late to cast by that time. A couple days after the doctors gave her the go-ahead to return to normal physical activity, she was doing a pirouette in the living room & I heard "crunch". Yup she broke it again. Same ankle. On a holiday weekend. She did not need crutches, they gave her a walking cast but it was still a pain for her to take baths, etc.
Hope you're feeling better soon, Laurie. And good luck with the crutches - those can't be any fun at all.

flchen1 said...

Oh dear! Hugs, Laurie! I hope you'll be healed up and better than new in no time! I have been fortunate to avoid casts and crutches so far, but I did end up putting my baby brother in a full arm cast for a couple months when I was little--I was trying to get him to stop bothering me and managed instead to slam his pinky in a door :( Suffice it to say, we were all rather traumatized, and he STILL has the trump card in winning just about any argument we might have ;p And I am ULTRA careful with kids and doors these days!

Take care, Laurie! Hope you're enjoying some great reading in the meantime--looking forward to Alison's latest!

Laurie G said...

Hope you are soon rid of those nasty crutches! I was a RN and occasionally I had to teach a patient how to use those cumbersome walking aides. You know it's right hand with the left foot but something short circuits and you get out of sync. They are just too long to manuever easily especially when you want to get in a car or even just put them down.

Luckily, I've never had to use crutches. I did use hiking poles over the summer as we traversed up many a mountain and forded many streams. It's so easy to get tangled up and out of rhythm! I sympathize with you.

Hope your medical issues are resolved soon!

I've always enjoyed Alison's writing style. Can't wait to read UNDENIABLE!

Lisa Freeman said...

Bummer, Laurie! So sorry you're having to deal with crutches! I hope you're not in too much pain.

Luckily, I've never had to use crutches. My oldest broke his ankle in high school and had to use them. Their build was two story so he got a special key to the elevator - I think he almost thought it was worth it!

Enjoy the fall! We have had a little break from the 90 degree and up days and it's been so nice!

Pat L. said...

Sorry about your fall footwear.

I have been lucky so far.

Anonymous said...

Darn that is bad, have not ah do use it, knock on woo d, have a great week though

Love Alison books whoo, hot cover
Great prize thanks