Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer fun!

Hope you're all having all sorts of summer fun!  Kelsey and I went to the pool a couple of weeks ago, but other than nightly dog walks and dinner out last night to celebrate her 22nd birthday, haven't done anything exciting. Yes, we're incredibly dull, boring people! Don't think I've mentioned that we have a new (to us) dog.  Simon is a 7 year old basset hound and has been with us for a little over a month. We love him to pieces. We've only had two dogs before and both were bassets. Our second basset, Fred, came to us via Ohio Basset Rescue and he was (in our hearts) a champion, so why look anywhere else?  It took us 3+ years to decide it was time for another dog. Simon was on the Owner Surrender page at OBR and we made arrangements to meet him, bringing him home the same day. His previous family didn't feel that they had enough time to spend with him and he needed more attention than they could give.  He has settled right in and it feels as if he has always been with us. I hope he's as happy to be with us as we are to have him!

We will be taking off the week of July 4th but don't have any plans. We will be helping Kelsey move her stuff out of her apartment in Kent and into a storage facility for a month, until she has access to her new apartment.  She has one semester of student teaching to complete this fall and will graduate in December. Doesn't seem possible that she could possibly be finished with college.

I hope you'll share your summer plans, family news, books you've read or are reading.  As usual, I'm behind with reviews, but hope to remedy that in the coming week. I have several books to give away too, so stop back. I promise to put forth more effort in keeping things more current here; I've been so negligent lately.



Laurie G said...

Hi Laurie,

My almost 22 yo (July) will be graduating August 1. He's going on to grad school and will have to move by Aug 1. Hectic but exciting time for him.

I spent the last 9 days babysitting my 7 month old granddaughter while my daughter recovered from a 4 wisdom teeth extraction and dry sockets. I forgot how time consuming young children can be.

We will be going to my hometown to visit my mom to celebrate her recent 88th birthday along with my daughter's 5 year wedding anniversary.

In July, we will celebrate my husband's 60th birthday along with our 35th wedding anniversary.

In August, I hope to relax, swim and read. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Nothing earth shattering but, still looking forward to all of it.

Best wishes!

Judy F said...

I love your new baby. Spending a hot one in Cinti. I love summer but not this hot.

MIss ya