Sunday, February 26, 2012

Loving me some Janice Maynard! Your chance to win one of her books!

Author Janice Maynard has a new series, The Men of Wolff Mountain, that started in January with INTO HIS PRIVATE DOMAIN.

This book tells a uniquely powerful, riveting story from the very start. Gracie is a sweet young woman and while amnesia storylines aren’t usually my cup of tea, she possesses an innocence and vulnerability that mesh to make her condition believable without making her irritating or weak. I’ll admit that it took me a while to warm to Gareth. My issue with him? I think it was that he acted like a real man rather than your typical romance hero. His statements of disbelief at Gracie’s amnesia were brutally honest, sometimes bordering on cruel. I think most males with his childhood and history would react similarly and he soon began to grow on me as their story progressed.
Gareth values the quiet solitude of his home on his family’s mountain. When that solitude is interrupted by a beautiful trespasser, he doubts her alleged amnesia and her motives. Despite those doubts, Gareth has to admit that her actions are much stronger than those pesky doubts. Gareth’s family has had a painful, troubled past and his distrust is understandable.
Gracie Darlington works for her father in his art gallery and has come to Wolff Mountain on a mission of some sort, but after falling off Gareth’s porch and striking her head, she has no recollection of what or why. It is obvious that Gareth’s family is extremely wealthy, but she doesn’t understand the reason for their reclusiveness. Gareth is mysterious and private and Gracie is helpless in escaping his razor-sharp charm. When truths are eventually revealed, it’s clear that Gareth’s distrust was well-founded and it appears that their relationship may not be strong enough to survive.
Janice Maynard’s characters are always realistic and she never fails to make family dynamics emotionally charged and desires sizzling and heated. This first book in her “Men of Wolff Mountain” series hits a reader’s home run and I can’t wait for the next installment, A TOUCH OF PERSUASION, coming in March!
Thanks, Janice, for allowing me to read and review the start of this bright new series for you – it was truly my privilege.

The second book in this series is A TOUCH OF PERSUASION and Kieran Wolff and Olivia Delgado are the hero and heroine. Kieran and Olivia met in college in Great Britain and had a brief but intensely heated affair. Kieran was Olivia's first lover and when he suddenly disappeared, she could not track down the young man she knew as "Kevin." Discovering she was pregnant by this seemingly unknown man who had deserted her, Olivia returned home heartbroken. By the time she learned his true identity, enough time had passed that Olivia decided against notifying him. Olivia's six year old daughter, Cammie, has enough love and attention from her mother and from Olivia's beloved and world-renowned actor and actress parents. The last thing she ever expected was for Kieran to discover Cammie's existence and show up on her doorstep demanding to see his daughter. Olivia fears she won't be able to resist Kieran, but when vicious threats against her mother by a crazed fan begin to escalate, she is intelligent enough to know that she and Cammie will be safest at the Wolf family compound in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Will she and Kieran be abled to maintain civility for their young daughter's sake or will the mistrust resulting from the way their relationship ended be enough to make renewing that relationship unrealistic?
Kieran Wolff's emotions are in a shambles and he can barely focus enough to collect his thoughts to confront Olivia. When he goes to her, he's once again struck by her natural beauty and grace and finds it difficult to hold onto the anger running through him.  That anger is softened even more when he is faced with the pain Olivia suffered by his disappearance. Increasing theats against Olivia's family have him insisting that she and Cammie come with him to Wolff Mountain and the castle his family calls home. Kieran's realization that he did Olivia a grave injustice in abandoning her, but can't help but be angered at her decision, after discovering his true identity, to not seek him out. His adult life has been spent traveling the world, constantly on the go. Will he be able to change direction, being there for Olivia and Cammie? Will he realize in time that asking Olivia to adjust her life and move with him to Wolff Mountain permanently is only fair if he himself makes the same concession to stay home and commit himself to their relationship.
I never fail to finish any book by Janice Maynard without a satisfied sigh. Kieran and Olivia are former lovers and neither has been able to find contentment with anyone else. Sometimes a child is a hindrance in a romance. Not so with Cammie. She's written realistically by someone who obviously knows little girls. Her actions and behaviors are spot-on for a child of her age.
A TOUCH OF PERSUASION has my highest recommendation for all romance lovers. If you haven't read series romance for a while or have found them to be unbelievable or silly, I'm certain you will be pleasantly surprised at what this line has to offer these days.
Although not necessary as this book stands competently on its own, you will likely find more enjoyment if you read INTO HIS PRIVATE DOMAIN first. I'm looking forward to the next book in Ms. Maynard's Men of Wolff Mountain series!
Now the giveaway - I have a print copy of INTO HIS PRIVATE DOMAIN up for grabs. Leave a comment here about the Desire line, series romance in general, Janice's books, characters, covers, etc.  I'll draw the winner on Friday, March 2nd.  Thanks again, Janice! Good luck readers!


Anonymous said...

Love her erotic books, read some desires series, this looks hot, thanks for the giveaways,

Cheryl said...

Don't think I've read anything by Janice Maynard. Both of these sound like something I might like, though, so I'll have to give her a try.

Michelle B said...

Thanks for the reminder about these books Laurie! I've been so caught up in the craziness of the new semester and teaching all my classes that I haven't yet purchased the first book. I added it to my list of books to buy :-)

CrystalGB said...

Janice's books sounds good. I am a big fan of the Desire line. :)
Thanks for the giveaway.

Judy F said...

I read and loved both books. Looking forward to the next one.

Lisa F. said...

I love Janice's books. I've read the first one in the Wolff Mountain series and can't wait for the next. Thanks for the anticipation!

Joyce said...

I have not read Ms. Maynard and these sound intriguing.