Friday, September 09, 2011

Stay tuned!

Hey ladies!

I hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start!  Anyone have exciting plans?  I'm working out tomorrow morning and other than that, have no plans.  I love weekends when we have nothing going on and can take it easy. The weekend goes so much quicker when we're busy, and then I'm back at work before I know it.
I'm hoping to have two new reviews posted sometime this weekend, and both will have book giveaways.  If you're a fan of Cherry Adair and Regina Hart (Patricia Sargeant), you'll want to get your name in both of these drawings.
See you soon!


Virginia said...

We just got back from my husbands company picnic. It was a beautiful day and everything turned out really good.

Judy F said...

No real plans. Went to Amya's soccer game yesterday. Worked on a puzzle last night. Today just been watching the tv.