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ROXANNE ST. CLAIRE - Her latest new series with a giveaway!

Roxanne St. Claire has a new series, the Guardian Angelinos, and if you're not familiar with it and you love excellently written romantic suspense, pay attention all the way to the end of this post, because I'm giving everyone a chance of being hooked up with a Kindle copy of the first book in the series, EDGE OF SIGHT.
In the meantime, here's a little about the second and third books, both fabulous examples of well-written romantic suspense, and you all know how very much I love romantic suspense!

The Angelino and Rossi families break every Italian stereotype there is. Sure, they’re loud and aggressive. And they argue and eat and cling to traditions for dear life. They fight as passionately as they love, and they would give their life for one of their own. But that’s where the clichés stop, and a brand new family business is about to begin.
The Guardian Angelinos are a Boston-based family that flies under the radar of the law to solve crimes, save lives, protect the innocent, and take down the guilty. This team of rule-breaking, risk-taking, wave-making siblings and cousins aren’t afraid to get into the face of criminals as one of the toughest, grittiest security and PI firms around. This close-knit clan of protection, investigation, law enforcement, technology, weaponry, and legal experts all have one simple creed: The good guys win and the bad guys get the holy hell kicked out of them.
In every stand-alone romantic thriller, readers can expect non-stop adventure, heart-wrenching romance, breath-taking settings, and unforgettable love stories. The Angelino and Rossi cousins are fearless on the outside, but each has a chink in their tough armor, and only one person can help them overcome their weakness…to find love that lasts forever.

Here's a link for a great excerpt from SHIVER OF FEAR.
My review:
SHIVER OF FEAR, second in Roxanne St. Claire’s latest “Guardian Angelinos” series, is a prime example of how romantic suspense should be done. Devyn Sterling is a young woman who is determined to find her heritage, while private investigator Marc Rossi is equally resolved to stop her search. Neither expects the other to be so incredibly determined – or so incredibly irresistible.

Devyn Sterling, recently widowed after the death of her cheater of a husband, is determined to find her biological parents and the search has brought her to Northern Ireland. Devyn was adopted as an infant by a couple who are cold hearted and unable to get past the fact that Devyn does not share their blood. It appears that Devyn’s biological parents are a well-known international fugitive and a bioterrorist, leaving her with a sense of worthlessness and self-doubt. Marc Rossi is a bold, self-assured man and Devyn can’t help but feel safe with him. If she were willing to simply turn over all control, she could easily lean on him and finally have someone to share her fears and weaknesses.
Private investigator Marc Rossi has been hired to bring Devyn Sterling home from Ireland. Once they meet and he sees the pain and suffering in her eyes, he decides to stay for a bit longer before intensifying his efforts to take her home. Getting Devyn to leave isn’t as simple as Marc hoped it would be, with new people and new information popping up at every turn, her stubbornness only grows stronger. Mark and Devyn are quickly cautious of each other, with neither apt to trust the other, given the past betrayals they have experienced.
Strong-willed, intelligent characters successfully build the story’s momentum from beginning to end. Devyn’s desperation to find her birth mother is fierce and at times feels almost tangible. The pacing in SHIVER OF FEAR is steady, gathering speed for an explosive, totally unexpected ending. Ms. St.Claire is masterful at descriptions that pull her readers into every scene. Characters never fail to entertain and the romantic flow is smoothly believable and doesn’t at all feel forced or awkward. Secondary characters are skillfully written into the story and are a bonus of sorts. Ms. St. Claire has given romantic suspense readers a true gift with this latest series and I give it my very strongest recommendation.

Here's a link for an excerpt from FACE OF DANGER.

My review: In FACE OF DANGER, author Roxanne St. Claire pairs a spunky, private investigating heroine who lives on the edge and makes her own rules, with a by-the-book FBI agent. Sparks guaranteed.

Private Investigator Vivi Angelino, along with her brother and cousins, have been working hard the past few months to make a success of their new investigative business, the Guardian Angelinos. FBI agent Colton Lang has been utilizing their services on occasion and there’s no denying that there’s something happening between he and Vivi. Mostly, they’re driving each other crazy, but there’s clearly an unspoken but undeniable attraction. When Vivi proposes that the Angelinos join forces with the Bureau in finding the murderer who has been dubbed the Red Carpet Killer, killing Oscar winning actresses, Colt laughs. He especially finds humor in Vivi’s suggestion that she be used as a body double for the latest award winner, Cara Ferrari. The laugh’s on him when Vivi and the Guardian Angelinos strike a personal arrangement with the stunning Ms. Ferrari. Vivi’s contract to act as Cara’s body double has very specific conditions and failure to abide by those terms holds serious financial repercussion.
Colt is vying for a promotion that would mean relocating from Boston to L.A., a move that he has looked forward to until he is put in charge of the California team assigned to find the Red Carpet Killer. Colt finds himself working hand in hand with Vivi and while he couldn’t be more opposite of Vivi, the death of his fiancée years before left him scarred and determined to ignore any attraction or feelings he may have. When Vivi, as Cara, is repeatedly attacked, it becomes apparent that the attacks aren’t what they seem and a second, even more sinister, plot is unearthed. Colt’s frustration is that he’s been attracted to Vivi all along, but how that she’s under his constant care and protection, he can’t resist her. Vivi has secretly suffered far longer from a past hurt and she fears that giving her heart and being rejected would be crushing; all the more reason to steer clear of an emotional tangle with Special Agent Lang.
I’ve read all three books in this latest series from Roxanne St. Claire and I can honestly say that FACE OF DANGER is my favorite of the three. The banter between Vivi and Colt is sharply clever, but at no point being smart-assed or juvenile. Not to downplay the passions or sexual attraction in FACE OF DANGER because they are there, but the storytelling is the real star of the book. This story is richly layered with details deliberately and masterfully interwoven. Characters aren’t always who they seem and that’s never been more true than in Ms. St. Claire’s FACE OF DANGER. This is a powerful love story, one that undoubtedly will stay with readers long after they finish the book.

Now for the giveaway. I'm offering a Kindle copy of the first book in the Guardian Angelinos series, EDGE OF SIGHT, although I didn't write a review for it. (Remember, you don't need a Kindle to read the Kindle version of a book - you can read on your PC, iPad, iPod, etc.) It's a great start to this intriguing new series and I promise you'll enjoy it. Leave a comment about Roxanne St. Claire, her books, their great covers, your favorite characters, whatever you want to talk about. Have you met Ms. St. Claire? I was fortunate enough to meet her in Columbus a little over a year ago and she is an absolute doll. I hope to get to visit with her again someday. If you've already read EDGE OF SIGHT, you can have your choice of Roxanne St. Claire books. I just want everyone to read, and love, this series as much as I did! I'll draw the winning name next Thursday, May 12, so be sure to check back. Remember, I don't track down winners - it's your responsibility to see if you're the winner and to get in touch with me. Good luck to everyone!

Keep an eye out for reviews and giveaways for new books by Sasha White and Alison Kent. You'll have to be patient though because I'm just now reading both. And remember the giveaway for a Julie James book, also running until next Thursday - scroll down for those details.



roxanne said...

Laurie, I'll leave a comment about Roxanne St. Claire. She is thrilled with these reviews! Thank you so much for showcasing my back to back releases and loving my characters like you do!! Awesome way for me to start a Friday!


Virginia said...

I love Roxanne's books, but its been a while since I have read her books. I have not read any of this series and I would love to win a Kindle copy. Thanks for the chance to win.

Judy F said...

I love this series and am looking forward to Vivi's book.

Judy said...

I have not read any books in this series. I do enjoy Roxanne's books, just seems like too many great books and authors and not enough time:) This series looks very good!


Ray said...

Roxanne St. Claire is one of my favorite authors. I have recently finished Shiver of Fear and I highly recommend it. As soon as I finished I Added Face of Danger to my Kindle. I also read the first book in the series, Edge of Sight. You should not miss that one.

Thanks for a review of someone who deserves to be read by everyone who loves a good romance with a little intrigue.


Sheree said...

I have "Make Her Pay" of the Bullet Catcher series but I have not read any of the Guardian Angelinos series yet.

ironss [at] gmail [dot] com

Ray said...

Now that you mention the Bullet Catcher series I recall in Edge of Sight it is mentioned that Vivi's brother tried to get a job with the Bullet Catchers and could not because of an eye injury and Luci, the owner of the Bullet Catchers firm did not think he could cut it.

I would like to see at least one story in which the Bullet Catchers and the Guardian Angelinos work together.

I loved the Bullet Catchers and have read every one of them.


Laurie G said...

I agree with Ray. I too loved her Bullet Catchers series! I'd highly recommend her books.

I haven't read any of this new Guardian Angelinos series. It sounds great. I always like to read your excellent reviews. Our reading tastes seem quite similar.

Pat L. said...

I have read a few of this series and enjoyed them very much. Would love to win another one.

patoct at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I have not read any of Roxanne's books, but the excerpts sound v.g.

mschris1161 said...

I own EDGE OF SIGHT, have read the prequel novella and most of the Bullet Catchers. LOVED THEM ALL! I would like to have a copy of either Shiver of Fear or Face of Danger.

Christina Gross

Pat L. said...

Please take my name out of both drawings, did not realize they were kindle versions. Sorry.