Thursday, February 03, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

The big storm that crossed the country dumping snow and ice cut a swath through central Ohio and we were nailed with an inch of ice. We were home from work on Tuesday and Wednesday because of the ice, and then we had heavier rains move in while the temps were in the mid 20s and started hearing falling trees all over the neighborhood. This is the birch tree in our front yard, so sad. Tim is calling the insurance company today to see if we're covered for its removal. We were so incredibly lucky that it didn't crash into our house, we know, but we're still sad to lose it.
We were without power for not quite 24 hours, not bad considering some folks still don't have electricity.
Anyone else hit hard by the storm? I did a lot of reading while we were stuck at home - will be talking about a fabulous historical, hopefully later today.
Be careful out there!


Pat L. said...

Enuf already. We had 8 storms since Christmas, some bad, some little. Car got totalled with the first one. But luckily no one hurt. Been trying to get to my fav used bk store, but weather not allowing it. It is a little over 2 hrs away and we make a day of it.

Be safe.

Estella said...

Am sorry you lost your tree.
Glad I live on the west coast, tho.

Cybercliper said...

Not as bad here in S. TX as the rest of the country is having it but we're breaking 1912 records for cold - daytime twenties and nightime teens with single digit wind chills. I'll take triple digits any day of the week - Summer can't get here fast enough!

Judy F said...

oh your poor tree. I remember when we had our wind storm. lost so many trees in the neighborhood.
Glad you got your heat back on

Dina said...

we got the blizzard in Milwaukee, really bad, didn't lose power or anything, just so much snow to shovel, still sore.

Lisa F. said...

So sorry about your tree! Hate the ice - it makes everything so much more dangerous.

Heather said...

Glad the tree missed your house, Laurie. We had 18 inches between Monday night and Wednesday morning here. Don't mind the snow so much, but I'm tired of the arctic blasts that seem to follow it. *Shiver*