Saturday, September 18, 2010

A day spent at the antique/flea market

Most of you probably know that Tim and I love to go to antique markets, shops and malls. Friday we went to a huge antique/flea market at the Clark County fairgrounds here in Ohio. They have monthly shows, but three times a year they have "extravaganzas" with hundreds of vendors - comfy walking shoes are a must! We planned the trip for several weeks and both took a vacation day. We didn't buy much, a beautiful crystal snowflake Christmas brooch for me, a three-spout measuring glass for me (I collect unique measuring cups and glasses), and the above beautiful garden decoration for both of us! Yes, I typically make out better than Tim! Pics don't do this treasure justice and it's difficult to see how gorgeous it is. I bought one for my best friend's birthday in June, and regret that we no longer do Christmas gifts for each other because I'm so anxious to give it to her. Hers has clear, blue and pink dishes, so feminine and pretty. Plus, I'm afraid I'll pack it away and not remember where it is come next June! These truly wouldn't be difficult to make, if I could find out what kind of adhesive they're held together with. I thought E-6000, but the woman who makes them says it won't hold with the weight of the glass. This particular one is made with a full size dinner plate, a green cut-glass bowl that's very thick and heavy, a smaller cut glass bowl and in the center of that, a beautiful pink lid, perhaps from a sugar bowl.
Today was spent at a baby shower for Tim's cousin's daughter. She's expecting a little boy in about four weeks and it was so fun seeing all of the little baby goodies! As fun as it was though, I have to admit that I much prefer buying for baby girls! It was great seeing Tim's family though, so many of them we only see a couple of times a year.
We have no plans for tomorrow and that's just fine with me. I'll be back at work on Monday morning in the blink of an eye!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Lori Foster aka L. L. Foster said...

Laurie, the dish is beautiful! What a great find!


Estella said...

Beautiful ornament!

Laurie said...

Oh I wish I could get my husband to go along with me to a huge flea market. I can't even get him to go to a rummage sale in our neighborhood.

Your glass flower ornament is so pretty!! I'm jealous!!

Chris J. said...

Your glass flower ornament is beautiful. I would love to go to a huge flea market and just spend the day. Though hubby would not be with me, not his cup of tea.