Sunday, May 30, 2010

Have a safe holiday!

Does anyone have special plans for the holiday? Our weekend has been fairly low-key and will most likely continue to be! I'm taking my mom to the cemetery this afternoon to plant flowers and then we'll probably watch our town's parade, although it's supposed to be close to 90 today and I'm not sure we'll be up for sitting in the sun after digging and planting at the cemetery. Maybe we'll be able to find a shady spot to park our lawn chairs. I hate to miss it because it's the least attended of all of our parades and I think the servicemen and women who are in the parade deserve our thanks while they're still here to appreciate it. Do you ever thank a serviceman or woman? I'll say thank you when I see someone out - once at our local grocery store, probably about two months ago, I told a guy in fatigues "Thank you for your service." and he didn't know what to say back. I was about 15 feet away when he called out "Ma'am? You have a nice evening, and be careful driving home."
So if your town has a parade, I encourage you to go!
I hope the rest of the weekend is relaxing and fun for everyone - please be careful if you're out on the road.

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Pat L. said...

It is funny you asking that question. My husband called a few people to thank them today and stopped by a few of our neibhbors.

May God bless all our soldiers.