Tuesday, April 06, 2010

SHE'S THE ONE - the latest from Kay Stockham!

Kay Stockham has a new release, SHE'S THE ONE, and typical of Kay's work, it's a real heartgrabber! I have two copies of SHE'S THE ONE for giveaway, one is autographed by Kay and one is not.

Undercover travel writer Alexandra Tulane wonders if maybe she's in way over her head. A men's hunting and fishing retreat in the wilds of Alaska? Not exactly her stylish scene. Fortunately, there's plenty of breathtaking scenery...including good-looking bush pilot Dylan Bower.
Despite the magnetic attraction between them, however, Alexandra is everything Dylan is not--she's a rover, always looking for the next adventure. For Dylan, the scars of the past run deep. He's hidden himself and his silent son in an isolated haven for their protection. Yet Alexandra engages both of them and soon they're under her spell. This--she--feels so good Dylan doesn't want it to end. So how can he convince her to stay?

Click here for a Chapter 1 excerpt, keeping in mind that the book may start out lighthearted and fun, but the emotion gets so much deeper and harder hitting as the story goes. Few authors can write heartfelt emotion the way Kay can. I truly think she has been given a gift.
My review:
Alexandra Tulane has proven herself to be a successful travel writer/photographer. Being sent to Alaska to check out the Deadwood Mountain Lodge places her in the middle of the most breathtaking scenery she's ever seen. A far cry from the resorts and spas she typically reviews, there's an undeniable charm to the rustic lodge as well as the owner and his guests. The owner's son, Dylan Bower, is living at the lodge with his young son Colt, to help out after his father's recent heart attack. Dylan is content to be in the Alaskan wilderness as it's remote enough to protect him and his troubled son from the media. Dylan's wife and her secret lover were killed in a house fire that left Colt severely traumatized and Dylan charged with their deaths. Although he was eventually cleared, the damage was done and his life was changed forever. He questioned whether his son would ever be the happy little boy he was before the fire.

Alex knows about the fire and Dylan being cleared in the incident but she doesn't know the full impact upon his life or why he has chosen a life of seclusion. At the same time, Dylan thinks Alex has come to the lodge to take photos, having no clue that she is an undercover travel writer and that her article could very well bring even more visitors to the lodge, disrupting the quiet life he has established for his son. Just when the two realize that yes, it is possible to fall in love afer just a few weeks, Alex decides that she's not cut out for a life as isolated as the one Dylan desires. Dylan could never have imagined the impact one small woman could make on their lives and seeing Colt respond to her was pure magic. Letting her leave had an even greater impact and it isn't long before Dylan decides that when it comes to Alex he's not too proud to put the past behind him and if need be, he's definitely not too proud to beg.

I've said it many times before, but Kay Stockham's characters are people we all know in our everyday lives. They may be friends, relatives or neighbors, but there's a little bit of someone we know in every one of them. Romance readers should never pass on an opportunity to read a book written by Kay - your heart will be in a much better place after you finish each and every one, I promise!

Here's a link to Amazon so you can order your own copy! Trust me, you want this book!

Now for the contest! Check out Kay's website and tell me something about it, about the excerpt, her previous works, covers, etc. - leave a comment about any (or all!) of those things and you'll be entered. If you send a friend over who mentions your name in their comment, I'll toss your name in the hat an extra time for each friend. Remember, there are two books, so your chances of winning are already doubled, so be sure to tell your friends! I'll draw the two winning names on Sunday, April 11th, so be sure to check back. Something else to remember, I don't track down winners so it's up to you to stop back!
Thanks so much to Kay for sending me a copy of SHE'S THE ONE, my apologies for the lateness in getting a review posted.



Danielle said...

Looks like a fun read - I'd like to read the whole Tulane series!

Judy F said...

I love Kay's books. She writes such awecome families. I am looking forward to her next book.

Anonymous said...

kay write intersting storys!


Pat L. said...

This books sounds very good. I have not read any of Kay's books.

Joni said...

I'm slowly catching up with the Tulanes and this would make a very nice addition, since I've yet to buy it! I sooo love her stuff! :-)

Lori Foster aka L. L. Foster said...

Wow, great review! I agree that Kay is an incredible writer!
Love your site, Laurie!


Rebecca Ringler said...

Hi Kay & Laurie - I am reading my copy of this book right now & it is sooo good. I will definitely be working on getting all of the other books. I love the intense emotional issues. - Rebecca

Danny said...

I have read the whole Tulane series so far and my favorite is Another man's baby. I am so looking forward to read She's the one

CrystalGB said...

The Tulane series sounds great. I wold love to read She's the One.

Anonymous said...

I love Kay's Tulane series. I read She's The One and it was great. I was sad to see that they series was ending, but knowing that we will be able to visit them in the future with her next series helps.

Patty L.

Kay Stockham said...

Hi all! I'm having horrible internet issues so I'm having to post by phone (no fun and hard!) but I wanted to say thank to Laurie and all of you for the wonderful comments. I'm so pleased you enjoyed the series (and while I do not have another Tulane book planned, you'll note I left room for more with the Tulanes large family of cousins!) ;)


Patricia Sargeant said...


Congratulations on the release of She's the One! It sounds super delicious. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Keep writing! :)