Saturday, October 31, 2009


Looks like Halloween at the Damron house!

We started out with a pretty large pan of candy, and ended up with quite a bit too. We've had as many as 300 tricks or treaters before, but those numbers have dwindled to less than 30 in recent years. By the end of the designated tricks or treats time, we were giving handfuls of candy and we still have a good amount left.

I'm thinking it's probably because there are so many more subdivisions in our city than there used to be

I thought I'd share pics of the pumpkins we carved this year. The Superman and Elvis are an annual tradition and we've been doing them for more than ten years. We use templates that we've gotten from various places, pumpkin carving kits, from friends and online.

Lindsay did the crow.

Kelsey did the tree.

Kelsey's boyfriend, David, did the cat.

Lindsay also did the Elvis.

I did the Superman "S" but it didn't turn out as well as when Lindsay does it.

How do all of you celebrate Halloween? We handed out candy and Kelsey and David went to a friend's party after. It's pretty quiet around here now, except I have some more laundry to do. Kelsey brought her dorm bedclothes home with her, so we've had more than a typical weekend's visit to do.
I hope you've all had a fun day!


ddurance said...

We carved pumpkins for the first time this year. Ours were a haunted house, spider, skull & crossbones & the headless horseman.


April said...

No pumpkins this year for us...maybe next? Not as many trick-or-treaters in our part of town as I would have guessed: it was a long two hours! Still, I was scraping the bowl for that last one (who was a friend's daughter making a special stop at our house). Beautiful sunset though--our porch faces west and the colors were superb! And lots of thoughts of Halloween pasts....!

Virginia said...

I gave out candy and was wiped out by eight. Then I started giving out apples and Ritz peanut butter and crakers to the last few that came around. I would say I had about 75 treaters and I live in a small town

Barbara said...

Love the pumpkins. Bunches of candy I should have come to your