Friday, October 30, 2009


Denise Agnew has long been on the list of some of my "best liked" authors. Some of my favorites of her books have been the Heart of Justice series - WITHIN HIS SIGHT, IN HER DEFENSE, and UNDER HIS PROTECTION. A couple more of her recent releases are MELTDOWN and COMBUSTION. You'll find her entire book list complete with excerpts and ordering info here.
I've reviewed UNDER HIS PROTECTION on behalf of Romance Junkies (4 Blue Ribbons):
In Denise A. Agnew’s latest romantic suspense, UNDER HIS PROTECTION, a beautiful, mild-mannered British woman is rescued from a madman’s attack by a SWAT officer. It isn’t long before she’s at risk again because now that he’s saved her, he’s likely to break her heart.
Olivia Scott is in the U.S. on a librarian exchange program. She’s finding the experience exciting and fulfilling, and the escape from her over-protective parents back in England gives her some much-needed room to breathe. A routine day at work turns dangerous when a madman begins to harass and eventually attacks her. Fortunately, SWAT officer Trey MacGilvary is in the library and comes to her rescue. She never expects to need his continued protection and she certainly never dreams she would fall in love with him. Eventually realizing her feelings will never be returned, she decides to return to England.
Trey MacGilvary loves women, all women, but rarely for more than one night. When he sees Olivia Scott under attack in the library, the natural instinct to protect kicks in and he quickly has the crazed man subdued. Unlike with every case in the past, that instinct doesn’t turn off at the end of the day. Determined to keep her safe, Trey does what he’s never done with another woman and willingly gets involved. He stubbornly refuses to give in to the temptation of making a serious commitment though, and when danger continues to follow and threats escalate to deadly levels, he realizes that he’s waited too long and he’s going to lose Olivia.
Denise A. Agnew’s storytelling in UNDER HIS PROTECTION is a wonderfully satisfying example of romantic suspense. Trey and Olivia are a charming couple and their differences, while significant, work to keep them together. Olivia is sweet and gentle in contrast to Trey’s fearlessness and strength. He is tortured and damaged and Olivia’s affection is confusing to him, just as his determination to keep her from getting too close is frustrating to her. Secondary characters from previous books are a reader bonus, but their familiarity isn’t off-putting; this book capably stands on its own. I highly recommend UNDER HIS PROTECTION to all readers who enjoy action and adventure with their romance.

Thanks for taking a look - I hope you'll check out Denise's website and book list!

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