Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy July 4th!!

Anyone have big plans for the holiday weekend? We'll be taking in our local parade, good wholesome fun, and then we're going to a cookout at my cousin's house this evening - I love getting out my stars and stripes platters and bowls!
My office was closed yesterday, which was especially nice, and tomorrow we're going to Cincinnati to watch the Reds play St. Louis. We haven't been to a Reds game for several years so we're really excited. Top all of that off by being on vacation next week and life's pretty good right now!
Have a great holiday, everyone! Please be careful if you're out on the road and whatever you do, don't drink and drive!


Judy F said...

We had our fireworks at the park last night. Which I can watch from my living room. LOL No real plans for me today. Need to wish my brother and sister happy birthday sometime today.

Have a great holiday

flchen1 said...

No real plans today! I love having unscheduled family time! Hope you and everyone enjoy a lovely 4th! Thank God for freedom!

Jane said...

Happy July 4th. We'll check out the fireworks tonight.

sandi said...

Mike and I ran to the mall so I could get the battery replaced in my watch. Then we hit Jason's Deli for lunch. Finally a trip to Borders where I was surprised they didn't have Tails of Love, but had last year's book instead!

Ooops...forgot we ran to Sams and Target as I wanted a water pitcher to filter water. Ran into a friend while we were out, and gave her the books I was wanting to share with her, and had been carting around in my car.

Now he and Brian are out. I have the feeling they'll come home with some sort of anniversary surprise as today is our 27th anniversary.

I have puppy sitting duty!


Laurie D. said...

I hope everyone has had a great holiday! Judy, how nice to watch the fireworks from home! We can hear them from our house and see the sky lit up, but can't actually see the fireworks themselves.

Well said, Fedora! We're so blessed, aren't we?

Jane, I hope the fireworks were great!

Happy Anniversary, Sandi! I hope you and Mike celebrate many, many more years together! Tim and I hit the 30 year mark on June 2. At 20 and 19, we really were babies!

Our holiday plans did a complete turnaround from what was expected. My cousin decided not to have her party, so I spent the afternoon cooking and baking. I really didn't mind. I debated going to the orchestra concert and fireworks and decided to stay home - after hearing the rain start earlier, I'm glad I did! I still heard the fireworks though, a little surprised they set them off in the rain. We're heading to Cincy early tomorrow - hope we have a good day at the ballpark! Go Reds!