Monday, June 01, 2009

MOST WANTED - Sasha White's latest!

Sasha White has a new release out. It's a single author anthology titled MOST WANTED. Sasha was kind enough to send me a copy for review and I have to offer up my sincerest apologies for being late (the norm for me these days, eh?). This is a great book with a catchy title, even catchier cover (another one with a faceless guy, go figure), and as you would expect from Sasha, there's not a bad story in the bunch! Here's more:

Bad boys—they’re the best lovers around. Submit to the pleasure of their dark and dangerous passions…
“Hidden Cravings”PI Lexy Signorino has spent the last year trying to forget her insatiable desire for Devon Kaye’s rock hard body. But when he turns up one night asking her to help him find his missing cousin, she’s ready to surrender to sweet sensual satisfaction…
“Unrestricted Access”Jillian Furst has lusted after detective Jackson Barrows long enough and decides it’s time for some female seduction. She sends him flowers and a steamy letter with explicit instructions for a sexual fantasy that keeps them busy in bed all night long…
“No Angel”Anna Blair looks sweet and innocent, but playboy Gabriel Mann discovers she’s far from it. Mess with her and she’ll mess right back. And that’s just the way he likes it—down and dirty carnal pleasure that keeps him coming back for more…

My review:
When Devon Kaye shows up on Alexis Signorino’s doorstep a year after they shared an intensely heated week together, she has to remind herself that he’s there seeking her help in a search for his missing cousin. As the two work closely together in the search for Devon’s cousin, earlier sparks rekindle into a raging inferno. Will steamy sensuality and renewed romance be enough to make a lasting relationship?
Jillian Furst wants her neighbor, Jackson Barrows, in the worst way. Unfortunately, Jackson doesn’t seem to share her interest. Oh sure, he’ll flirt and tease, but he never makes a forward move. Jill decides to take matters into her own hands and sends Jack flowers and sexy, suggestive notes, leaving no room for misunderstanding her wants and desires. Jack quickly realizes who is propositioning him and he couldn’t be happier. It doesn’t take long for them both to realize that this could be just the beginning of a long, hot future together.
Anna Blair fights demons every single day. One thing she doesn’t fight is her immediate attraction to Gabriel Mann. Gabe can’t believe his good fortune in meeting Anna. She doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to knowing (and giving) pleasure and going for it. When Anna shares her complicated background and daily fight for survival with him, Gabe knows he has to involve his brother and sister in law because of their knowledge and capability in dealing with demons. Anna fears for their safety and decides that this final demon battle is hers alone. Gabe can only hope that he’ll get to her in time so as to make her his own.
This isn’t your typical Sasha White book. Yes, all three romances have her trademark eroticism and blatantly wicked sensuality, but there’s also a touch of lightheartedness, humor, and the paranormal. I think that long-time Sasha White fans will love MOST WANTED. New readers will undoubtedly question why they haven’t read Sasha before.

Thank you, Sasha, for allowing me to read and review MOST WANTED for you! As always, I loved all of your characters, but especially felt the wonderful emotion packed into each story!
Thanks for checking it out - MOST WANTED is in bookstores now, or you can order at Amazon .


Stacy~ said...

Wow, that cover alone is enough to tempt me. Adding to my list. Great review Laurie :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, that cover is HOT!

Pat L.