Wednesday, June 03, 2009

FROM DENYSE BRIDGER - Check this out!

Stop by Absolute XPress and see what great reads we have available. New releaes every month on the 15th so stop by and see what came out in May and we are expecting out soon in June. While you are there check out our entire stock of romance and erotic romance novels. All our books are available in print at Amazon, so come by and see what tempts you.
Also, two of our members branched out to create a new magazine and the very first issue of Sensual Treats Magazine is now available, and it's FREE! It features some wonderful things, including travel, food, and an exclusive FEATURE with none other than Italian Singer RICCARDO FORESI. The photos of Milan are featured on the main website in the Gallery, and there's a mega-cool Free Treat Recipe there, as well.... ALL the info you need to submit something for their next issue, which will be ready for September 1st!!
Simply go to this link and click on the gorgeous cover:
The PDF will open, save it to your coputer, and you have the magazine! Please do take a moment to register with them, too - you'll be part of the email blast for future issues, and you'll get one mail every three months - they're quarterly!!

Thanks, so much!!!

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