Thursday, April 09, 2009


I'm not much of a sports fan, but I do love me some Blue Jackets hockey! For the first time in franchise history (9 yrs.), the Jackets have made it into the Stanley Cup playoffs. Granted, there are a lot of other teams that have had a stronger season, hell, LOTS of stronger seasons, but we're still incredibly excited for "our" guys to have made it this far! No fairweather fans here - we've cheered loud and proud for years, mostly from home, but at Nationwide Arena as often as we can. Linny and I went to last Sunday's game and sadly they went down in overtime. Kelsey and I are going this Saturday, which is the last game of the regular seaon. Now that they've made it to the playoffs, the crowd will be electric, guaranteeing a great time! This will be my fifth game of the season, so my jersey's getting a workout! And no, I don't take the foam finger to games!
Any other hockey fans out there?


Barbara said...

Don't you look like the number one fan!! Cute picture. Good luck.

Judy F said...

I hope your team does well. I used to go see our local team the Cyclones play its been a while but always had fun.

Anonymous said...

go sharks!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Laurie D. said...

Awww, the Sharks! They've got my favorite player ever and former Blue Jacket, Jody Shelley!! We were positively crushed when he was traded. I hope he helped in getting them to first place!

Karin said...

Congratulations to the Blue Jackets! I'm a big Colorado Avalanche fan and have been sad about this season.

Dina said...

I am a hugh hockey fan. I have been a season ticket for the AHL Milwaukee Admirals for over 20 yrs. They are the farm team for the Nashville Predators. So many of our guys are with them now, but everytime near the end of season they take more to help them. Well they are not doing well and about to be elimated from the playoffs as sad as I am for them, I am very happy be getting our guys back to help us. We won our divison and hopefully overall with points, but others need to lose their final games (keeping my fingers crossed, lol). Our final season game was tonight and the playoffs start next wk.

Good luck to you team and mine to go all the way. :)

Hope not too boring.

Anonymous said...

that i sc ool LD
go sharks
he is an enforcer and kind of cute lol