Monday, February 16, 2009

Beating the winter blues

For those of us who live in cold weather states, the winter seems to drag on and on. Spring can't come soon enough. Typically by the time February rolls around I'm good and tired of the snow and the cold, gray days that seem to drag on forever. The occasional sunny day is enough to lift my spirits but I know several people, including my mother, who become a little depressed when almost every day seems to start and finish on a gray note. If you or someone you know is one of those people, here are some tips to beat the winter blues, courtesy of Ladies Home Journal.
Physical activity boosts serotonin levels, which helps lift depression. Head outside for a brisk walk, take a yoga class, or work out on a stair machine.
Natural and artificial kinds are both beneficial, so open the shades every morning and turn on more lamps during the day.
It's easier to hibernate when it's cold, but getting together with friends and family is a huge mood lifter and more important now than ever.
Substitute whole grains for refined carbs -- whole grains take longer to digest, which combats weight gain and helps you avoid blood-sugar spikes.

If these don't help, consult your doctor to make sure you don't have a physical problem, such as low thyroid function. You could very well have seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and light therapy might be recommended.
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Karin said...

Thanks for the tips, Laurie!

misterchris. said...

SAD Lights are a great option for beating the winter blues as you say. Newer models are even portable so can be used whilst commuting or whilst sat at your desk. Im reviewing SAD lights over here: