Friday, January 30, 2009

Lori Foster's MY MAN, MICHAEL - I have an arc to give away!

Hey ladies, because the response has been so great, I've picked up a copy of Lori's book when I was shopping after work today - so, tomorrow night I'll be drawing names for two winners!

Lori Foster has a new release, MY MAN, MICHAEL - it's on the shelves and available for online ordering now. This is a continuation of her SBC fighting series, but has a slightly different flavor from the previous books. While I think readers are going to enjoy it, I suspect that there will be a handful of readers who'll buy this book without knowing about the time travel aspect, and they will be upset. I admit that when I first heard Lori's plans for Michael, I thought "Oh Lori, Sweetie, what are you thinking?" I suspected that readers would bitch and moan, that reviews would be mixed from one extreme to the other, and the rumors would start that Lori Foster has veered off in a wild new direction and her writing will never be the same. Romance reading as we know it has come to an end, right? Wrong. Oh yeah, those things have happened. BUT, it has gotten readers talking, which is always good. There's chatter everywhere and while some readers are acting like Lori is a puppy kicker or training terrorists in her basement or something, I personally can't help but think that the "controversy" will sell books like crazy.
You'll find a great excerpt here - read it and let us know your first impression of MY MAN, MICHAEL.
I've written a brief review:
When fighter Michael "Mallett" Manchester is severely injured in an auto accident, his future looks grim. He knows that he'll never fight again and he's seriously depressed. When a beautiful woman inexplicably appears in his hospital room, says she's Kayli Raines from the future and promises that he can be completely healed if he'll return with her - to the future. Certain that it's the pain meds fogging his mind and because he's fascinated by the gorgeous stranger and the promise of a totally healed, pain-free body, he agrees. Michael finds himself fast-forwarded decades into the future and a lifestyle that he couldn't have conjured up in his wildest dreams. Women are warriors, men are scarce, and a cranky, smart-mouthed computer seems to know everyone's wants and needs before they do. It turns out that Michael has been sought out for his strength and his ability to fight so as to train warriors.
Michael's immediate feelings for Kayli are just as foreign to him as the world he's living in, but they are strong enough to make the strangeness inconsequential. No one is more confused than Kayli by her body's reaction to Michael as well as the changes he demands be implemented in order for him to stay and share his fighting expertise. No one expected him to insist that Kayli belong to him, just as they didn't suspect that things weren't as they seemed and Michael would be the one to find the truth and make things right.
If you've always enjoyed Lori's books for the romance, the emotion, for the satisfaction of seeing one of her alpha males tamed, and if you're open-minded enough to try something new from her, then snatch MY MAN, MICHAEL up as fast as you can because you're gonna love it. If you have a serious aversion to time travel or stretches of the imagination, then my advice is simple - don't buy the book.

I'm giving away my arc of this one - and who doesn't love an arc, right? All you have to do to enter is let us know your first Lori book, your favorite Lori hero or cover, or which Lori book you've read and reread! Come on and spill - we want to know! I'll draw one name from all who post a comment and the winner will be announced in the evening on Tuesday, February 3rd.
Here's a link to Amazon so you can get your own copy and see what the excitement's about!
Thanks for checking it out - and huge thanks to Lori for allowing me to review MY MAN, MICHAEL for you!!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Lori Foster said...

LOL, Laurie.
You know, I'm starting to feel like a puppy-kicker or terrorist trainer.
Truly, what was I thinking?
:::sigh::: I love my muse, and I follow without question, but I'm thinking the SBC series has run its course and I might need to get back to writing just for me.
If *I'M* happy, then reviews don't matter, right? :-)


cas2ajs said...

My Man, Michael sounds like a great read to me. I'm open for most anything as long as the story is there. And I've read enough by Lori to know she's a great story-teller and includes lots of emotion. The first book I read by her was Never Too Much and I've been hooked ever since. Looking forward to her latest.

Cheryl S.

Tee said...

I do not like time traveling books but I love Lori's books! Being she is a auto buy I would pick it up in June either way. As for my first Lori book, thinking here, Too Much Temptation and I have reread it many times. I actually have two copies, on that has never been open except for her to sign and the other to read.

Anonymous said...

I am not into tt books but for Lori I will read it - LOL - as I LOVE her books - my first LF book was Too Much Temptation and then I was hooked.

Pat L.

Lisa F. said...

I've read all of Lori's books and my favorite hero would have to be Bram from Luring Lucy! Man he sweated testosterone! I love to go back and reread that one.

I haven't been able to find Michael in the stores yet but plan on buying it just as soon as I see it. I like that a fav author is not afraid to write what her imagination conjures up whether it's what a reader expects or not. I would think a book that is forced to be one thing just to stay parallel in a series would not be interesting to read.

Lori Foster said...

Well, in defense of the unhappy readers...I don't think they realized beforehand that the book was time travel. So they went into the reading with expectations of one thing, and got something different.
I didn't think it was THAT different, but I often don't see the same things in my books that readers see.
So I can understand the difference.
You're all saying you'll read it even though it's TT.
But they read it NOT KNOWING it was TT.

See what I mean?
As my mom used to say, "This too shall pass." ;-)


tigger9 said...

I absolutely love the SBC series. I also love everything I have read that you've written. The first book that I read would be Chasing Havoc. I loved it and went right out and got the others. Then I started getting books that you had written because I loved your writing soo much. I still do. I don't know if I have a favorite hero or cover, I love them all. I have read and reread all the books (so far) in the SBC series. I haven't read my man, michael yet but am looking forward to it and can't wait. I was a little surprised when I found out that it was time travel but I still think that I am going to love it. I hope Lori that you won't give up on the SBC series because of some reviews and people complaining but I also think that you should write for you and to follow your muse.

Anonymous said...

all her books are very good!

Merrimon said...

Nice blog and review! I just love how you described it all. Exactly how I feel sometimes when I read reviews of controversial books.

I suppose I can understand being shocked if you don't know time travel is coming. I love medieval romance and the time travel medieval romances can be quite different in tone but I am finding that a part of me, a crazy and fun part, really likes them too.

As to your questions, well, I am embarrassed to say I have not yet read a romance by Lori Forster so I can't answer any of the questions except to say I like the covers of this book and Simon Says he best. Perhaps the time travel element will attract new readers to the series?

Love your blog---it brought me a lot of smiles today!

Karin said...

Good review, Laurie. I'm definitely looking forward to this one. My first Lori Foster novel was Simon Says. I absolutely love that story, and all of hers I've read since then.

Sandi Shilhanek said...

I don't know if it was the first Lori Foster book I read, but I was unable to put Too Much Temptation, and read it pretty much in one sitting.

Jane said...

My first Lori book was "Hard to Handle." I then went to look for her backlist and my favorite so far is "Too Much Temptation." Noah is my favorite hero.

Debbie said...

I don't remember for sure what my first Lori Foster book was but I know when I got hooked... with her LL Foster series. So keeping in mind that I'm a paranormal/urban fantasy fan, I've been shocked at the outcry over MY MAN MICHAEL. It's an absolutely BEAUTIFUL love story.

Judy F said...

My first Lori book. I am not sure. I think it would have to be a temptation book. (the brain is gone)

My fav would be hard to pick too. I would agree with LIsa F. Luring Lucy is a fav and my pick me up read.

Lori as they say... Don't let the Turkeys get you down.

I am looking forward to reading My Man Michael. Hugs

She_reads said...

Well don't enter me as I purchased this (and disliked it) already. I was one of those who pre-ordered having no clue it was about time travel.

That said, my first Lori Foster was Causing Havoc, and my favorite hero would either be Jude (jude's law) or Havoc... loved 'em both so much as I do most everything Lori does!

Joyce said...


Anonymous said...

Time Travel could be a good thing. Would like to win book. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Marie said...

My first Lori Foster book was Jude's Law, and I've been hooked ever since! My favorite is Hard to Handle and my favorite cover is My Man, Michael.

Anonymous said...

I love the SBC series and also time travel books!

The first Lori book I read was "Too Much Temptation" and then when I was finished I wanted to read more of her books

Definately count me in the contest!



flchen1 said...

Boy, I can't remember the first Lori Foster book--I think like some others, it probably was Too Much Temptation. Then I had to go glom everything else I could get my hands on! Lori, I'm sorry some readers have been disappointed--that'll likely happen whenever you try something different. On the other hand, that same something different might be what hooks a new reader! No matter what, please keep on writing!!

Thanks for the contest, Laurie!

Laurie said...

Lori's books never disappoint!
Favorite book is Scandalous because it contains two of my favs Scandalized! & Sex Appeal. Tony & Olivia & Shadow & Brent ...Sexiest Man in the Mall gizmos You can't go wrong!

I like time travel. I liked Chasing Havoc. So I definitely will buy "My Man, Michael">

cover?? Casey??

Pam P said...

Can't remember my first LF book, maybe Caught in the Act. I love time travels, so particularly interested in this one. My favorites, though are her her Servant books as LL Foster.

Lori Foster said...

Wow, I took off yesterday to see TAKEN and never quite got back online again. So this morning, first thing, I got to see all the lovely posts!
What a wonderful way to start my day. :-)
Thank you everyone!

I hope overall the NOT-disappointed outweigh the disappointed. LOL Time will tell!

Hugs to all,


Leah said...

I've had the good fortune to read My Man Michael and even though the time travel aspect was unexpected in Lori Foster's newest book, I can honestly say that it is wonderful.

I was quickly drawn into Lori's wonderful writing and into the characters lives. That is was a bit different in setting just made for an interesting read. But what makes the book for me is Lori's characters. She never fails to impress me and drag me right in the middle of each and every story.

Way to go Lori! In my book, you have another winner!!!!

Lori Foster said...

Leah, you're wonderful!
On my website, I share "reader comments." Would you mind if I shared your summary?
Please let me know- and thank you oodles!


Jodi said...

My first Lori book was her eHarlequin online read (which the name escapes me right now). After that, I picked up Sawyer.
My favorite hero would be Riley - why? because he's mine! LOL
My favorite cover - My Man Michael.
Sorry, I have never re-read a book. I have too many to read and don't have time for re-reads!

Anonymous said...

Good morning.

While I am not too into Time Travel, I will definitely read "Michael", Lori as I just cannot get enuf of your books and I especially love this series. How could I not read it?

Since I do love your work, it is hard to pick a favorite, maybe the series that I am reading at the time. LOL. I loved Gabe, etc and the Winston boys.

As for the first book I read, it was probably Never Too Much or Too Much Temptation.

Aunt Rosie

Leah said...

Lori, please feel free to use anything you like.



Lori Foster said...

Thanks Leah!


Laurie D. said...

I left a comment early this morning and it totally got lost - how frustrating is that? I can't even comment on my own blog! Grrrr
I've loved everyone's comments and thank you all for taking part in a great discussion.

As for uninformed, disappointed readers, I have mixed emotions on who's to blame. Should publishers make absolutely certain that blurbs fully disclose all elements of the story (without giving too much away), or do readers, even auto buy readers, bear some responsibility to check out what they're purchasing? Dollars are tight for many right now and I understtand the aggravation of feeling taken advantage of - but can you truly be taken advantage of without allowing it to happen? I've always thought not.

Lori, as to listening to your muse, I think you HAVE to! I realize that readers need to be satisfied, but don't we all know by now that every single reader will never be pleased or satisfied every single time? You pour so much of yourself into each and every book, that I don't think there's any fairness to yourself to not listen to your muse and go with your heart.

Susan said...

"My Man Michael" sounds fascinating! I think that my first Lori Foster book was "Too Much Temptation". I have read so many of her books I can't swear to it though. :)

Laurie, I must agree with all you said.

Lori Foster said...

Thank you again, Laurie. Of course you're right. If I start trying to please every reader, I won't be able to write at all!
I was plenty distracted from writing this week, just reading the more negative reviews. Time to get over that, huh? :-)
Not sure what I'll write next, but it won't be dictated to me - except by my muse. LOL

Hugs to all! I've really enjoyed reading the posts here!


Anonymous said...

Hope you will continue to write more series books. I just love them.

Pat L.

Lori Foster said...

Thanks Pat! I'm sure whatever I write, it'll end up with connecting books. LOL That just seems to by M.O. ;-)

Anonymous said...

One of the Christmas omnibus; "All I Want for Christmas"! At Holiday time, I look for "uplifting" and short stories, with how busy it can be. That is when I find new authors, it seems, also. Lori, YOUR story in that one was my very favorite story published within it. Now of the SB fighters series, this NEWEST ones' preview reads as the one I would like best, for I like the idea that Lori is moving out into paranormal/romance and time-travel/romance. Those are my reading areas.
So far, by the way, I find Lori a fantastic natural storyTeller! That is what I look for in an author! Keep being true to yourself in your writing! GREAT work!
**re !!
ps: like bree without the b.

Anonymous said...

Lori, I do love your books so I will be reading My Man Michael - I have read a few time travel and liked them, but it is really not my thing.

I have probably read all of your books except maybe for one or two of your older ones; cant remember which one was my first, maybe one of the Visitation ones. As for the favorite cover, My Man Michael - it just hooked me in.

So glad to see that you will continue to do the related books.

Helen L.

tetewa said...

I love your Servant series, when will the next one be out? Looking forward to see what happens next to Gaby and Luther.

Lori Foster said...

Re, thank you! Being called a "natural storyteller" is the highest compliment. :-) I'm very flattered, and I'm crossing my fingers and toes that you enjoy Michael's story.

Helen, thank you! I really like My Man Michael's cover too. It's one of my all-time favorites!

Tetewa, the next Servant book, "The Kindred," is out in Sept.
In Aug I'll have a different L.L. Foster story in an anthology, "Out of the Light, Into the Shadows." It's kind of neat, with a straight "Lori" romance that leads that into an "L.L." darker story.
Erin McCarthy has the same.
So 2 novellas from me, and 2 from Erin. :-)

Thanks all! Happy Monday to you!


Barbara said...

Hey Laurie-

You have gotten some interesting posts here.

I have read My Man Michael and I enjoyed it very much. I thought the story was well thought out and it worked for me. That being said I can understand why some hard core contemporary readers only might be upset by the direction the story goes as the TT aspect is very prominent and if you wanted a straight contemporary and ended up with a TT I can see how it would be disappointing but not to the extent some of the reviewers are taking in in their comments at AMAZON. I am a very broad minded reader in what I read so the TT aspect did not offend me or make me upset. I even understand why she went this direction with the story I think.

I do think perhaps the TT aspect should have been mentioned in the cover copy as to alert readers to that twist in the tale so to speak. I say that only because I know how strongly many readers feel about crossover genres. They only want to read what they like and anything else is unacceptable. Make sense?

Anyhoo I enjoyed the story and liked the way it was done so I have no complaints.

Lori T said...

Hi Laurie~

My Man Michael sounds wonderful and I love this cover. I love Lori's writing and I have really liked the covers for her SBC fighting series!

Cynthya said...

I love time travel so can't wait to read My Man Michael.

I've been reading Lori for a LONG time. I can't remember what the first book I read was, but it was probably one of the Christmas anthologies or one of the Bad Boy anthologies.

Lori has been blessed with some really great covers. Some are very eyecatching, like Simon Says, and some are very sexy, like the upcoming Impetuous.

Laurie D. said...

This is the most chatter I've had on a post for a long time, and it's great! I've loved hearing your favorites of Lori's books. I can't really pinpoint just one favorite. Sawyer ranks right up there, stinky cover and all, it is an oh so sweet story. Say No To Joe? is another one that I loved. Simon Says is sitting right next to those two, but Jamie will probably be my all-time forever favorite because of Lori's incredibly sweet dedication. Can you tell that I love this woman?

I'll be drawing two names tonight, one for the arc and one for the copy of MMM that I picked up last night.

Lori Foster said...

Laurie, thank you again! This was such fun. :-) It makes me sound very vain, but I LOVED hearing everyone's favorites too. LOL

Out of my own books, one of my personal favorites is Mick's story from Caught in the Act, and then probably Sam's novella, My House, My Rules, in the Bad Boy antho.
LOVED both those guys!

Hugs to all!