Friday, January 16, 2009

Elizabeth Scott's FREE PASS - there's a giveaway involved!

UPDATE! The winner is CRYSTAL GB!! Congratulations, Crystal! Please email me with your mailing info ( so I can get your copy of THE WRITE INGREDIENTS in the mail! Please contact me by Saturday, Jan. 24. Thank you, everyone, for playing! I hope to have another review posted tomorrow evening that will include the giveaway of several books, so be sure to stop back!

Elizabeth Scott has a recent (December) release (yes, I'm way in the heck late here), FREE PASS, and I'm hoping you'll all check it out. Don't you love that cover? It so makes me wish I was younger and thinner, not to mention sitting on the beach - it's -10 degrees as I'm typing this!

Elizabeth Scott's Myspace blurb:
For their seventh anniversaries, three pairs of husband-and-wife friends allow each other a one-night stand with a stranger, provided they share all the steamy details.
You can't call it cheating when you have a Free Pass.

Amazon Blurb:
These three couples have shared good times with each other as friends. But as they celebrate their seven-year anniversaries, they’re planning to share some even better times—with strangers…Vacationing in Miami, Cherisse and Wesley are up for more than sunbathing, when Wesley spies a naughty lady through his telescope and Cherisse focuses her gaze on the lifeguard. Meanwhile, Melanie passes on the hot men at her health club and chooses a private workout with an out-of-towner. When her husband accidentally walks in on them, it’s anything goes.
And at their rental in Greece, Debra and Gordon discover a Russian couple making love in a private show just for them. For the restless Americans it’s quite a come-on—and an irresistible invitation…
I've written a brief overview rather than an out-and-out review, just because I'm so far behind - check it out:
FREE PASS tells the stories of three young couples, all friends, all coming up on their seventh wedding anniversaries. In order to keep their marriages fresh and romantic, the wives hatch a plan to allow their husbands a "free pass" for a one-time sexual dalliance. Of course the pass works both ways, and the women aren't lacking for attention! While there was some hesitation at first, everyone is soon willingly involved in carnal pleasures!
Cherisse and Wesley take a beach vacation where they discover that their love for each other is incredibly strong and will continue to grow.
Melanie's reason for wanting Thomas to accept the pass runs a little deeper and while Thomas isn't initially crazy about the idea, he realizes that Melanie needs to see that his love for her is never ending and that he doesn't want, or need, anyone else.
For Debra and Gordon, having only been with each other, the idea of sharing each other with others is more than a little forbidden and oh so exciting!

While I don't approve of adultery or infidelity, regardless of who's "on board" with it, Elizabeth Scott has taken what I would typically consider a distasteful subject and written three sensual, romantic stories around it - and very nicely! Chock full of passionate love scenes and despite the "sharing" that takes place, these three couples are devoted to each other and their marriages.

Thanks to the generosity of Marty at Samhain Publishing, I have two copies of THE WRITE INGREDIENTS cookbook - I'm going to give one away now to celebrate Elizabeth's release of FREE PASS. All you have to do to enter is check out Elizabeth's Myspace page and tell me the titles of one of her books. I realize that after a handful have entered, the titles will all be visible, but I'm hopeful that you'll go check out her page anyway - don't miss the video for FREE PASS! For a bonus entry, tell me the name of Elizabeth Scott's alter ego (she's one of the authors who contributed recipes for the cookbook). I'll draw a name on Wednesday, January 21st.
Check out Samhain's site while you're cruising the web - I'm willing to bet that they are the fastest growing epub around, and their attention to detail is second to none.

Thanks for stopping and for your interest in FREE PASS - I highly recommend it to all who enjoy highly erotic romance! Here's a link to Amazon so you can grab a copy for yourself!



Jane said...

One of Elizabeth's titles is "Spin the Bottle." Elizabeth also writes under the name Janice Maynard.

Karin said...

Another of Elizabeth's titles is Naughty Housewives.

Laurie said...

I could not find Free Pass listed at the Samhain site. Nor could I access her MySpace page. I guess because I don't have an account there?
There are several books listed at the Amazon website but several are from a YA author also named Elizabeth Scott "LoveYou, Hate You, Miss You", "Bloom".
I did see Naughty Housewives" and "Spin the Bottle" too, which have already been mentioned.
I also went to Janice Maynard's website. I saw that she had collaberated with Lori Foster in the past "A Very Merry Christmas".
I did read her book "Perfect Ten".
So I agree that she is the mystery author in the "Write Ingredients".

Dena said...

Hi Laurie, Her book sounds really good. One other book listed was Naughty Housewives, that titles makes you want to read it!

flchen1 said...

Hi, Laurie, I really enjoyed Elizabeth's Naughty Housewives, and I also have Spin the Bottle on the TBR. I think her latest, Free Pass, is her only other as Elizabeth Scott. She does have a bunch of titles as Janice Maynard, and those are great, too!

BTW, I wasn't sure about Free Pass's premise--the adultery thing usually gives me the heebies--but your recommendation makes me think I might give this a try!

Judy F said...

I really liked the book. Its handled very well I thought. Its not a fav topic of mine but it didn't put me off from reading the book. You will enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Janice Maynard - Play with Me is one of her books and am having a problem trying to get to her myspace page also.

I had signed long ago but dont remember my passwords/logins so tried re-signing up; not working.

Pat L.

Kammie said...

Spin The Bottle

Janice Maynard is her alter ego.

Cool video. She has some great titles.

Anonymous said...

spin the bottle
wvery hot congrats on the great reviews


Janice Maynard said...

Thanks so much to Laurie for her review and for her contest. :)

Free Pass is definitely more erotica than romance. And it's meant to be (at least on my part) fantasy and not reality. The kind of thing lovers might read together.

Anyway - I hope you enjoy it if you read it... and thanks again to Laurie for taking the time to do a review! :)

Janice Maynard
aka Elizabeth Scott

CrystalGB said...

Spin The Bottle. Janice Maynard is her alter ego.

robynl said...

Naughty Housewives is one of her books.

Janice Maynard is her also.

Cindy said...

Spin the Bottle. She also writes as Janice Maynard (I LOVE Janice's books!!)

Barbara said...

Hey Laurie-

Glad to see you back out and about was wondering what had happened to you it had been so long since I saw a post from you. Great interview. Don't enter me in the contest since I already have a copy of the prize....some great recipes in there. Just wanted to say hey.

Anonymous said...

wtg winner