Monday, January 26, 2009

Check out Absolute XPress - they're having contests!

Contest One:
Absolute XPress invites you to enter their “New Year, New Contest” Contest. Simply go to the website,, find the names of the romance authors and their current book title (hint: there are 6) and then e-mail them with what you find. ( Please put “New Year, New Contest” in the subject of your e-mail.
Contest runs January 9th – January 31st.WINNERS will be announced on February 2nd and will receive a 10% off coupon for their next Romance purchase from Absolute XPress.
Contest Two:
Soft whispers into your ear, candlelight glowing in the background, fire warming the hearth, wine and roses waiting on your table, what is your idea of romance? Find the answer to romance in our novels at Absolute XPress ( Go to Absolute Xpress' contest blog (, read the questions, buy the e-book(s) (, find the answer asked after each scene about the specific book or books you bought, and enter to win any book from Denyse Bridger's catalogue and a sweet treat goodie bag. You don't have to answer all the questions, but each one you answer is another chance to win, giving you up to 6 chances to win. All answers must be received at no later than February 13th. Please put Sweet, Seductive Whispers in the subject of your e-mail. The winner will be announced on February 14th.
While I'm familiar with several of the authors AT AXP, both current and those with upcoming releases (you'll never find a sweeter bunch), I'm most familiar with Denyse Bridger and have pimped her books here before. I reviewed her current AXP release, HEART OF STONE, three years ago (with another publisher) - I decided to repost that review so you can check it out.

These elite mercenaries are practically invincible and almost always complete their mission successfully, but when it comes to matters of the heart, right and wrong aren’t always as clear or as easy as catching bad guys.

Robin Bourne is relentlessly being stalked by someone that her current lover, Randall “Rand” Stone typically keeps at bay, but with Rand out of the country on a mission, her pursuer has become increasingly more brazen and is chasing her by car. When the pursuit comes to an end, Robin mistakenly believes a second man who comes on the scene when he tells her that Rand has sent him to take her to safety. The next thing she knows, she is being held hostage, desperately wondering if Rand will be able to get to her before her kidnapper goes completely over the edge and kills her.
Rand, on the other hand, doesn’t immediately search for Robin, having been told that she has been killed when her car went over a cliff and burst into flames. Totally broken at the thought of losing the one woman who completes him, he can’t fathom how he can carry on without her. When he begins to have suspicions that Robin is still alive, he has difficulty convincing the members of his mercenary team that it is possible.
Once Robin is freed, she is forced to think about what was done to her while held captive and she finds herself needing to be alone in order to come to grips with everything she has been through. When she leaves Rand again, this time voluntarily, he is at a loss as to the future of their relationship. Can Robin put the trauma of being held hostage and the acts committed against her behind her for good? Will Rand understand her reasons for leaving or has he decided to move forward without her in his life?
HEART OF STONE is a gripping book, filled with wonderful emotion and excitement. Rand and Robin’s love for one another is passionately written and is very realistic, with the ups and downs common in a relationship. Ms. Bridger is a new author to me, but I will be reading more of her books in the future; I would recommend that other readers do the same.

Thanks for checking it out!


Denysé said...

Laurie! What can I say? Thank you so very, very much for always being such a wonderful friend, who is always willing to support and encourage me no matter what direction I move in... You know how much I value your friendship, and respect your opinions. This is above and beyond, and appreciated more than I can ever express.

Thank you, always.
Love & Hugs,

blessedheart said...

Denyse is one of my favorite authors. Thanks for the review!

Rhonda :0)

Anonymous said...

Laurie, thank you so much for the post of our contests and for the great stuff you have said about AXP and its authors. Denyse is one of my favorite people and this makes her happy so... it makes me happy.

Heather (AXP Promotions Manager...LOL)

Karin said...

Thanks for the heads up on the contests, Laurie! :)