Thursday, December 04, 2008

PRIMAL MALE - the latest from Sasha White

Hot on the heels of MY PREROGATIVE, Sasha White has a new release, PRIMAL MALE. As you would expect from Sasha, this book is very sensual and has a healthy dose of heartfelt emotion. Add a little woo-woo and a touch of suspense and danger, and you've got a well-rounded romance. Here's a little chatter about PRIMAL MALE, starting with the following blurb:
Surrender to your wildest instincts…
PRIMAL POWER An empath with the ability to sense others’ emotions, Drake Wheeler has survived by keeping his own feelings shut off from the world. But nothing has prepared him for the sudden smoldering need that overtakes him in the presence of pureblood shape shifter Melissa Montrose. Even more surprising—he can’t sense anything around the sultry bookstore owner…except for his fierce urge to take her here, now, over and over again…
PRIMAL HEAT Melissa has lived her life in a small town, hiding her family’s mysterious birthright. A fling with the sexy tourist who wanders into her bookstore seems like a delicious, temporary diversion, until Drake touches her in exactly the way she craves, teasing and tempting every inch of her body into explosive ecstasy. Drake’s obviously a man with secrets, but Melissa’s got a few of her own, and she’s going to show him just how wild and raw pure, primitive desire can be…

Click here for a great excerpt!

My review:
When empath Drake Wheeler goes in search of some down time while looking for a powerful shape shifter, he finds himself in a bookstore in the small town of Chadwick. He quickly decides to mix business with a little pleasure after meeting the store’s owner, Melissa Montrose. Melissa is breathtakingly beautiful and he is instantly attracted, but it doesn’t take long for him to realize there’s much more to Melissa than meets the eye. Melissa is very much alone in the world, except for one close, dear friend. When brutal violence gets a little too close to Melissa for Drake’s comfort, he insists that she stay with him. It soon becomes clear that in sticking close to Melissa, Drake is nearer to the elusive shape shifter than he could ever have dreamed.

Despite sharing an undeniably sensual pull towards Drake, Melissa is highly suspicious of him and his motives. The covert group he belongs to has sent him to Chadwick to do some investigational searching for the shape shifting Sharza, although they don’t truly know just who, or what, Sharza is. A young shape shifter who has joined this specially gifted group needs knowledge and guidance to make full, positive use of her powers, and they’re determined to find someone who can assist as her instructor. Melissa has been fiercely independent for a large portion of her life, and she isn’t quick to trust. While she has fallen for Drake and she knows full well that he cares deeply for her, he won’t fully open himself up to her, which she finds more than a little frustrating.

Sasha White has yet again proven why she’s the undisputed queen of erotic romance. Drake is not your typical tortured hero, and Melissa has had more than her fair share of heartache. They complete each other just by being together, let alone when passions flair. Watching Drake’s fall into love is especially nice, and readers will be cheering Melissa as she attempts to bring his true feelings to light. I can’t help but give PRIMAL MALE the highest marks.

I hope you'll all be tempted to run out and grab a copy - if you'd rather order online, here's a link to Amazon so you can do just that!
Thanks to Sasha, for allowing me to read PRIMAL MALE for you - and thanks to all of my fellow readers for checking it out! I'll bet there's someone on your Christmas shopping list who would love a copy - and while you're at it, you might as well start them out with a copy of SEXY DEVIL, the prequel to PRIMALE MALE!


Dena said...

Great review Laurie. I will definitely be picking up a copy. Her cover is wonderful too.

Karin said...

This is already on my list, but I love your review. It makes me want to read the book even more.

Sasha White said...

I know I'm late dropping by, but I wanted to thank you Laurie, for the wonderful review. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!!