Monday, November 03, 2008

ONE MORE DAY of political mumbo jumbo

Thank heavens the election is tomorrow! I never thought I'd hear myself saying that I've missed the commercials for Bounty, GM and Viagra! I'm sick to death of politicians on every governmental level insulting, slamming and putting up unattractive photos of each other. We are averaging no less than 11 political phone messages each day and I feel certain the trees are screaming over the number of flyers that are being left between our doors and under our doormat.
That said, I do hope everyone in the U.S. is planning to vote tomorrow - it's our right and a privilege to vote - let your voice be heard!

Happy Election Day!


Stacy~ said...

I'll be voting! Wish I would have remembered to vote earlier, but alas, I'll be standing in line tomorrow.

Also, anyone who goes to Starbucks tomorrow and shows they voted will get a free tall coffee. Pretty cool.

Word verification: venti LOL

Karin said...

I have already voted, and I am more than ready to be done with all the political commercials.

Lisa F. said...

Eddie and I voted several weeks ago and I'll be so happy for the political crap to be off the TV, radio and internet. Wouldn't it be nice if by law no ads could contain the opponent's name, or any reference to the opponent?