Monday, October 06, 2008

Suzanne Forster's THE PRIVATE CONCIERGE - celebrating with a giveaway!

UPDATE: Ok, I didn't hear from Deb so I've drawn another name - the new winner is Jen in Wa! Jen, please email me by Weds. I hope everyone has had a great weekend!

The winner of TEASE is deb! Congratulations, Deb! Email me at with your mailing info by Sunday evening. Thanks to everyone who stopped by - I loved reading your comments about Suzanne's books. I hope you'll all get a copy of THE PRIVATE CONCIERGE!

Suzanne Forster has a new release, THE PRIVATE CONCIERGE, and while I haven't had time to read my copy yet because of review obligations, early reviews and chatter have been especially good, so I wanted to spread the word - you know how important those early sales numbers are to authors.

A blurb:
L.A.'s rich and powerful rely on Lane Chandler's company, The Private Concierge, to anticipate their every whim…and to guarantee unparalleled discretion. But then one of Lane's celebrity patrons is found murdered in the most undignified manner imaginable. In rapid succession, three other prominent clients become embroiled in separate scandals, thanks to what looks like a security breach of TPC's communications systems.

As word gets out, clients drop Lane like last week's gossip. She's bent on keeping TPC's name out of the papers, but when former police officer Rick Bayless starts nosing around, she has more to worry about than bad PR. Rick knows about Lane's shadowy past, and he's certain she's hiding new secrets. With no other options, Lane must face a dangerous conspirator who knows more about her every move than she does.

Sounds great, don't you think? If you think so, pop over to Amazon and order your own copy!

To celebrate the release of THE PRIVATE CONCIERGE, I'm giving away a copy one of Suzanne's earlier releases, TEASE. If you're interested, leave a comment and you're entered! As always, chatter is encouraged! Let us know if you've read any of Suzanne's work, what's your favorite of her books, etc. - I'll draw the winning name sometime Thursday evening.
Thanks for stopping!


Anonymous said...

Hi, This story really sounds good.
I have read The Lonely Girls Club - VG. I have 2 others of Suzanne's on my tbr.

Pat L.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read Suzanne's new book (I enjoy reading them).

I have read The Arrangement, Decadent, While She Was Sleeping, All Through the Night, Every Breath She Takes and Moonlight, Madness and Magic.

Terri W.

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Hi Laurie. Susan's new book sounds great. I would love to be entered to win Tease. I have never read any of her books yet *sighs* They sound like great reads though but I am just behind on my reading and being sick this weekend and still am is not helping cause I can't seem to get any reading done :(

You are welcome on the award and thanks for stopping by. Btw it's not to late to post the award though hun so if you like you can do it as well ;-)


ArkieRN said...

I've never read any of Suzanne's books. But I love trying out authors that are new to me.

Laurie said...

I've enjoyed many of Suzanne's books over the years: Unfinished Business &Brief Encounters were great....along with Undercover Angel & Unbuttoning Emmaline.
The last one that I read was The Arrangement.
Her writing has evolved to a more suspenseful level/genre. The sexual chemistry is always hot between her characters!

Anonymous said...

I think I've read some of her earlier Harlequins - I know she was one of three authors in book I have at home. Am I making sense? I just discovered today isn't Wednesday and now my whole week is thrown off....I need a reading break now!!!

tetewa said...

Thanks for introducing me to yet another new author, the reads sound great!

Suzanne Forster said...

Laurie, thank you so much for featuring The Private Concierge on your blog. What a surprise! I'm just thrilled--and thank you for your very kind words about TPC and my other books.

Also, what lovely comments. Thank you all for your interest in my work! You've made my day, and then some. What a fun way to meet new readers and to find out about great books. I feel very privileged to be a part of it.

Suzanne, the very happy author...

Sandi Shilhanek said...

I have read The Lonely Girls Club, The Arrangement, and Decadent for sure. I know there are several others in my TBR, but am unsure whether or not others have made the read list. (To know I would need my yuchy laptop, and my list which would be at home and I'm at work)

I have a review copy of TPC so can hopefully read it soon! I'm trying to learn to get my review commitments organized, and since I got it after it came out I don't feel too too bad about reading one more current release before I start TPC.

Also, Suzanne's yahoo group(to which I belong) is a great place to hang we talk about all sorts of books and life. If you're not a member you should check us out.


Karin said...

I haven't read any of Suzanne's work before but The Private Concierge sounds like it would be a great place to start. Though Tease sounds really good as well.

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

*waves* Hi Suzanne. I am interested in reading your books they sound like good reads :-)


Susan said...

Hi Laurie,
I have heard only terrific things about Suzanne's latest book. Although, when I think of it, every book of hers that I've read has been great.

Christa said...

Over the years I have read many of Suzanne's books and have really enjoyed her writing. Most recently I read Shameless because everyone was talking about TPC and I needed a Suzanne fix before I could get my hands on TPC
Before I read Shameless I would have said the favourite was The Arrangement, but with Shameless there were so many mysteries going on plus the H/h didn't act like a H/h. she shot him and he blackmailed her

Anonymous said...

You keep introducing me to new-to-me authors and my TBB list keeps growing. Thanks!

Jane said...

My favorite book by Suzanne is "Decadent."

ddurance said...

This does look very good. My favorite book by Suzanne is Blush.


deb said...

I have read several of Suzanne's books and I love all of them. I am also a member of her Yahoo group. I can't wait to get another of her great reads.

Cryna said...

I have not read any of Suzanne's books, but this book looks good. Thanks for featuring it and introducing - to me - another new Author.

robynl said...

You are new to me and it sounds as if I would go for your kind of writing so please enter me and thanks.

Sue A. said...

I have read these books by Suzanne:
Shameless (on my keeper shelf), Blush, Innocence, Every Breath She Takes
Novellas in All Through the Night, Hot Chocolate, and Undressed

cas2ajs said...

I've read a few of Suzanne's books but I missed Tease so please count me in.
I'm another member of Suzanne's Yahoo group & I second that it's the best group I've ever belonged to, very friendly there.

Cheryl S.

Dena said...

I've read a few of Suzanne's books, The Lonely Girls Club was my favorite. I would love to win The Private Concierge, it sounds really good.

Joy said...

I love Suzanne's book and she is such a sweetie too! Can't wait to get my hands on this book. Looks great.

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Congratulation to the winner YaY!