Monday, October 20, 2008


I doubt very much that there's anyone who stops here who hasn't been touched by cancer of some sort. I know my family and friends seem to have had more than their fair share of it. I'm a little late in getting this post up, I know, but better late than never, right?
I wanted to do something to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure, but also wanted to give all of you the chance to benefit too. I finally decided to buy something from the Promise Store on the Susan G. Komen site and offer it up here as a contest. But what to choose? Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to buy one of the beautiful watches or an interesting piece of furniture, but I liked the looks of the Garth Brooks Ultimate Hits album, especially when I saw that $10 from each purchase goes towards the cure. I bought two - one for myself, although I'm not a huge country music fan, I do like a couple of Garth Brooks songs a bunch, and I'm offering one for giveaway here.
Check out the description below and if you're interested, just say so. If you're not a country music fan, you could always gift it to someone who is - gift-giving holidays are just around the corner, you know! Feel free to share your cancer stories if you'd like, but please don't feel pressured to do so - I don't ever want to make anyone uncomfortable here.

I'm going to let this contest run a little longer than usual because I have a couple of reviews that I'm terribly behind on (I have yet to finish both books - yikes) - I'll draw a winning name on Thursday, October 30th. Send a friend and you'll be entered an extra time if they mention your name.
I hope you'll all check out the Susan G. Komen site - if you don't know how this wonderful effort began, read the story on the website - you'll be teary by the time you get to the end, I guarantee. It's a beautiful testament of the love between sisters.

Garth Brooks has joined forces with Susan G. Komen for the Cure® in the promise to end breast cancer forever, with the release of the “Pink Edition” of The Ultimate Hits album. The album is a new 3-disc set, and contains 30 classics, 3 new songs and a bonus track on two CDs. The set also includes a DVD with videos for all 33 songs, including new and never-before-seen footage.


Barbara said...


Really cool contest and this is a wonderful prize. Don't enter me in the contest though. Just wanted to offer my support and leave a comment.

robynl said...

love country music myself; would be pleased to win this. You are generous and kind and it's a great cause(cancer).

Stacy S said...

This is a great contest for such a great cause. I had my first mammogram this year (turned out to be nothing). My sil is a huge fan of Garths, would love to win for her.

cas2ajs said...

I love country music and liked a lot of Garth's earlier works. Please put me in the draw. Great cause to support.

Cheryl S.

ArkieRN said...

What a great way to draw attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month! And how generous of you.

ddurance said...

Hi Laurie! This issue is close to my heart as my mother is a ten-year breast cancer survivor as of this year. I don't listen to a lot of country music but Garth Brooks is classic and has some really good songs, nice choice!


Cryna said...

Laurie this is such a great cause. I am a huge country music person and would love to be entered into your contest. As you say cancer has touched a lot of people and families, my own included.

Karin said...

I think it's fantastic that you are doing this, Laurie. While I haven't had a family member who had breast cancer, I did have an uncle who died of Lymphoma at the beginning of my last semester of college. I try to go to The Breast Cancer Site as often as possible to do the click for a free mammogram.

Laurie said...

Wonderful cause!
Garth Brooks, 3 CD's WOW I didn't realize that he had so many hits!
I commend him for supporting the breast cancer cause too!!

CrystalGB said...

What a wonderful cause.
I love Garth Brooks. It is great he is supporting this cause.

Dena said...

Hi Laurie, It's a wonderful way to help in the cause. I love Garth Brooks too.
There is a website that you can go to everyday and hit the button to help raise money for free breast Mammagrams. It's easy and free. Here's the website, I hope you don't mind me posting this information.

Laurie D. said...

Thanks to everyone for stopping! Dena, I love that you've provided this link! I've been planning to put the link on my blog for a while now - you've prompted me to see if I can manage it! Thanks!

Stacy~ said...

Wow, Laurie, what an amazing prize! I'm going to throw my name into the drawing - I'm a huge Garth fan and this is definitely for an important cause. I'll be sending people your way :)

Amy C said...

What a great contest. I haven't listened to Garth Brooks in years! And yes, cancer has been in my family a few times.

Stacy is right about sending people your way. I hopped over from her blog :).

Toni Anderson said...

Stacy~ sent me over too :) I love Garth and more importantly I love the cause. My grandmother had breast cancer in the 70s and finally died of liver cancer in 1997. I would love to see a cure in my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Wether I win or not, I will be buying this CD. I'm a big Garth fan and I applaud his efforts to support such a major cause. Cancer has touched me. I have lost two dear friends to this horrible disease. What started out as a small lump took their lives much to quickly. Thanks for supporting the effort to raise money with your contest.

Denysé said...

Laurie, as always - a great cause, supported by a generous and amazing lady! We've all been touched by cancer in some way, it's against all odds that we escape it - so ALL support for this cause is worthy of note and deserves any attention we can bring to it!

Bravo to you, as always, Laurie!

Love & Hugs,

Colleen Love said...

This is a great thing you are doing, Laurie. My family has been touched by this tragic disease as well.
I will pass on entering the contest, I just wanted to show some support as well.


Cherie J said...

What a wonderful prize supporting such an important cause. My own mother was diagnosed through a mammogram as having a malignant tumor. It was small enough to be removed by way of a lumpectomy rather than removal of the entire breast. She has been fine for a number years so believe me early detection is so important.

bamabelle said...

That's very cool of you to do that, Laurie. Please enter me in the draw. Thanks for the great contest and for supporting such an important cause.

Jodi said...

First, I love Garth! I saw him in concert in Columbus and it was awesome.
Second, where did you find this CD? I have never seen it before!
Third, what a great cause and glad to see that Garth is supporting it.