Sunday, June 15, 2008

MASTER OF SURRENDER - coming soon from Karin Tabke

Karin Tabke has a new release available! She was kind enough to send me an ARC of MASTER OF SURRENDER for review. As hard as it is to believe, this is Karin's first historical. Known for her steamy law enforcement contemporaries, she's going to take the historical romance community by storm with this one.

The year is 1066. William, bastard Duke of Normandy, has claimed the English throne by right of conquest. To quell the Saxon unrest, William sends out his most trusted knights to secure the land. One of those knights is his cousin, Sir Rohan de Luc, known far and wide for his bloody deeds as The Black Sword. . .
Bold and courageous, Saxon maiden Isabel of Alethorpe is the only one left to protect the people of the manor and its lands. When Rohan de Luc seizes Alethorpe, he offers to spare the life of Isabel's young squire in exchange for her willing gift of the charms of her body. Betrothed to another, she vows to that while he may take her maidenhead, her heart will remain her own. But even as her lips say no, Isabel's traitorous body is awakened to desire by the seductive attentions of this potent invader. Can she remain true to her own people, or will Sir Rohan's skilled touch capture her unwilling heart as surely as his prowess with his sword captured her father's lands?

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My review:
In 1066, Rohan de Luc is given the Saxon-owned keep, Alethorpe, by William the Conquerer. When Rohan arrives to take control, his strongest foe is the beautiful Lady Isabel, daughter of the previous owner who along with his son were murdered during a brutal battle. Isabel stands up for her people fearlessly, despite the incredible size and number of the powerful Normans. Isabel tries her hardest to be strong against Rohan's determined attempts at seduction. No easy task when she finds herself undeniably attracted to him. Rohan remains firm in his desire to conquer Isabel, while repeatedly finding himself deeply admiring her fortitude. When the two finally begin to see eye to eye and become increasingly intimate, they're met with another evil in the form of Rohan's heartless brother, who is set on Rohan's total destruction. Isabel's people are surprised at Rohan's fair treatment of them and his intention to provide for and protect them. Eventually Isabel can no longer fight her love for Rohan, only to learn that he is the one who killed her father. Suddenly overwhelmed by the heartache of the past few weeks, Isabel practically loses the will to live.
This book, while downright gruesome at times, is an excellently written historical (medieval) and I give it the highest of recommendations. Rohan and Isabel butt heads constantly, but their disagreements never come across as juvenile or immature. and don't grate on the nerves. Their passion for one another, despite their differences, is strong and true. Rohan's respect for Isabel's innocence and her desire to maintain it is realistic and not the least bit ridiculous or silly.
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I would point out that Karin has a new contemporary, JADED, and I hope you'll take a minute to take a look. It is available for purchase now.
Thank you, Karin, for requesting that I review MASTER OF SURRENDER - I truly appreciate the opportunity.
Thanks, everyone, for checking this excellent book out!


flchen1 said...

Ohh... this sounds really good--thank you for the heads up, Laurie! I haven't had the chance to read Karin's writing before, and I'll be looking forward to this one!

Karin Tabke said...

Laurie, thank you so much for your kind words about MASTER of SURRENDER. It was a labor of love. I'm very happy you enjoyed it.

Jane said...

I love Norman-Saxon romances.

Laurie D. said...

Karin, You're most welcome - thank you for allowing me to read and review it!! You put your heart into this book and it shows. You should be incrediby proud.

Fedora and Jane, this is not a book to be missed. You definitely should snag a copy!