Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mom's Weekend at OU - woohoo!

Depending on Lindsay's grad school intentions for next year (still up in the air), this may be my last Mom's Weekend at Ohio University. We have always had such a great time, with lots of fun activities. There are so many things to do that we can't begin to catch them all, but we do have some fun things planned. And before you ask - no, we won't be going for tea with the President's wife on Saturday morning. Sorry, but that just doesn't sound like much fun to me.
My best friend since high school is going with me again. On Friday night Lindsay, her friend Eliza, my friend Carly and I are going to Lui Lui for dinner - I've only been there once before; it's an ecclectic little place with great food. Then we have a date with The Royales, a local Athens group who will be playing at a fun bar/restaurant, Casa Nuevo. Lindsay is very familiar with this group, never missing a performance, and she's especially anxious for us to see them. One of the guys in the band ("Junebug") told her that he'll be happy to get to meet her Mama! I'll try to get a picture of us with Junebug.
Saturday morning we'll be participating in the 5K Walk for the Cure, benefitting the Susan G. Komen and Stephanie Spielman Breast Cancer Foundations - weather permitting. I'm buying the t-shirts anyway, but I'm not walking if it's storming, which there's a good chance of. We'll shop for crafts at The Dairy Barn which unlike it sounds, is a beautifully restored barn, chock full of booths where local craftspeople sell anything from wrought iron yard art, jewelry, woodenware, fiber arts and glassware to handmade soaps and lotions. We might take in a student stand up comedy show or some other student music acts, or we might just hang out at Lindsay's apartment for the evening.
Sadly, there won't be a synchronized swimming exhibition like in the past. Laugh if you want, but I love synchronized swimming! The only thing that makes missing it tolerable is that we saw an exhibition they put on just a couple of months ago.
I'll be gone from Friday around noon until Sunday afternoon, leaving Tim and Kelsey to fend for themselves. Kelsey's high school is putting on the musical "Fame" and she's going to the matinee on Saturday to see it, so I guess Tim will be the one fending for himself for a bit!
I'll have bunches of reviews coming up over the next few weeks. I've been fortunate enough to get some excellent books for review and while I haven't yet read them all, I can't wait to get to them so we can chat about them! Two that I have read are Erin McCarthy's FALLEN and HelenKay Dimon's HARD AS NAILS - both are excellent, totally different flavors, but I highly recommend both. Those will be the first two reviews coming up.
Have a great weekend, everyone! Be safe if you're out on the road.


Stacy~ said...

Have a wonderful time Laurie :)

flchen1 said...

Have a fabulous time, Laurie! Looking forward to your reviews!

Judy F said...

hope you have a great time. will be watching the columbus news. LOL

Missing you tons

Karin Tabke said...

The first thing I thought of when I read you liked synchronized swimming was the skit SNL did. :)
Happy Mother's Day and have a great weekend, Laurie, the kids and mil are coming my way for the day, so it will be kicked back and full of good food, wine and great company.