Friday, March 14, 2008


Howdy All!!!!!!!!!!
So glad you’re back for another day of our Blog Party for Hot and Bothered! Thanks, Laurie, for having me for two days.

Today’s going to be short. My dh has a doc appt this AM so I won’t be here till late and I have to work at the Snoot (That’s the Snooty Fox) so I’ll have to leave the blog by three.

But we do have some time for more partying! And I will give away more t-shirts and books! And Laurie as a ton of stuff to give away too!

Today is the official St. Patty’s Day in Savannah!!!!!! I think we need to join in. What is your favorite green thing? Celery? Money? Your car? I have a green jacket I love. Green contacts? Kermit?

And since we’ve talked Savannah to death, where else in the South would you want to visit? I want to get to Nashville. I hear it’s great and a ton of fun! And Charleston. Another great Southern town with all those neat houses on the Battery. And New Orleans. I want to eat my way through New Orleans and maybe visit Ann Rice. And there’s Hilton Head if you want to beach it or Vicksburg if you’re into the Civil War. Even DC is considered a Southern city.

I love the south but would love it a lot more if they didn’t have those horrid bugs!

So two things to talk about today. Green stuff and vacation to the land of Milk and Honey!

Thanks for chatting!

Dianne Castell

Hot and Bothered (Kensington BRAVA April 08)


Kacey said...

Favorite green thing? EMERALDS!
They're my birthstone, for one, but even if they weren't, I'd love the color. My mother gave me a raw emerald necklace, matching bracelet and earrings for Christmas this year and I LOVE them. The stones look more like jade than emeralds, but that's because they're unpolished & uncut.

I love Savannah - but I ADORE New Orleans. I guess since I'm originally from Louisiana that it holds a special place in my heart. Other Southern cities I like to visit? Vicksburg, MS; Austin, TX; Mobile, AL; Panama City Beach, FL; Nashville, TN; Hot Springs, AR; Charleston, SC...There are more, but those are a definite start. ;)

cas2ajs said...

Hmmm . . . favorite green thing? I guess I'll have to say my winter jacket. I just realized I really don't have a lot of green in my wardrobe.
I'd love to make it to Nashville someday too. Country music is one of my favorite genres. Oh, I'd also like to wander around Graceland for a day.


Anonymous said...

Hmm - I have very pretty green eyes. Is that not nice to say? LOL.

I dont have a lot of green in my wardrobe either, but do have a nice green blouse that I really love.

Savananna is beautiful; I have been there a few times - beautiful flowers, trees in bloom. Wow.

Pat L.

brownone said...

It's funny, I live in Florida, but we don't usually consider ourselves "the south" although we're about as far south as you can go in the continental US. So, that being said, Crecent and Ormond Beach are nice. They are about an hour away from where I am and are the same strech of beach as Daytona, but not as busy and you can park on the beach. The kids always enjoy it.

Now, for my favorite green thing: MONEY!! I can buy tons of other green things with it!

Lisa F. said...

I love green! Purple and green are my two fav colors. I have lots of green shirts.

I love Myrtle Beach, SC and Panama City Beach, FL for vacations. Not so much the crowds, but the food is delicious and the kids love the gokart rides. And last year we parasailed - don't know if I'll do that again, but they loved it.

I want to visit New Orleans, too. And I've heard the beaches on the Alabama coast are gorgeous.

I've got to go to work today but I'll try to pop in later. Have a great day everybody.

Laura J. said...

Hi Dianne,

My favorite green things are watching the new leaves come out on the trees. Ahhhhhh Spring!!!!

I've been to Charleston and it was my favorite city in the south before I went to Savannah, although I still love Charleston and won't turn down an opportunity to visit there. There is a great resturaunt there owned by two brothers (could be a story there for ya) called Hyman's. If you don't get there off hours you get to wait for two to three hours to get a table, but the wait is worth it. They have plates hung all over the resturaunt signed by famous people. While you are there take one of the horse drawn carriage tours. It's really the best way to see the old city.

I would also love to visit Beufort, SC. We sort of went through there a couple of years ago, but didn't get to stop so I have added as one of my must visit places.

Laura J. said...

Oh, forgot to mention I would also like to visit Asheville, NC. I've been through there and even stopped for a wonderful dinner at a resturaunt (hopefully we can remember the name of it, because we are hoping to stop there again), but I'd really like to spend a few days there and hike through the mountains and tour the Biltmore gardens.

Barbara said...

Favorite green thing...hmmm Probably money. lol Although Kermit The Frog holds a special place in my heart.

I adore New Orleans so it's probably my favorite southern city. Since my mama was from LA the whole state is pretty special for me. Was like a second home growing up. I also like Atlanta although I hate their traffic. Also have fond memories of Vicksberg and Meridian MS.

Anonymous said...

I am from Texas and I know that a lot of the southern charm and ways are still taught here. One of the biggest, besides manners, is not to wear white after Labor Day. Many of us also have the southern drawl, and I must confess I have a small one too. My favorite green thing would have to be my birth stone a peridot. Of course it is not as expensive as an emerald, but I still love it. My daughter loves the purple and green combination because of Tinkerbelle so we like a lot of green at home.

Well, I know that this is really southern, but I would love to visit South Carolina, Atlanta, and Daytona during a NASCAR race. Yes, I am a big Dale Jr. fan and would love to meet him in person and get his autograph. Oh well, I can still dream...

Rebeca G

Anonymous said...

Hi Dianne,
fave green thing is my body-warmer ( truely wishing it was some sexy young studly, but i'll just have to make do!)

One day when i get to the states i'm gonna see if i can start down south and work my way that would be a trip of a life time!..
Monday afternoon i'm taking my Mum and sister for a St Paddys' day lunch, bacon and cabbage here we come!

A Happy Ole Chickie from London Town

Laurie D. said...

Good morning, everyone! Dianne has an appointment this morning so she'll be gone a while. I'm working, but will jump on every chance I get!

I don't have much green as far as clothing, it's just not a great color on me. My kitchen is sage green. I think my favorite green thing would be my Pistachio green KitchenAid mixer - I'm in love with it. Although I like Brownone's thinking that some "green" as in money is pretty nice too!

Lisa, my family loves Myrtle Beach and we vacation there about every other year! We love Savannah and Charleston too - took a ferry ride out to Fort Sumter a couple of years ago that was very interesting, especially for my oldest daughter who's a history major.

I've never spent much time in Nashville, have only been through it a few times, but we did spend a day in Memphis and had a great time, despite the raging humidity!

Emma, I hope you can make it to the states some day!! Of course, I would love to visit England too!

Thanks everyone for stopping by! It will be another fun day - especially when Dianne gets here!

Stacy S said...

I'd have to say green eyes! My dh has the pretties green eyes.

I'd love to go to New Orleans someday.

Anonymous said...

Hmm I don't own anything green. I'd have to say my favorite green thing would be large great smelling trees..or Christmas trees. But nothing in my house that's green. I do have alot of tans. Earthtone type clothing, chairs, even dogs. (labs).

So far my greatest vacations include my vacation to the June event in Ohio. Next year I will be going to Austalia.

Shana Schwer

CrystalGB said...

I love to wear green. It is one of my favorite colors. I love leafy green plants and manicured grass.

There are several places in the South I would love to visit. Charleston, New Orleans, Savannah, Nashville, Hilton Head.

Margay said...

My favorite green thing can be found in nature - plants! I love plants, trees in full bloom, anything green that's alive.

My dad was from the South so I have a special place in my heart for it. He came from Virginia, deep in the mountains, and I just love it there.

Laurie D. said...

Rebeca, I'm with you on the wearing of white - never before Memorial Day and never after Labor Day. I don't care what they say on "What Not to Wear", I just can't bring myself to do it!

Stacy, I've only been to NO once and that was about 30 years ago, but it was beautiful, especially the Garden District. Doubtful it looks anything like I remember these days, especially after the hurricane. How sad.

Shana, I love the Christmas tree comment! I love Christmas and everything that goes along w/it, especially my tree!

I hope everyone is having a great Friday so far - I'm so glad it's almost the weekend. We were snowed in with a blizzard last weekend, so this weekend we're going to get out and do something fun. Saturday is the International Car Show in Columbus - hubby's choice. Sunday we're going to the outlet mall - my choice!

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Good Morning Everyone,

WooHoo! Day 2 party time YaY! *g*

My favorite green thing is money of course LoL Also I have this green t-shirt with the Lucky Charm guy on it that I love it's cute. I will be wearing it this week :-)

Now for a vacation hmm where do I want to go LoL I wouldn't mind visiting Savannah :-)

Have a wonderful day Dianne. See you later or when you can come by again :-)


Kimberley said...

Well, lets start with the color green..I don't wear a lot of green, I'm a purple person. My mom was Irish and had beautiful green eyes.I would have to say my favorite green thing would be my Connemara marble rosary. My mom gave them to all the kids about 20 years ago, the Christmas before she died.

I live in Texas and have toured
the state..Y'all need to visit here. I went to hs in Tyler,TX
(1970's it was called the Rose Capitol of the world); Nacogdoches, home of Stephen F. Austin University is a real gem.

The south is a filled with so many places I would love to visit: Atlanta,Savannah,Charleston, Asheville,Nc; Nashville....and list goes on.

I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe St. Paddy's Day..

An Old Irish Blessing
May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.
May all life's passing seasons
bring the best to you and yours!

Amy S. said...

I have a favorite green shirt and a pair of shoes. I would love to visit New Orleans, Savannah, and I would like to go back to Myrtle Beach.

Billie Jo said...

Hey Dianne and Laurie!

I am trying this again..LOL

I don't do green. I am sure my ancestor's are not happy as I am part Irish...LOL

As for the south..I love Nashville, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg Tennessee. I would love to live in North Mrytle Beach..sigh. But like Dianne, I could not live in the southern many bugs, critters and other unsavory animals.

Billie Jo

kountrymusikchik said...

For me my favorite green thing would have to be grass. Now don't laugh I LOVE the smell of fresh cut grass. Plus I love to mow it and no i don't have a riding mower. I like the excirse it gives me and it nice to be outside.

For me I would love to go to NASHVILLE. I am a big Counrty fan, hence my screen name LOL. There are so many places I would love to visit there.

I have been to FLorida already back in 01 went to the theme parks. I wouldn't mind going back.

And Dianne DC is BEAUTIFUL! I live in VA and I have been to DC about 4 or 5 times and I still haven't seen everything yet :) I love History, it is one of my hobbies. They are building a Martin Luther King Monument It is suppose to be breathe taking. I think everyone should visit DC at least once. They are really missing out.

But the truth is Im not a fan of hot weather and the bugs drive me crazy so I am more of a new england girl. I lived up north in New York and New Hapshire for 19 years. I miss it ALOT!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Angie-la said...

I have always wanted to visit New Orleans and Jeykll Island.

As far as my favorite green thing, I guess it would have to be new spring growth also. Although I am wearing one of my favorite green striped shirts today. And in honor of St Patricks Day, I wanted to share my favorite Irish blessing:

May those that love us, love us.
And those that don't love us,
May God turn their hearts.
And if He doesn't turn their hearts,
May He turn their ankles
So we will know them by their limping.

Not as poetic as Kimberley's but apt none the less!! :)

Judy F said...

i DON'T wear to much green either. I adore Kermit though. Its not easy being green....

Hope everyone has a great day. Have to get back to work.

Anonymous said...

Cant think of anything green. Sorry. But would love to win something.

Karen T.

Jenn said...

I don't wear too much green it doesn't look good with my complexion. I have to say though I decorate with dark greens and I like olive green. I don't think I would fit in in the south I am too much of a midwest girl.

Have a great day everyone!

Katie B. said...

Green is my favorite color! I love all things green. I work in the horticulture field and am surrounded by green plants all day long. Although Kermit is great, I'd have to say I like turtles better than frogs any day.

As far as Southern cities, my favorite would probably be Charleston. It's such a great city.

Have a great weekend everyone!

cws0105 said...

My favorite green thing? Green M&Ms of course. The perfect blend of green and chocolate. What more could a girl want!?!

Laurie D. said...

Glad you could make it back, Linda!

Kimberley, I would love to see more of Texas - I've been to Houston and the Galveston area a couple of times, but that was a long time ago. I was touched by the story of the rosaries your mother gave each of you - how very special.

Amy, I'm with you on Savannah - I can't wait to go back, hopefully this summer!

Hey Billie Jo! We honeymooned in Pigeon Forge, many, many moons ago and went back several for several years on vacation - did you ever try Pop's Catfish Shack? We always ate there, not sure if it's even there anymore - Gatlinburg is so much fun! I don't think I could take the crowds at Myrtle Beach to live there - I'd end up in jail over a road rage incident or something - too much traffic!

Judy - thanks for stopping by, sweetie! I hope you're not having to work too hard.

Countrymc - I love the smell of fresh grass too - I even like the smell of the dirt in the flowerbeds in the spring - a reminder of everything fresh and new! I've never been to DC, but would love to visit - especially the Smithsonian.
Angie-la - I love your Irish blessing! I've never been to Jekyll Island but loved NO.

No worries, Karen - green isn't for everyone!! Good luck in the contests!

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Another favorite green thing I just thought about is grass :-) I even love the smell of cut grass.


ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Thanks Laurie I am glad to be back. What a very fun party and I love your blog :-) I have your blog linked on mines btw.


Laurie D. said...

Jenn, I'm with you on the green - I can only wear very muted shades, like celery or sage.

Katieb - I worked in a greenhouse/nursery all through high school - unfortunately, I didn't have the same appreciation for those plants as you do!

cws - You're a girl after my own heart!! M&Ms are my absolute fav, regardless of color! I do like to eat the same colors together though, and usually separate them out into little piles. Yes, I can be very anal sometimes.

Jen in WA said...

I'm going to go with nature as my favorite green thing... especially now that the snow is melting and grass and such are starting to make their spring appearance.

And as for the south... much of my formative years were spent in the south, but I haven't been down there since graduating high school (about 12 years ago). But I really enjoyed the historical parts of Virginia, Williamsburg in particular.

Billie Jo said...


I used to love to go to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg when I was younger. It was always so full of history.

In November my cousin got married there and OMG what a huge culture shock at how commercialized the place has become. It was really hard to find the old history there at all. I was so saddened by this.

It was arcade, restaurant, pancake house, knick knack shops one right after the other....sigh.

Billie Jo

Robin said...

Hi Dianne and Laurie! My favorite green thing is the trees outside my office window. I'm lucky that every day I get to look outside and see lots of big, green trees (not sure what kind they all are) and watch the birds zig and zag to find the best resting spot.

I've never been to the south and would love to see so many places!

Cindy said...

My favorite green thing would have to be the leprechaun earrings I won from LuAnn McLane...I think it was last year. :D

I live in TN, so I love to go to Nashville whenever time and expenses permit!

Laurie D. said...

Hey, thanks Linda!

Jen, I'm so glad to see the snow melting, aren't you? We had close to 20 inches on the ground last weekend and now there's not a fourth of that left - thank heavens!

Hi Robin! Funny you mentioned the birds - I heard them singing like crazy this morning long before it was even light outside. I think they forgot to set their clocks up!

Billie Jo - you know when we honeymooned there, back in (gasp) 1979 (yes, we were just babies), Pigeon Forge was barely a speck on the map. A couple of years later, the world fair was in Knoxville and they built all of these hotels and restaurants there, only to have the majority of them fail in a couple of years. It was reminiscent of a ghost town for a long time, but boy did they begin to boom. We hadn't been there for several years until about five years ago - it was unrecognizable as the same place. So commercial with massive dinner theaters, restaurants and shopping. Come to think of it though, hubby and I don't look the same after all of those years either!

Laurie D. said...

Hey Cindy! So glad you made it, sweetie! And Leprechaun earrings? How fun! Are you wearing them today?

You know, Tennessee isn't that far from Ohio - you could come to LOri and Dianne's get together in June! Think about it! I can't wait for this year, although I'll only be there on Friday afternoon/evening because my oldest daughter graduates from college on Saturday - they wouldn't even think about moving graduation, so inconsiderate!

Thanks for stopping! I hope everyone will stop back again when Dianne is here!

Anonymous said...

My absolutely favorite color is green especially chartreuse and lime green. I have green dishes, candles green bedspreads, green rugs, pillows, pots, its in every room of my house in all different shades. At my old house I had painted my office lime green. And grew irish bells that are 2 tones of green including the flowers and had tulips that went from green and white to pink and green. Green always reminds me of rebirth regrowth plants and the sea. So its a really special color to me right now with all the changes going on in my life.

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to go to New Orleans and Virginia. My Grandmother and her grandparents and great grandparents where from Virginia. And I grew up listening to her stories. And she still carried on alot of them same traditions. She never cooked a regular meal, she either had her maid or my grandfather do the cooking and never even dusted. But she would make special sauces and dishes, and of course always had to taste their cooking and give her approval. Every meal was done with full silver service, wine was always served with dinner and the dining room table always had to have a center piece. We painted and arranged flowers and polished the silver, and drink demitasse. She was a very special lady and I still miss her. So today I collect demitasse cups and silver in her honor.
Another funning thing about her life is she married a Northern and it raised a big stink in her family. So one day I plan on going and visiting the plantation she was born on and doing some more historical research on her family. My grandfathers was extremely rich and important so I have tons on his side, and can trace it all the way back to William Pitt of Great Britian.
In fact when my divorce is final I'm going back to the family name.

Cindy said...

I can't make it this year, but I'm seriously considering Lori and Dianne's get together next year, as well as RAW!

Cryna said...

Hi All

Just popping in to say hello. Unfortunately I do not have much green stuff, because I cannot wear green - I look absolutely horrible in green - well there are a lot of things I look horrible in but green is especially bad..LOL

I would love to visit the South. Nashville, Savannah but I do not do bugs well. In fact I don't do spiders at all. So there you have it my phobia and in this I am not kidding.

I will pop back later and read all the comments. Hugs to both Laurie for having this and to Dianne, just because I can........

DianneCastell said...

I'm home. Nothing fast ever happens at hospitals. :-)

Thank you all for showing up for Blog Party day 2!


JT Schultz said...

***Waving to Dianne, Laurie and all***

I love green, namely because I look good in the color. Of course, Kermit rocks, and I still know most of the words to "Rainbow Connection"...there might be medication for that...LOL

I would love to see the south. I've traveled all over the United States, but haven't been down that far. It sounds lovely, except for the whole bug and spider thing.

Dianne, I loved Hot and Bothered. I am so excited about Hot and Irresistible

Have a great day all!

DianneCastell said...

Several of you mentioned the June get-together here in Cincy. Not exactly south but we can pretend.
It would be great to see you all and we can continue to party!

Anyone doing something fab for St. Patty's Day!
Did you all wear green? I'm sitting here dressed in black and white. I need to get with the program!


DianneCastell said...

Hey, Angie!

Love that Irish poem! :-)
Thanks for sharing.


DianneCastell said...

Hi, JT.

You liking Hot and Bothered truly makes my day. Thanks!

I know all the words to Rainbow Connection too! We'll have to sing a duet.


DianneCastell said...

Hey, Liz, you have most interesting grandparents! Living on a plantation! Wow. You do need to go visit and dig up more about your family.


DianneCastell said...

Hey, Laurie.

You're going to Savannah this summer? My daughter graduates June1. If you're there...if any of you are there then... we have to meet up and do The Pirate House! Pecan chicken to die for! And we can do a ghost walk. Love those things!


Jane said...

Hi Dianne,
Some of my favorite green things include money and trees. Who doesn't love money? I love trees when they're green because it represents the warm seasons, but I enjoy them when they turn orange and red, too. I would love to visit New Orleans for the rich culture and food. Some of Heather Graham's books are set there and her descriptions are so real that it makes me want to visit.

Deborah said...

My favorite color is red. But I actually love any true color in dark tones. I'm of Irish decent on both sides of my family tree with other mixtures thrown in too. I'm from South Georgia, but I'm not a true southern as I was born in New Jersey, but I grew up here since I was 12 and lived part of my earlier life here before we moved away when I was 6 due to my parents being in the military.

I'm an avid reader of all romance genre.

DianneCastell said...

Hi, Deborah!

Irish on both sides! Well Monday sure is your day! Wearing lots of green?

Who are some of your fav romance authors?


flip said...

New Orleans is my favorite city. I then love Savannah, closely flowed by Charleston. I sort of view Savannah as Charleston's trashy younger sister. I love the history at these places. Other than these cities, I would love to go to any beach town or island in the Carolinas.

Like I said, I love the south.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a favorite green item, but I do love the color. I do have several jade rings that I like.

I love New Orleans and Charleston. I was in New orleans for a little over a week, but in Charleston for a day. It is definitely a place I would like to spend more time in.

Melissa Kammer

Laurie D. said...

Wow, Liz, you really do love green! I'd love to see your tulips!

Cindy, I'm going to count on getting to finally meet you in person next year! There. Now you have to come!! Big hugs.

Cryna, it sounds like you gave all of the green-wearing genes to JT!!

Deborah - I think everyone can be southern if they truly want to! I've lived in Ohio all my life, but I love everything southern!

Dianne, We're hoping to go to Savannah this summer, but it won't be June 1 - that's Kelsey's graduation party. She graduates May 31 and Lindsay graduates the following Saturday at OU, making my get together weekend rather short! It will be an incredibly busy couple of weeks, but so fulfilling. I'll be the one carrying the big box of Puffs.

Jane, speaking of money and trees - I'd love to have a money tree!

DianneCastell said...

Hi, Jane.

Heather does New O sooo well. Makes me want to visit too. I need to get there. Wouldn't it be fun to take a cooking class? The food it wonderful!


Anonymous said...

My favorite green things would be a garden in full bloom. Nature paints with glorious paint brush.

I lived in New Orleans in the 70s and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Other southern cities that are favorites - Savanah, Charleston, and San Antonio. There is so much history in the south - and the people do value and treasure their heritage.

Billie Jo said... true that everything changes. The last time I was in Pigeon forge was mid 70' when it was a ghost town.

Billie JO

Billie Jo said... true that everything changes. The last time I was in Pigeon forge was mid 70' when it was a ghost town.

Billie JO

Tammy K said...

Hi Dianne,

I love your books! I haven't read Hot and Bothered yet, but I am looking foreword to it!

My favorite green thing is green tree's by the water, either the beach or a lake. My husband says my favorite green thing is quacamole, which I love also!

I live in Austin, Tx. so I am partial to Texas and I think every one should visit! I would love to go to New Orleans for the jazz fest.

Billie Jo said...


How hard of a road was it for you to get published?

Is there a bit of advice you would offer that you learned along the way of the publishing path?

What did you do to celebrate your very first contract?

Billie Jo

DianneCastell said...

A money tree. Well, that's a really fun green thing to have around. Sure could use that with a wedding coming up!

Cryna, hugs right back at you! Dont' work too hard. TGIF!

Melissa. oh, a jade ring. Sounds gorgeous! Something lovely to pass on. I love stuff like that.

Cindy, bet you know all the fun places in Nashville. LuAnn McLane loves it there too.

Robin, I know what you mean about appreciating the trees outside the window. I have a pine tree outside of mine and watch the seasons change, snow collect, birds play is the best!

Hey, Billie Jo! Didn't you buy a t-shirt in Pigeon Forge that got double looks for a few guys? What was that again?


Billie Jo said...

LOL Dianne~

I was hoping you forgot that little bit of info yesterday about the t-shirt...LOL

No I didn't buy it in Pigeon Forge. Hubby found it at the Ohio State Fair. I wore it the day we went to RAW for the book signing. UGH

Here is what it said (which I will be bringing to RT with me)

I look like a movie star
I party like a rock star
I do it like a porn star

Billie Jo

acdaisy95 said...

What I love that is green is money. :) I also like when the trees, plants, grass and flowers are blooming. They would have to nicely groom and trim.

Where I would like to go in the south...I kind of live in the south towards Galveston, but I guess I would like to go to Austin, TX or Louisiana or Mississippi.

DianneCastell said...

Hi, Billie Jo!

I wrote for 9 years before getting published. I had so much time and effort into it that I had to keep going. :-)

To celebrate I think I passed out. The publishing world beats you up and by the time they do buy your book you're exhausted!:-)

Advice... Never give up. And that's not just for the first book. Once you sell doesn't mean that your publisher will take everything you write. It's always crazy.

Another thing is to appreciate the wonderful readers! Meeting you all is the best part of being published. I have met so many terrific people who have been with me through think and thin.

Hugs to you all!

DianneCastell said...

Hi, acdaisy

I hear Galveston is a great place to live. A Texas girl! :-)
Are you a cowgirl?


Cathy said...

My boys were born on St. Paddy's Day, so they are my absolute favorite green, lol. Plus they gave me a shamrock worry stone for my birthday when they were 10, that I call my good luck piece and always carry with me.

As far as traveling, I would love to visit New Orleans or Savannah Georgia.

DianneCastell said...

I look like a movie star
I party like a rock star
I do it like a porn star

Oh, Billie Jo!I love this. It's you! Wear it at the June event.

Anonymous said...

I do not have much green in my wardrobe but do have a pretty green scarf and gloves my neice gave me.

Rose G.
PS - nice party going on and the authors are so generous.

Billie Jo said...

HAHAHA Dianne.

I don't know if I could wear it to the June event..LOL

Billie Jo

DianneCastell said...

Hi, Tammy!

I love the green in nature too. Exp since it's finally spring here! And quacamole is a great green color you can eat! I think I'm getting hungry.


DianneCastell said...

Oh, yes, Billie Jo. That shirt is a must! :-)


flchen1 said...

Hi, Dianne and Laurie and everybody!

Hm... I think my favorite green thing at the moment is our kitchen, which is now a sort of pale tea green. (We finished a long-awaited remodel last year, and are thrilled :)) And I also have a jade teardrop-shaped pendant that my mom gave me that used to belong to my grandmother--I'm not much of a jewelry person, but that's special :)

And I wouldn't mind visiting anywhere in the South--I haven't been any of the cities you've mentioned and I'd love to see them for myself (after having read about most of them before in books!)

Happy Savannah St. Patty's Day!

DianneCastell said...

Hi, Rose.

Gifts from loved ones are so special. Sounds like your niece is one thoughtful gal...and she has good taste. :-)


Billie Jo said...


Are you going to protect me? LOL

Are we still planning on the line dancing for the June get together?

I soooo can not wait for it.

Billie JO

DianneCastell said...

Pigeon forge is anything but a ghost town now. It used to be a hot spot in summer but now it's all year long.

When the weather gets warm people sit on the side of the main road and the guys who pimp out their cars drive them up and down the main drag all day showing them off. Really some neat cars!


DianneCastell said...

Billie Jo, you are the dancing queen! And yes we are definitely doing line dancing lessons on Fri night. I have to contact Rodeoes and tell them we'll be there on Saturday night.


principessa said...

I cannot wear green but I love the rich green grass and the lovely green hills. I visited beautiful Charleston and I love S.C. low country which is special.

Billie Jo said...

LOL Dianne! I would not say that but I do love to dance.

Cool. I will start picking out a couple of dances to teach then.

When you talk to Rodeoes....just tell them we were the crazy bunch of ladies there. LOL

Billie Jo

DianneCastell said...

Hi, Flchen.

The necklace sounds amazing! Nothing bought can have that kind of value. What a treasure.

And a new kitchen! There is nothing better! My family always gathers in the kitchen and now you have a lovely one. :-) We finally put in an island with stools so now at least they all sit down while I cook.


DianneCastell said...

I'll see if Rodeoes will send us the limo again. Was that fun or what!


Laura K said...

Years ago I visited Savannah and feel in love with the city. I've also been to Washington,DC but you don't get the same feel as Savannah. I have been to New Orleans- what a wonderful city. I'm so GLAD it's starting to come back. Visited a lot of its plantations and did the haunted tour. O, YES, the food was fab, fab, fab!!

Billie Jo said...

Oh my the Limo was great Dianne!
That poor man had NO idea what he was getting himself into. LOL.

And then he drove us back and it was worse because some of us had drinks in us :-)

Billie Jo

DianneCastell said...

Hi Principessa,

I can't wear green either. Makes me look green, sort of like a tree with eyes. Very sad.


DianneCastell said...

Bet we don't get the same limo driver this time. If he finds out it's the same group he'll go running for the hills!


ruth said...

Green is so appealing and soft. I love it. The South beckons me. I enjoy the history and the calm and lovely way of life. The palmettos, the huge trees and the ocean.

Laurie D. said...

acdaisy - I've only been to Galveston once, but thought it was beautiful. We were there in May and the breeze off the ocean was so pleasant!

Cathy - How old are your sons? Your own personal Shamrocks!

Rose - I love scarves. Don't have any that have true sentimental value, but I have a couple that I especially like!

Fedora - What a special gift! I have a couple of teacups/saucers that were my grandmothers and I treasure them. She was my last living grandparent and died when I was six - I regret not knowing/remembering any of my grandparents.

I hope everyone's having fun this Friday - have a great weekend!

Billie Jo said...

ROFL Dianne. Yep he will go running for the Tennessee Hills.

He was the manager of the whole bar/dance thingy and for the life of me his name is eluding me.

Billie Jo

DianneCastell said...

Hi, LauraK!

That New O is coming back is a true blessing. It has a life and pulse all it's own. I think that's why so many stories are set there.

Same with NY and why Texas is always a good place. Someone says Texas and immediately you picture a sexy cowboy, with no shirt and a fine butt. Right? :-)


DianneCastell said...

Hi, Ruth.

So glad you're here! The lush green of the south is so appealing. I don't think I could live in a place that didn't have trees and grass and hills.
Been a part of me for too long.


DianneCastell said...

Laurie and Fedora.

My parents died before my kids were born. I hated that they didn't have grandparents. My in-laws didn't pay any attention to my kids. I think it made us strong as a family but grandma and grandpa sure would have been nice to have around.


byrdloves2read said...

My favorite green thing is this wonderful coat I've owned for nearly 20 years. It's quite long, almost to my ankles and has a hood. I was told I looked like a monk when I was walking an outdoor labyrinth. (It was cold so I had the hood up.)

This May my DH and I are going to Biltmore in Asheville, NC to celebrate an anniversary. We've never been there before. We're splurging and staying on the property at the Inn. Luxury, pure luxury. *Purrrr*

Laurie D. said...

Oh byrd, you'll love the Biltmore! I was ready to call the movers to move me in after we were there! It's breathtaking. I would love to see it at Christmastime. I hope you have a wonderful trip - how romantic!!

petite said...

Green is not in my wardrobe. Purple and blues. Love the south and the sweetgrass.

Julia said...

I wish your dh well from the doctor :)

My favorite green thing ring that has a green frog on top. The ring itself is sterling gold. I had it for long time and it my favorite thing because my mom brought it for me.

My niece favorite color is green. So everything she buy (T-shirt basely) would be green with mix in black color to it :)


Dannyfiredragon said...

Hi Dianne,

I wanted to say hello. A bad migraine knocked me out yesterday and today.

I really would love to visit more Southern States, because so far I know only Florida. Hot & Bothered really made me want to visit the city. Who knows I will be back in Palm Coast, FL in August for four weeks, maybe I will have a chance to drive up the coast.

Billie Jo said...

Laurie and Dianne...

Laurie thank you for all the fun the last couple of days. You are the bestest!

Dianne...Thank you for being your generous and fun self. I loved being able to chat with you for a little while. You take care of yourself and the family. I can't wait to get my hands on Hot and Bothered :-)

Thank you to the other authors and their generosity!

I am off to Costco. All this talk about Southern cooking has me hankering for fried chicken, mashed potates and boat loads of white gravy with biscuits of course...LOL

Talk at ya later!

Billie Jo

Billie Jo said...

Danny darlin!

Get better hon. I will send you lots of gentle cyber hugs

Billie Jo

DianneCastell said...

I have to make lunch for my dh. I'll be back in a few minutes! :-)

PJ said...

I'd have to say my favorite green would be nature. I love all the trees, plants and grass. Our daffodils are in full bloom and the green leaves of the tulips are starting to peek out. Won't be long until the azaleas and dogwoods are blooming too!

I'm blessed to live in a beautiful part of the south, the extreme northwest corner of South Carolina at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It's halfway between Atlanta and Charlotte and a great place to visit. Every summer we spend a week in Garden City, a great little beach town south of Myrtle Beach.

flchen1 said...

Oh, Laurie and Dianne, I'm SO thankful that my kids are getting to know their grandparents--I'm not sure they understand yet what a wonderful gift that is, but I sure do! And I'm sorry that your in-laws didn't value the chance they had to treasure your kids :( What a loss for them!

And Dianne, so true about how the kitchen is where we spend the most time together! But if we ever get an island, my DH will be the one cooking--I'm not so good a chef! :)

LeeAnn said...

Wow talk about a party!

I love to wear dark green shirts almost more of a turquoise or light green because it really brings out the green in my hazel eyes.

Well I’m going to South Carolina in June for the first time so I’m really excited about that. And I have to fly into Savannah so I’ll get to see a little bit there too.

I wish I could go to the get together in June it sounds like it’s going to be tons of fun! Oh well maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

yes moneyof course, i lke the colofr, four leaf clovers and jewley like jade

kim h

Laurie D. said...

Hi PJ! Garden City is a great little town! We had to access a computer a few years ago while vacationing at Myrtle Beach - the MB library sent us to Garden City's library. Very nice people.

Danny, Hope you feel better soon. I battled a migraine for two and a half days earlier this week, it's miserable.

Billie Jo - thanks so much for hanging out with us yesterday and today - you're the best!

Julia - I'm certain you treasure your ring. I know the things my mother has given me are priceless, regardless of their value.

Principessa - I would love to have a sweetgrass basket from the SC low country - both times that we came through there it was a Sunday and the roadside stands were all empty. I hear they're a little on the pricey side, but don't know that for a fact. We stopped at a roadside market between Charleston and Savannah and had ice cold bottles of apple cider and cherry cider - so refreshing on a hot day!

Thanks for chatting with us, everyone!!

Deborah said...

Hmmm where to start. I cut my teeth on Johanna Lindsey novels and Kathleen E Woodwiss novels all by Avon back in the late 70's when the new Romance Writers were just blooming. I love Deliah Devlin, Sylvia Day, Shayla Black for my erotica, and Lynsay Sands, Amanda Ashley, Karen Marie Moning for my Paranomals. I used to real exclusively Harlequin Presents and Blaze for a long time, but wanted more meat to my stories so I changed. Sorry I just got back online a little while ago have the kids today no school here so I've been running to take them to the grand opening of Chick-Fil-A which was great they got a bunch of free goodies and got their picture took with the Chick-en LOL. I'm working on my Art projects inspired by all the books I'm reading so it's an interesting day for me.

limecello said...

This is going to sound so silly... but after a few seconds of thought, I decided my favorite green thing is grass. It's pretty and soothing. [Isn't green the most soothing color to the human eye?] Otherwise, yes, money and lime green popped into my head. Or limes. Mmm - but a nice yard, I like it.
In the south? I'd love to visit a bunch of places - but I think... Houston, Texas - or anywhere really, I've only ever been to Austin.

Maureen said...

My favorite green thing are the leaves on the trees and they should be coming out soon. I would love to visit New Orleans some day.

Laurie D. said...

You know PJ, as I think about it, that might have been Beach City (?) - in any event, they were super nice!

Kim - love the four leaf clover - that hasn't been mentioned today!

Leeann, Deborah and Limecello - so that you could make it today! Thanks for stopping by!

Fedora - My mother babysat both of my girls from the time the oldest was about 10 weeks old; if she wasn't available, my aunt or cousin sat them - what a relief to not have to leave them with a stranger. My MIL hasn't been a constant fixture in their lives and honestly, none of us are crazy about her. My hubby was raised by his grandparents after she abandoned him, so the relationship has always been strained. So sad.

flchen1 said...

Oh, Laurie--I'm so sorry about your MiL. How sad for your DH! I'm glad he had his grandparents, and I'm glad your kids have your mom! What a blessing!

Jane said...

Now that Fedora has mentioned it, I have a some jade jewelry,too. Some people believe they have healing qualities. Jade is worn by mature women, although I do see more younger people wearing them now.

Anonymous said...

My favorite green thing, is a frog pin made out of emeralds, it’s my mother’s but I have been fascinated with it since I was a little girl.

And I’m from south Louisiana so I just love New Orleans and the Gulf Coast!

Rhonda M

Jodi said...

My favorite green things - emeralds (both of my daughters birth stones), money (come on, who doesn't?), amd my comfy light green sweats (that I'm currently wearing).
We were supposed to spend 2 weeks at the beach in NC/SC this summer, but those plans fell through. So, instead, we'll be visiting lots of places in VA, PA, DC, and maybe some other areas too!

Tamara said...

My favorite green thing is my birthstone Emerald.

Tamara said...

Hello Laurie and everyone!
What is everyone planning on doing for St. Patrick's Day?

tetewa said...

My favorite green thing would have to be money and my boyfriends green eyes. My favorite southern place is San Antonio, Texas. I love the riverwalk.

Marcia James said...

Hi, Dianne! {{waving at Billie Jo, too}} I can't wait to read HOT & BOTHERED!

My favorite green would probably be a four-leaf clover (at least this month!). And, as for Southern states, I enjoyed living in Knoxville when I was a kid and visiting the Smokey Mountains. I still say y'all every once in a while. ;-D
-- Marcia James ;-)

Billie Jo said...

Marcia Girl !!

How are you hon?

Billie Jo

DianneCastell said...

JP...the Blue Ride Mountains are incredible. They actually look blue when the clouds roll in. A little piece of heaven. God's country,

Hi, Byrdlovers! Major congrats on your anniversary. And that you're celebrating it at a wonderfully lovely place makes it extra special. Have fun!

Hey flchen. I figure any food on the table is good food! :-) It's not so much what's on the table as everyone's gathered around to enjoy it. :-)

Hi, LeeAnn. Have a great time in South Carolina. If you get a chance to even drive through the historical part of Savannah do. You will fall in love with it. Lori and I would LOVE to see you at the 09 June event. We've already booked the hotel.

Hi, Kim and Jane. I love jade too. One of my favorite gems!

Hey, Deborah. What is your Art project? Sounds like you have a lovely family.

Hi, Limecello. A nice yard is important to me too. My house is my heart. Guess that's because we all gather together.

Hi, Maureen. We'll have to do New O together. I hear it calling our names.

Hey Rhonda! Another Southern Belle for real. The frog pin sounds wonderful. I love the older jewelery. Has that nice rich tone to it.

Deborah said...

Hi Everyone!

I know in Savannah they used to dye the Savannah River green for a day not sure they still do it. I'll probably wear green that day, cook cabbage and corn beef with Pratties might even make or buy some Irish Soda bread to go with dinner. My kids are wanting something to wear that advertises their heritage like Kiss me I'm Irish Shirt or a pin to wear on their clothes. My Son and Hubby gets away with not having to wear green cause their eyes are green LOL. Mine are brown and my youngest is Hazel more goldish green brown like a cats eyes.

DianneCastell said...

Howdy, Marcia!!!!!!

So glad to see you. Play any black jack lately? You are one lucky gal! And a terrific author.


ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Hi Dianne,

I don't think I am doing anything for St. Patty's Day! I will be blogging though on my blog. I have a guest author from the 15th - 21st :-)

I didn't wear anything green yet but I will be wearing my lucky charm green t-shirt today :-)


Marcia James said...

Hi, Billie Jo! I'm looking forward to seeing you at RT and Dianne and Lori's June Get-together! I'd love to learn to line dance, but I have two (clumsy) left feet. ;-(
-- Marcia ;-)

DianneCastell said...

Oh, Deborah. Green eyes! Love them.
I know they dye all the fountains green in Savannah for St. Patty's day. I don't know about the river. My daughter said they put up barricades around the azalias in the squares to keep the drunk tourist from hurting them. What a party!

DianneCastell said...

Hey, Marcia. Billie Jo is the best teacher ever. She'll have your dancing in no time. I love to watch her.

Marcia James said...

Hi, Dianne! Thanks for the compliment! I played video poker (since blackjack requires too much counting!)at 4 Indian casinos in San Diego in January, at a Harrah's gambling boat in St. Louis on March 1st, and at the provocatively named French Lick casino in Indiana on March 2nd. No big jackpots, but enough small ones to break even. ;-)
-- Marcia ;-)

Billie Jo said...


I am looking forward to seeing you again too!

There is no such thing as two left feet. Give it a whirl and you may find that you are a lovely dancer :_)

Billie jo

DianneCastell said...

Hey, Linda. Who's your guest author blogging?

DianneCastell said...

Marcia. You are incredible! Born under the lucky star. :-)

Deborah said...

Hi Diane

I do 3d Art in a program called Daz Studio. I am getting Artwork together for a online portfolio for my website I'm designing for a business I'm hoping to finally get launched once I finish with school. What I do I learned by trial and error. I want eventually to take Art Classes thru one of the colleges for a degree so I can get some experience in designing stuff for possible video games and animation. Tired of being a SAHM due to health issues. The Art allows me to express myself when I can't say what I'm feeling even though I write just not anything other then short stories and poetry.

Marcia James said...

Dianne and Billie Jo -- Maybe if I have enough wine you might get me out on the dance floor. ;-) Otherwise, I'll be cheering the good dancers on from the sidelines!
-- Marcia ;-)

littlelamblst said...

My favorite green thing is a jade ring my mother gave me on my high school graduation.

And I have always been curious about New Orleans...really want to eat my way through there.

alissa said...

I can wear certain light green shades. I enjoy visiting the South since it is a different world from anywhere else and it is so unique and lovely.

Billie Jo said...

Awww Dianne...thank you! I do love to teach it at the June Get together. But put me in a bigger crowd and OMG I freeze up.

Billie Jo

flchen1 said...

So true, Dianne--as long as it's edible, it's the company that counts! :) And mmm... Deborah, I might have to go get some corned beef and cabbage... Cabbage! That's a favorite green thing, too! :)

Laurie D. said...

Billie Jo is a wonderful line dancing teacher, but even she wasn't good enough to get my feet doing what they were supposed to. I keep telling her that I have two dyslexic left feet. Pitiful.

Billie Jo said...

LOL Marcia!!!

Ok ladies I am really leaving now (yes Laurie I promise this time..LOL).

Have a great day Y'all !!!

Here is my favorite southern thing to say:

"Y'all come back now ya hear"

Billie Jo Jim Bob

Billie Jo said...

LOL Laurie!!

That is so not true!! You did great :-)

Billie Jo

DianneCastell said...

I have to leave and go to work!
Rats! This has been so much fun. I'm overwhelmed by your support of Hot and Bothered and your friendship.

Thanks to all of your for chatting. You all are the best!

Thank you Laurie for making this possible and inviting me to your incredible blog. This has been the most fun I've ever had blogging.

As for prizes...

Anyone on the blog who would like a Hot and Bothered goodie pack of pen, notepad and pins, email me at and I'll send one to you.

T-shirt winners are:

Copies of Hot and Bothered to:

send me your addresses:


Amy S. said...

I am spending St. Patty's day with my aunt and cousins in Ohio.

Pam P said...

Hi Dianne. I was hungry last night reading all those posts about Southern cooking.

I like sage green colors, have that color all around my living room, and I love green jade for jewelry.

One place I'd love to visit is New Orleans, still haven't made it there.

Been to Florida lot over the years, stayed in Hilton Head a few times, and we drove to Savannah and spent the day one year, had fun in Nashville, stayed with a friend when on the outskirts of Atlanta the year she worked there, and finally got to DC when my niece graduated, she loves it and stayed to live, so she took us around and to some fabulous places to eat. Been to Myrtle Beach where we met up with friends who moved there and run a restaurant, so we had a good time catching up.

Stayed in Gatlinburg the year I went with a group to the World's Fair, and actually a few of us never made it there, lol. First day we went around the town and the rest came back so disappointed with it and the long lines we skipped the next day, too, and then the third we all stopped by Pigeon Forge.

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Hey Dianne,

Guest author blogging is Anya Bast :-)

Congratulations winners YaY!

Hope to see you later Dianne have a wonderful day to you & everyone.


Cindy said...

Man, I go to a fish fry and come back to a boat load of comments to read through. LOL

Congratulations to the winners!

Dianne and Laurie knows how to throw a party!

Estella said...

Nashville, TN and emeralds!

Laurie D. said...

Well, I'm just about to leave work. A few years ago one of the bridges in our city was named after my best friend's great great grandfather - every year her family ties big green bows on the light poles that go across the bridge. This year I made the bows for her and am going to help her put them up and then we're going for a beer.

I can't begin to thank you all enough for hanging out with Dianne and I these past couple of days. I had a great time and hope you all did too!

I will be back around 9 or 10 with the names of the winners of the remaining prizes. Good luck, everyone!!

Karren said...

Hey acdaisy - looks like we are neighbors - I live about 15 minutes from Galveston. I like it, nice and laid back. As for my favorite thing green, anything green. If I had to choose one thing it would be a freshly cut lawn. Not only is it a sight for sore eyes, but I don't think anyting smells as good!

Pat said...

I have lived in Florida for 27 years and love the weather and the only bad s is love bugs and fire ants

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Laurie, That sounds beautiful :-) Hope you have a wonderful time.

I want to Thank You Laurie & Dianne for a wonderful party. This has been a real blast of fun and very exciting Thank You all. Hope to chat with you all again soon. Laurie I will be stopping by your blog more often now that I have found your blog I linked it. I did have it linked before but I redid my blog over and all my links were deleted *Sighs* but got most of them back heehee.

Ooo I can't wait to see the list of winners later *g* Good luck to you all.

Thank You, Have a wonderful day everyone.


flchen1 said...

Wow, thank you so much, Dianne! And thanks to you and Laurie for such a fun party the last couple days! Nothing can compare to Southern hospitality! :)

Barb V. said...

Although I'm fond of money, one of my favorite green things is trees in the spring, just as they are starting to leaf out. I love that pale green, lacy look that they have for a few days before the leaves are full-blown.

I have been to Nashville a couple of times and loved it. I have always wanted to visit Charleston in the spring, and Colonial Williamsburg at Christmas time.

Anonymous said...

I love anything green in the springtime.
If you get a chance to do Ashville, go! It is a nice city and the Biltmore is fabulous.

Genevieve said...

I don't wear a lot of green, but my web site is green!

Maame said...

I think I'll go with money as my favorite green thing. Honestly, I can't think of anything else green that gives me any joy in life. Not that money does, but it allows me to get the things I want, including books like "Hot and Bothered" in a few weeks. So that will have to be my answer. If I think of anything else, I will add it later. Hope everyone is enjoying the party!

Karin said...

Green is my favorite color so almost anything green is awesome. I love the fact that most plants are green, even if I'm allergic to 90% of them.

As for the South, I did a great little trip through there last year going from DC to Richmond, Charlotte, Nashville, Atlanta, Savannah, Panama City, and New Orleans. It was a blast and all of the cities had their own unique character that was fun to experience.

Ali said...

Favorite green thing would have to be my cucumber and melon lotion :) I just love that scent :)

Judy F said...

Hey Dianne, I hope you aren't working to hard.

Laurie great blog.

Michelle B said...

Looks like I missed you again, Dianne! Hope things went well with your hubby this morning.

As for my favorite green thing, I'd say green eyes on a person. I just love beautiful green eyes:-)

As for Southern place I'd like to visit, I'd say Louisiana in general. I have ancestors from the state, but I've never been there!

Maame said...

I actually live in Nashville so its not that big of a deal to me. Don't get me wrong, I love living here and will more than likely never leave. Its just big enough to give you access to things you would find a big city like Atlanta or New York but small enough that its nothing like Atlanta or New York. And there is so much to do if you just get out there and do it (which I am more likely not to do as I like to stay in reading my books). Just everything from music events, to the theatre to festivals on city streets and in the parks to garage sales in the suburbs. It really is quite an eclectic city and a wonderful place to bring your family to visit. Of course, don't forget the country music, what Nashville is best known for. Well, that other than Titans football (I'm only a fan when they make the playoffs). So yeah, Nashville really is a great city.

But I live here so its become the norm for me. As I think it would if I lived anywhere else, even if it was somewhere great. I had the opportunity to go to college in Atlanta and after my visit there, I was adamant against it because there were just so many people there, I felt claustrophobic. Just too many people. I think I got scared especially since the school I would have attended wasn't in such a great part of Atlanta which really put me off. Not that the school was horrible as in fact, it was a historic college. But I couldn't take the traffic with eight lanes of travel. That still boggles my mind. My sister went there so I visited frequently and just could not get over that aspect of the city.

I ended up going to school in another southern city: Huntsville, Alabama. And though I finished five years of college there, I was home nearly every weekend (only a two hour drive from Nashville to Huntsville) because there was *nothing* there to do. I'm sure if I had been more outgoing I could of found something but most times, I was down at the local Booksamillion store looking at books. So Atlanta was too congested and Huntsville too small and Nashville just right for me.

Other southern cities I have travelled to include Louisville, KY; Orlando, FL; Savannah, GA; Birmingham, AL; Tuscaloosca, AL (small college town); and Euless, TX (right between Dallas and Forth Worth. I have to say, of all of those, the Dallas, Forth Worth was the most impressive. Everything is bigger in Texas! I enjoyed visiting family there a few years back.

If I could travel to any other southern city, it would have to be one in either of the Carolinas. Maybe somewhere like Myrtle Beach or Charleston in South Carolina. Or maybe Asheville in the mountains or the well known cities of Charlotte, Raleigh, or Winston-Salem in North Carolina. I've never been and think that would be fun.

Well then! Now that I've told everyone my life story, just about, please continue with the party! LOL!

Kaleen said...

My favorite green thing is new grass and the new grass smell when you know spring is coming. I'm not a fan of cold weather and love the nice days that I can open my windows up for fresh air.

I love the south. I haven't been anywhere down there in years. I would love to go back to Nashville someday. I went when I was 19 with a friend and did a tour around Nashville. Loved it. My cousin lives down there now, I just haven't had the time to visit with her.

danetteb said...

I love green eyes, turtles, UH wears green (Go Warriors!)and four leaf covers. (Take luck in any form)

I like to someday visit Florida, go to where theres latin music playing and the food is spicy. :D

Awesome party Diane and Lurie!

Hugs, Danette

Jodi said...

Congrats to the winners. I have been able to post much today. Too busy trying to clean and look for airline tickets. Not too mention, my two kids are being obnoxious - the wind does that.

blackroze37 said...

green is one of my colors, im a fall, had my colors done way back in college. of course the uglys greens but i do love the color green

Cryna said...

Congratulations to all the winners !!!

This has been a fun two days, just reading all the comments. Thanks Dianne and Laurie for having this has been a BLAST!!

Cherie J said...

Favorite green thing would be money and an emerald ring from my high school days.

Favorite place in the South is New Orleans. Great food and lots of cool sites.

ddurance said...

Savannah is great and only 2 hours from my house, also home to Paula Deen's fabulous restaurant, gotta love our southern cookin' y'all. Savannah also has Ghost Tours, which is another plus in my book and brings me to my all-time favorite destination.....St. Augustine, Florida, which is only about 3 hours from home. It has the beach, it has amazing rich history, outlet malls / shopping galore and wonderful Ghost Tours. Ghosthunters were at the Lighthouse and it was one of their best episodes ever. St. Augustine is like no other place in the world, the sights, the sounds, the smells. It is intoxicating. Perfect for families or cozy couple getaways. There are many gorgeous B & Bs there and I speak from experience about that. The Centennial House is spectacular and just like being at home. They take really good care of you. The Pirate Haus is great for families and those on budgets and still right in the middle of historic downtown. The owners are eccentric, lovable characters and they'll feed you free pancakes every morning until you explode. Okay, so I sound like the Visitor's Bureau, but seriously, this is one of the top places to see before you die.

windycindy said...

Greetings! I like my green eyes. They are the color of eyes that the least number of people have. I like to think that makes me unique! If you consider North Carolina, the South, the Outer Banks sound very nice. Hilton Head has always intrigued me.
I also would like to see one Kentucky Derby Race in my lifetime. Thanks,Cindi

Denise said...

Since I live in AZ and live in the desert, I'd have to say my favorite green thing is any plant or grass.

As for favorite place in the South, Savannah without a doubt. All those weeping willows, antebellum homes and old Southern charm? You just can't beat it. Although, the humidity's a lot to be desired, eh?


Saralee said...

Favorite green thing? A beautiful garden. Preferably maintained by someone other than me (she said, remembering those darn weeds that never got pulled).

Happy St. Paddy's Day, Dianne! BTW, did you realize that Scarlett O'Hara is both Irish AND a Southern Belle?

Yep. And her Daddy named the place Tara.


Dina said...

Just got home, had a late night, but wanted to be part of the party, lol.

MY fav green thing is jello. Just kidding, lol. Green eyes are to WOW for!!

I'd love to visit Nashville because I love hockey and their team. :)

Happy St. Pat's Day to everyone!!!

DianneCastell said...

Hi everyone.

My editor, Kate Duffy the wonderful, sent me more copies of Hot and Bothered. Just got them in the mail right before I left for work yesterday.

Soooo, my dh picked more names from the hat (actually it's a shoe box).

Book winners are:
Amy S.

if you send me your address
I'll send you a copy of Hot and Bothered.

Anyone wanting a goodie bag of Hot and Bothered stuff...pens, notepads, pins...send me your address.

DianneCastell said...

I had no idea St Augustine was that neat. I need to get there.
Thanks for the tip.
Hope the horrid weather didn't get you.
Be safe.

DianneCastell said...

Happy St. Paddy's Day, Dianne! BTW, did you realize that Scarlett O'Hara is both Irish AND a Southern Belle?

Hi, SaraLee.
I didn't think of that till you said it. :-)
GWTW is bit flowery but you sure feel as if you're in the South when you read it.

DianneCastell said...

Hi, Windycindy.
The Derby is great...mosty for the people watching. Everything from girls flashing to the most sophisticated of Ky.

Hi, Dina. I love hockey too. So fast! Lots of action.

Hi Denise. The humidity in the South is a real killer. I agree.
My daughter who lives there says it's like swimming more than walking when you go out.

Hi Cherie. An special ring is always great. Not only pretty but meaningful.

Hi, Cryna. Thanks for coming to the party!

Hi, Blackrose.
And there are some really ugly greens and I think I own every one of them. :-)

Hi, Jodi. Where are you off to?
Bet the kids are just excited.

Hi, Danetteb.
Love latin music. So sultry and sexy. I can do without the spicey food. It doesn't like me much either.

Hi, Kaleen! I hear you on opening the windows to fresh air. Maybe for me today here in Cincy.

Hi, Maame.
I hear you on the Atlanta traffic. Scares the heck out of me and I was just in a cab!

Dina said...

Wow, just saw that I won a book, YAY!!!! Thank you Dianne and Kate for sending more. :)

Congrats to the others.