Monday, February 25, 2008

BEAST OF DESIRE - now available from Lisa Renee Jones!

This is an update of my previous entry about Lisa's latest book - please check it out - you'll have to search long and hard to find an author who writes with Lisa's creative imagination and wonderful characters!
Lisa Renee Jones has a new release, BEAST OF DESIRE, second in her Silhouette Nocturne Knights of White series. Just as exciting is the news that Lisa will be writing books 3, 4, 5 and 6! The heroes of this series are each intriguing in their own very different way, and Lisa has a knack for writing just the right heroine to keep things interesting!
A blurb:
Desire can be dangerous…
As a leader of the Knights of White in the war between Good and Evil, the demon warrior known only as Des walks a fine line between beast and man. Sent into battle now to reclaim the ancient Journal of Solomon containing a list of angelic bloodlines before the Darkland Beasts find it, Des feels an overwhelming connection to its guardian Jessica Montgomery. Vibrant, alive, seductive….only she has the power to draw out the beast, soothe the man…and endanger them both.
Des can’t resist her touch, craving it like an addiction. Jessica might be his salvation. Or he might destroy them both….

* * * * *
“Des, one of the Knights of White, men who are turned into beasts and then given back their souls so they can fight evil, is assigned to steal an ancient journal with directions leading to a box that names the descendants of angels. In order to protect it from the Darkland Beasts who would use it to kill those descendants, he must work with museum employee Jessica Montgomery, a woman whose mother spent her whole life searching for the journal. Des and Jessica are instantly attracted, but Des’ past makes him believe he’s not worthy of the wealthy senator’s daughter. Lisa Renee Jones’ BEAST OF DESIRE (4 1/2) is an exciting continuation of her Knights of White series. Des is the perfect hero - flawed and sexy, needing the right woman to complete him. The sexual tension between Des and Jessica is compelling, as is the excitement of their quest to find the journal and escape the beasts.”
— Romantic Times Magazine, Alexandra Kay

My review:
Museum curator Jessica Montgomery carries on her late mother's almost desperate interest in an ancient journal, not fully understanding her mother's dogged determination in searching for it. When Des from the Knights of White appoints himself Jessica's protector, she is even more confused, not understanding the darkness that threatens her. The Darkland Beasts want this journal to carry out their own evil intentions, and will stop at nothing to get it, just as the Des and the other knights are willing to die trying to keep Jessica and the journal safe. It turns out that the connection between Des and Jessica and the journal runs much deeper than either of them could have imagined.
Des, like all of the Knights of White, has just enough beast in him to make him fear losing control. There is an immediate attraction between Des and Jessica, but his reluctance to completely let go when he's with her is troubling. When all of the pieces fall into place and it begins to look like Jessica is his intended mate, Des has some monumental decisions to make. The biggest of which is whether he can get past the notion that he doesn't deserve someone like Jessica.
I have enjoyed the first two books in this series very much and I feel confident in recommending them. While they are satisfying reads by themselves, I can't help but feel that they will be enjoyed much more if read in order, starting with THE BEAST WITHIN.
I hope you'll pop on over to Amazon to order a copy of this great book before they're gone - you'll have no regrets!
Thank you, Lisa, for allowing me to read and review BEAST OF DESIRE!
Thanks to everyone for stopping by!


Cathy said...

My favorite book was Protector, and EC release.

tetewa said...

This would be a new author for me, since my favorite genre to read is paranormal my pick to read would be The Beast Within!

Cherie J said...

MY favorite book would be the first book of this series, The Beast Within. Can't wait to get my hands on this next one. It sounds great.

Judy F said...

I have yet to get to the first book but its in the pile. I loved Her blaze book Hard and Fast.

Stacy S said...

The Beast Within. Loved that book!

Pam P said...

Of course,The Beast Within, and I also loved The Protector and The Healer, like to see more in that series.

Caffey said...

Oh HURTS SO GOOD was so good! Mark and Kelly so sizzled together!

CrystalGB said...

My favorite is The Protector.

Stacia said...

I've only read one book by this author to date & that would be The Hottest One Night Stand in the Alluring Tales Anthology. It was such a great story though. I would love to read The Beast Within.

blackroze37 said...

The Beast Within

thewildtwo said...

I soooo loved Purple Magic in the anthology Exclusive!!!!!! Drago was to die for!!!!!! Yuuuummmmmm!!

Jane said...

"Hard and Fast."

Anonymous said...

Waving hi from New York! I just moved and it was exhausting but its exciting to sit by my window and write while it snows! Someone mentioned more in The Underground Guardian series and I WANT to write the next book. I haven't had the opportunity but the outline is even drafted. I love the Guardians and more WILL come! I so appreciate that readers continue to remember those books as I really delved into paranormal the first time ever writing Protector.


Lisa F. said...

There's no way to choose just one favorite, but if I had to list one, it would be Hurts So Good.
Great review on this one and I'll look forward to it hitting the shelves.

JOYE said...

My favorite was Who's On Top

tatertot374 said...

I liked Hard and fast. Thank you!

Virginia said...

I liked The Beast Within. Lisa keep up the good work.

Pat Cochran said...

Hi, Laurie,
It's good to "run" into you again,
I was a donor to your drive for
items to send to our military this
past year! I've not read one of
Lisa's books yet, but I definitely
am drawn to the cover and the story
description of her contemporary
book, "Hard And Fast."

Pat Cochran

acdaisy95 said...

I haven't read any books by Lisa. It is a new author to me.

Stephanie Tyler said...

Hi Laurie!

Sorry to bust in here - I couldn't find an email addy for you, but you won my TellTale contest from Sunday...can you email me via my website contact form with your info?


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