Sunday, December 30, 2007


Here I am wearing my favorite Christmas present! I love my Bluejackets jersey. Any hockey fans out there? We typically go to watch the "Jackets" once a year when the real estate title insurance company that my office underwrites for hosts our office in their private suite - pretty swanky stuff - but we rarely miss them on television. I've come to love them and after wanting a jersey for about three yars, finally have one! My friend Carla gave us my second favorite gift - a family pack of tickets to see the boys beat the Carolina Hurricanes last night. We had a blast -and the Bluejackets won! It was a fun family night out.

What was your favorite Christmas gift??

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Judy F said...

Mine isn't really a gift that was given to me. I was just so happy that my dad was himself this Christmas and that he enjoyed himself. That right there made the whole day.