Thursday, November 01, 2007


NOTE: I neglected to say in my original post that additional prizes are expected, so be sure to stop back occasionally to check out the prize bundles! AUTHORS: If you still want to participate, it's not too late! Email me if you're interested in donating a prize!

Okay, this is going to be a lengthy post because I have lots to cover!
It's time for the '07 Holidays for the Troops Project and we are hopeful that this will be our most successful campaign to date! Below are details about the project, and an impressive listing of prizes generously donated by authors and readers alike. These prizes will be drawn for at the end of the project.
Most of you probably know how this works since this is the third year we've done it, but here goes:
Donations of either items to be sent to the troops or checks, money orders or gift cards to be used to shop for and ship items to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are being collected. This link - - will take you to a detailed listing of suggested items in the event you would like to do your own shopping for the troops. In addition to the items on this list, holiday items such as lights, decorations, ornaments, cards, etc. are much appreciated. If you don't have time to shop or don't want to be bothered with shipping, please consider sending a check, money order or gift card. Stores that I frequent when shopping for the troops are WalMart, Target, Meijer, Kroger and CVS.
The deadline for donations will be Saturday, November 24, when I will draw names. Winners will have four days to claim their prize; if contact is not made within that time, a different winner will be chosen for that prize. Cards and letters from those who donate are also welcome and greatly appreciated. All donations should be mailed to me:
Laurie Damron
146 Page Court
Delaware, OH 43015
If you have a blog it would be appreciated if you could give a little shout about our project and provide my email addy, as a contact for more information or for answers to any questions.
Please note that there is absolutely nothing political about this project. It is simply a show of support for the men and women who serve our country.
Now on to those amazing prizes!!
Lori Foster autographed Causing Havoc
Jaci Burton Hunting the Demon
Surviving Demon Island
PC Cast Goddess of Love
Sam Cheever Heavyweight hooded sweatshirt w/cover of 'Tween Heaven and Hell
Beaded bracelet/matching earrings
Erin McCarthy When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys
The Night Before Christmas
Tori Carrington’s DIRTY LAUNDRY
Lucy Monroe Moon Awakening
Blackmailed Into Marriage
HelenKay Dimon When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys
Brenda Novak Every Waking Moment
Karen Kelly The Morgue, The Merrier
I’m Your Santa
Elizabeth Bevarly Do You Take This Man?
Lori Foster autographed Simon Says
Jaci Burton Exclusive
PC Cast Betrayed
Sam Cheever Heavyweight hooded sweatshirt w/cover of 'Tween Heaven and Hell
Beaded bracelet/matching earrings
Erin McCarthy Merry Christmas, Baby
The Naked Truth
Bad Boys of Summer
Mouth to Mouth
Lucy Monroe The Greek Tycoon’s Ultimatum
The Real Deal
And Able
Karen Kelly The Morgue, The Merrier
I’m Your Santa
Janice Maynard A Very Merry Christmas
Elizabeth Bevarly Motherhood
The Ring on Her Finger
Lori Foster autographed ARC of Hard to Handle
Erin McCarthy An Enchanted Season
Mouth to Mouth
Gerry Bartlett’s Real Vampires Live Large
Sharon Page’s Sin
Lucy Monroe And Able
Janice Maynard A certificate for The Perfect Ten, which releases Jan. ‘08
HelenKay Dimon Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy
Jaci Burton Wild, Wicket & Wanton
PC Cast Marked
Karen Kelly The Morgue, The Merrier
JT Schultz The Bride Wore Boots pack – signed book, a loot envelope and a t-shirt
Sam Cheever Sam Cheever Beaded bracelet/matching earrings
Kelley Nyrae A certificate for Getting Lucky with Luciano, which releases Jan. ‘08
Elizabeth Bevarly Destinations South
from Lori Foster: autographed copy of Servant: The Awakening and x-large t-shirt for Servant: The Awakening
from Lorraine Heath the following seven items:
Tote bag
Spa set (valued at $40)
The Write Ingredients by Lori Foster and friends
Autographed hardback copy of A Duke of Her Own
Autographed hardback copy of Just Wicked Enough
Just Wicked Enough mug
Janice Maynard A Very Merry Christmas
Kate Davies Tease Me, Please Me
HelenKay Dimon Viva Las Bad Boys
Brenda Novak Dead Giveaway
Elizabeth Bevarly My Only Vice
$25. Gift Certificate to Borders or Barnes & Noble from Stacy Ahlgren
$25. Gift Certificate to Borders/Waldenbooks from Alane Coppinger
$25. Gift Certificate to Gooseberry Patch online country store from Laurie Damron

Note: There will be included with all prize bundles an assortment of autographed coverflats, bookmarks and other author goodies.

Whew! Thanks for checking this out - don't hesitate to contact me should you have questions.


Stacy~ said...

You are just fabulous, Laurie! The troops have a special angel in you :) I hope this year turns out better than ever.

Kelley Nyrae said...

I second what Stacy said :)

Judy F said...

Great job Laurie. Awesome the prizes as well as the whole concept. I hope it rocks again this year.

Cindy said...

*clapping* Wonderful, Laurie!!

Lisa F. said...

I third what Stacy said! You completely rock!!!!

Patricia Cochran said...


Thanks to you and all those persons
who are involved in this wonderful
project with you. Thanks also for
giving us the opportunity to join
you in providing a bit of holiday
cheer for our military men and women. The four members of our family who served in Iraq are all safely home now. My prayers are that all those currently in Iraq
will be returned to their own
families soon. God bless these
steadfast young people and God
bless America!

Pat Cochran

Tee said...


You ROCK, but we already knew that.


Cathy said...

Wow, Laurie, you came up with some totally awesome prizes. Thanks again for all your efforts.

Lori Foster said...

Laurie, what would we all do without you? Look at the awesome packages you've put together! And I know you have all that work ahead of you in packing up and mailing stuff to the troops.
You are an angel on earth.
Thank you a gazillion times over!

And thanks to all the authors who contributed so generously, and the readers who follow up and give with their hearts.

Hugs to all!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for being so wonderful and leading this project.

The check is in the mail. :)

hugs, Chris S.

Jennifer Y. said...

You are wonderful Laurie! Just letting you know my blog about it goes up tomorrow (Sunday)!

acdaisy95 said...

Like everyone said, you're doing a wonderful job!

Laura K said...

It never ceases to amaze me how generous romance authors/readers are. I think we're a very giving bunch. Thanks for doing this. Like a few others- I placed my check in the mail.

tetewa said...

This is a wonderful thing you are doing!